Top 10 Best Free WordPress Themes For New Bloggers

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If you also want the best and free theme for your blog, then do not miss a single point of this article. This article is going to be very useful for you. Because in this article I will tell you in detail about both what is WordPress Theme and 10 Free WordPress Themes 2023.

WordPress is the best software for any new blogger. And Themes are considered very important for Blog. In this article, I will tell you about 10 Best Free WordPress Themes for New Bloggers.

There are thousands of free blog themes available in WordPress. With so many blog themes, new bloggers often get confused as to which theme would be best for their blog. Because the best WordPress themes help you a lot in customizing the visual appearance of the blog.

What is WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme is a tool that changes the layout and design of your blog, meaning a WordPress theme customizes the visual appearance of your website. Also, the theme provides a user friendly framework to your website. You can change the typography, colors and other design elements according to you through the WordPress theme.

Up to 61.8% of all CMS use WordPress CMS, which means WordPress has the largest CMS share in the market. And being the most CMS, WordPress Theme is also used a lot.

A WordPress theme is, in a way, a group of important files. Like Template Design, Font, Style Sheets, Theme Design etc. The special thing about WordPress Theme is that it changes all the coding systems with just one click. WordPress theme tells how your website will look in any laptop or mobile.

10 Free WordPress Responsive Themes 2023

What is WordPress Theme? After understanding this, now I will tell you which are the 10 Free WordPress Responsive Themes 2023?

4MH Magzine Lite
5Interior Lite
8Foodica Lite

1. Cali


Friends, if you are related to Blog, Fashion or Glamor then Cali WordPress theme is the best choice for your blog. Cali designs your blog beautifully and with this Cali theme is absolutely free for all bloggers. If your website is a magazine website, then it gives a stunning look to your website. You will know at first sight that what kind of responsive layout Cali provides to view your website on any small device.

Due to the Cali theme, users get a good experience from your website and when users reach your website by searching themselves, then your blog has the advantage that the chances of ranking quickly in the search engine increase.

Apart from this, in Cali theme, you will also get to setup large photography locations. Even after setting photos in Cali, a lot of space is available. In this way your website does not look congested in front of your users. You get many widgets with Cali. You can easily place these widgets in the sidebar, header and footer.

2. Writee


Writee WordPress theme is the best choice for your blog. Like if your blog is related to Food or Travel, or Lifestyle then you will get bunch of great contents in Writee theme. Which will help your website a lot.

Writee theme is a theme that is flexible, meaning in Writee theme you get a lot of white space and striking black top border for your website. Your website has the advantage of having a black top border that you get many navigation menus and social media icons in it, due to which your website looks quite impressive in front of your users.

Apart from this, you will get lots of language for your website in Writee theme. Like English, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian etc. For your information, let me tell you that Writee theme is also Woocommerce friendly.

3. Astra


If you have eCommerce website or Business Blogs, or Personal Blog or Portfolio then Astra is best for you. Because Astra theme is completely free and customizable WordPress theme. Astra theme works very responsive and perfectly for your website.

Astra theme designs your website beautifully and with simplicity. You can sell online products on Astra and earn good money from blogging. Astra makes your website AMP Compatible means your website becomes mobile friendly.

You will also get WooCommerce ready for online store in Astra theme. All the fonts of Google are also available in Astra.

4. MH Magazine Lite


If you want to create your own magazine online, then MH Magazine Lite theme of WordPress will help you a lot in this.

This theme has been specially designed for magazine only. You get plenty of functions in MH Magazine Lite theme. Like articles can be written very beautifully in this, if you want, you can also promote Ads by your sponsors.

You get Customize Widgets in it, which you can use in different ways in your post. One of the special features of MH Magazine Lite theme is that it makes your website SEO friendly. MH Magazine Lite accelerates the loading speed of the web page of your website.

5. Interior Lite


If your interest is in Architecture, or you work with Interior design, or Furniture based business. And if you want to create a website on these topics, then Interior Lite theme will be the best for you in WordPress.

Interior Lite can be easily setup and it is not too difficult to use Interior Lite. Interior Lite gives your website a smooth experience to the users. In Interior Lite theme, you can set Blog layout on Home Page according to you.

There are 4 types of blog layouts available in Interior Lite theme. Which is like this Full width, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, No Sidebar Along with this you also get two contact page layouts.

6. Zakra


Zakra WordPress theme is also SEO friendly. That’s why a lot of bloggers have installed the Zakra theme. Updating also happens from time to time in Zakra.

The most ideal theme for bloggers is Zakra theme. Which is another theme of WordPress itself. Lightweight features are seen in Zakra theme. You will find many beautiful designs in Zakra. By which you will be able to use it well.

You will get 10 starter websites in Zakra theme which will be absolutely free. You can select any one of these starters for your blog. It is better if you choose according to your Niche. With this, both your Niche and theme will be seen supporting each other. And your website will also look great to see.

For example, if your website is related to Niche Yoga, or Food, then you can choose this type of design in Zakra theme.

7. Travelify


If you are very fond of travel and you have visited many cities. And if you want to tell your users about these cities through your blog, then Travelify WordPress Theme is best for you for this. Travelify theme will be available to you for free on WordPress.

In the Travelify theme, you will get some premium functions, which you can make your theme more adventures by changing your layout from time to time. Through the Travelify theme, your users will also be able to experience your experience well.

8. Foodica Lite


If you like to cook and you also have a very good knowledge about Foods and you want to impress your users with your blog, then Foodica Lite theme can help you a lot in this. This theme is one of the free themes of WordPress.

Most of the food bloggers use Foodica Lite theme for their blog because in Foodica Lite they get beautiful slider and responsive layouts for their posts.

About Foodica, let me tell you one important thing that there are 2 versions of Foodica. Where you will get the Lite version of Foodica absolutely free, you will get its Pro version for $ 69.

9. Business


If you have started your business some time ago and your business is not very big or it has been a long time since you started your business and the condition of your business is fine and you can reach your business to your visitors for both of these. If you want, then blogging will be the best way for this.

On WordPress, you can present your small business in front of your users through the business theme. Business theme is also a free theme of WordPress. You can easily monetize your blog with the business theme.

10. OceanWP


OceanWP theme is one of the popular themes of WordPress. OceanWP theme is absolutely free for all bloggers. You can use this theme for any type of website, whether it is an eCommerce website or a membership website. And hence it has been downloaded more than 3 million times.

OceanWP theme has quickly made its popularity among all the other themes of WordPress. This happened because this theme makes the loading speed of the page very fast.


Friends, always keep in mind that your content is like a king for your blog and themes act as prime minister for your blog. When you give full time to rank your blog in Google’s search engine, then its result is also good for you.

I hope now you have understood which are the 10 Best Free WordPress Themes For New Bloggers. Your content is related to any topic, this theme will fully support your blog.

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