Top 10 Frozen Food Companies/Brand in India

Frozen food companies in India: With changing eating habits and work culture, people are now finding it easier to consume frozen food than cooking. It is a blessing to be prepared to eat food stored in the fridge rather than cooking right from the start, this is true for working professionals who return home late. Most frozen foods can be prepared in minutes and they are also quite tasty. The frozen food industry has seen a considerable boom in the past decade and many brands are selling their products in the market.

List of Top 10 Frozen Food Companies/Brand in India

Sl. No. Company Establishment Head office
1 Ovobel Foods 1993 Bengaluru
2 HAK Agro Foods 1988 Mumbai
3 ITC Foods 1926 Kolkata
4 Amul 1946 Anand
5 Sterling Foods 1971 San Antonio, Texas, United States
6 Petonia Foods Limited 1981 Pune
7 MTR FOODS Bengaluru
8 Kohinoor 1976 Mumbai
9 Forstar Foods 1992 Mumbai
10 McCain 1957 Toronto, Canada

Benefits of Frozen Foods

Before we learn about the various companies that manufacture frozen foods in India, let us look at the benefits of frozen foods. These benefits will break some myths related to frozen foods.

  •      Frozen foods include a lot of natural salt so they last for a very long time
  •      Frozen food free of preservatives
  •      Frozen foods retain most of their nutritional value
  •      If you are trying to save money then frozen foods are just what you need as they cost much less than fresh food.
  •      Frozen food is safe because cold eliminates any bacteria

Top 10 Frozen Food Companies in India

Here is a list of some of the leading manufacturers of frozen food brands in India.

1. Ovobel Foods

The brand has gained huge popularity in India as it offers a lot of frozen food. Some products are gels, hips, egg albumen, whole eggs, frozen egg yolk, pasteurized eggs, and powdered white eggs. All products made by the company are of export quality. The quality of food products is very good.

2. HAK Agro Foods

The brand offers foods such as shell corn, sweet corn, strawberry pulp, tota puri pulp, mango pulp, and fruit puree. It is a very popular brand in India and its products are sold in many stores across the country.

3. ITC Foods

The company started its journey with frozen food by selling prawns. Over the years the company has earned itself a strong reputation in the market. The brand is offering other stiff competition with high quality food.

4. Amul

It is one of the oldest and trusted brands in India. Amul started its journey with frozen foods in 2017 and did not look back. Aloo Tikki and French Fries are some of the most popular products of this brand. Amul products are readily available in India from local grocery to retail companies.

5. Sterling Foods

The good thing about this company is that it has maintained its high standards and continues to produce clean and healthy frozen seafood. This brand produces frozen food which is export quality. Therefore, as a consumer, you will get good value for your money.

6. Petonia Foods Limited

It is another brand which has gained tremendous popularity in India. The brand offers sweet foods, parathas, chapattis, instant foods, frozen fruits, vegetables, and frozen foods such as frozen vegetables. The company has certainly gained considerable reputation in the industry through its high quality foods.

7. MTR Foods

It is a popular brand that will leave you craving more without a doubt. The brand is known for its frozen South Indian food. All foods are high on nutrition and can be eaten for dinner, lunch and breakfast. Chutney, sambar, vada and idli are some of the foods made by this company.

8. Kohinoor Foods

This brand manufactures foods that are perfect for Indian taste buds. The brand offers a variety of frozen foods such as bhajis, curries, rice items and snacks. The variety is so good that you will be spoiled for choice.

9. Forstar Foods

This brand is undisputed when it comes to frozen seafood. The company does not compromise on quality. All foods undergo several quality checks before they are sold on the market. Kingfish, croaker, ribbon fish, pomfert, octopus, squid, cuttlefish, seafood soup, rice meal, and fish curry are some of the foods sold by this brand.

10. McCain

Looking for French Fries? Well, this brand will definitely not disappoint you in any way. This brand is very popular in the Indian market because it contains a variety of frozen foods. Nuggets, Masala Fry, Aloo Wedges, Aloo Tikki and Mini Samosa are some of the frozen food sold by the brand.

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