Top 10 eCommerce Brand/Companies in India 2023

Top 10 eCommerce Brand/Companies in India 2023: The Indian market offers vast opportunities for development and is still technologically evolving. Despite India still being a low-income market, people here are increasingly turning to e-commerce due to the convenience it provides. It is estimated that the e-commerce sector in the huge market in India will reach 200 billion USD by 2026.

Want to know India’s top 10 eCommerce companies or websites for online shopping in 2023? We have compiled a list of the top 10 Indian eCommerce companies in 2023 based on their traffic and popularity.

Second, for China only, India’s population is now 1.30+ billion. This creates a huge market for all businesses and a potential gold mine for e-commerce companies. Despite the fact that Internet penetration in India is very low, just 41 per cent of its total population, it still counts for the Internet’s huge 560 million users.

Top 11 List of E-commerce Brand/Companies in India 2023 and It’s Website

Sl. No.CompanyEstablishmentHead officeWebsite
1Amazon1994Seattle, Washington, United States
4Snapdeal2010New Delhi
7Book My Show1999Mumbai
9First Cry2010Pune
11Alibaba1999Hangzhou, China

Benefits of eCommerce

To understand that India is headed for such a sharp boom in the e-commerce sector, we need to understand that e-commerce provides some major benefits to shoppers. These advantages are-

  • Saving Money and Time: All e-commerce companies offer flexible rates and attractive discounts especially during festivals. This helps customers save big. With products available at the tap of a finger, e-commerce companies help users save a lot of time.
  • Round the Clock Support: You can check the status of the order at any time of the day. Real-time status is always available.
  • Online Comparison: E-commerce companies give customers an opportunity to compare various offers and provide the best deals available.

There are both foreign entrants and local players fighting for market share in the Indian market. Electronics falls into the dominant category at 48 percent and apparel at 29 percent.

Top 11 Ecommerce Websites in India for 2023


According to data available with Statista, US e-commerce behemoth Amazon dominates the Indian market with a reach of 89 percent. Since its launch in 2010, the site receives 322.54 million viewers every month, making it the most visited site in India by a large margin.

Electronics items are the most sought after while a wide range of other products are also offered in other categories. These include Alexa, Echo and digital media platform Amazon Prime. Amazon offers men’s and women’s fashion, groceries, and more.

Alexa Ranking: 12
Establishment: 1949


Flipkart is the second largest e-commerce company in India offering almost everything. They have an estimated 242.60 million monthly visitors to the site. Even though it is behind Amazon by a substantial margin of 100 million monthly visitors, Flipkart has successfully established itself as a major player in the Indian e-commerce market.

A proud Indian success story, after being founded in 2007, the company sold Walmart in 2018 for US $ 77 billion to US $ 16 billion. Electronics, such as Amazon, are the best-selling items on Flipkart and also offer fashion, books, sporting goods, furniture, TVs and other products.

Alexa Ranking: 81
Establishment: 200ment

Jio Mart

JioMart is one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in India which was recently launched by Reliance in Dec 2019. At this stage, they have around 10,000+ employees across India. They are offering online grocery delivery services in metros in small cities of India.

Alexa Ranking: 3,278
Establishment: 2019


Snapdeal’s estimated visitors number 56.41 million. Having managed to attract a lot of attention from both online shoppers and investors, Snapdeal is another e-commerce stalwart, with its Indian founder. Since its launch in 2010, Snapdeal has been invested by leading entities such as Alibaba Group, Foxconn and SoftBank.

Here too, the largest category of goods purchased by shopkeepers is electronics. Others are offering product categories — home and kitchen, books, toys, beauty, and more. This Indian e-commerce company has made its presence felt and is sure to grow even further.

Alexa Ranking: 2,167
Establishment: 2010


Myntra is another garment e-commerce company in India with 48 million monthly visitors. Yet another Indian e-commerce platform, Myntra has established itself as a leading fashion, home and lifestyle e-commerce company. The company has grown rapidly following the acquisition of and its purchase by Flipkart in 2014.

Being a retailer of fashion items, Myntra has a wide range of accessories on offer from both international and local brands. Products on offer include Kidswear, Menswear and Women’swear. Myntra has a major online presence and is set for major growth.

Alexa Ranking: 618
Establishment: 200ment


Established in 1999, IndiaMART is the largest business-to-business e-commerce site in India with a monthly visitor count of 47.23 million. With an almost 60% market share in the online B2B classifieds arena, Indiamart connects suppliers and buyers.

IndiaMART brings manufacturers, exporters and suppliers together to showcase their performance on their platform. Covering an amazingly wide range of products that include items ranging from building and construction, electronics to dyes and solvents, IndiaMART is a major player in India’s e-commerce market today.

Alexa Ranking: 383
Establishment: 1949

Book My show

The estimated number of visitors to Bookmyshow is 43.25 million every month. It opened in the year 2007 as an online ticket seller for movie shows and various programs. Today it operates in the United Arab Emirates, West Indies, Sri Lanka apart from India.

BookMyShow not only provides bookings for entertainment shows, it is also a platform where you will also get fan accessories. It provides tickets for plays, events, sports, films, activities and monuments. TPG Growth as its primary investor.

Alexa Ranking: 6,912
Establishment: 19


The number of monthly visitors to Nyaka is estimated at 20.84 million making it eighth on our list. Founded by an Indian in 2012, Nyka made its debut as an e-commerce company and then later opened its store at Indira Gandhi International Airport in 2015.

Nyka started as an online platform selling beauty products such as LUXE, skin, makeup, hair, personal care, appliances and perfumes. Nyka is all set for major growth with the launch of more brands and the introduction of its line of cosmetics and beauty products.

Alexa Ranking: 5,535
Establishment: 2012

First Cry is a pure e-commerce platform selling baby products and items for children in their early teens. Founded in the year 2010, First Cry is owned by Mahindra Ventures. With an estimated 16.94 million visitors every month, it is Asia’s largest e-commerce site for children’s goods.

The first Cry offers a wide range of products from categories including apparel, feeding and nursing items, books, and toys as well as maternity products and products for mothers. It is a very attractive looking site that adds to its appeal.

Alexa Ranking: 2,599
Establishment: 2010


14.62 million, with an estimated number of monthly visitors standing at 1mg, is an online pharmacy established in 2015. The launch of 1mg has made drugs more affordable and accessible to the public. The site is not only a platform selling drugs; It also contains explanatory information about medicines prescribed by doctors.

1mg also provides online consultation with doctors and lab tests. The site includes various fitness and nutrition products, Ayurveda and homeopathic products, and more.

Alexa Ranking: 2,460
Establishment: 2015


Alibaba has managed to capture 4.19 percent of the Indian market and is a major player with 175.95 million monthly visitors. Set up in China in 1999, Alibaba owned by Alibaba Group Holding has a major presence in India.

While Indian player Flipkart has created a significant edge over Alibaba, the latter offers the same range of products including household and kitchen appliances, rubber and plastic items, electrical appliances, and more.

Alexa Ranking: 104
Establishment: 19

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