Tamil Nadu Govt. Start Two Wheeler Subsidy Scheme 2020 for Ulemas / Pension Doubled

Government of Tamil Nadu. Two Wheeler Subsidy Scheme launched for Ulama, 50% subsidy or Rs. 25,000 on purchase of 2 wheelers, doubling the pension to Rs. 3,000 per month from Rs. 1500

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The Tamil Nadu government is going to introduce a new two-wheeler subsidy scheme for the ulema. This announcement has been made by Honorable Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami on 19 February 2020 for the welfare of minority communities in the state of TN. Accordingly, EPS announced a 50 percent subsidy for Ulemas to purchase two-wheelers and at the same time doubled the Ulema pension. 3,000 from the current Rs. 1,500 per month. The Ulema are the custodians and interpreters of religious knowledge in Islam.

The CM of Tamil Nadu stated that more than 2800 institutions have been registered with the TN Waqf Board. The Ulemaas of these institutions were paid Rs. 25,000 or 50% subsidy on the purchase cost of two wheeler (whichever is less). The pension amount has also been revised under the Ulema Pension Scheme.

TN Two Wheeler Subsidy Scheme 2020 for Ulama

Like the Tamil Nadu State Government’s Amma Two Wheeler Scheme, a new TN Two Wheeler Subsidy Scheme will be introduced for the Ulama. Both schemes are 50% grant or Rs. 25,000 (whichever is less) on purchase of new 2 wheeler vehicles. The major difference is that the Amma Two Wheeler Scheme is for women while the new two wheeler subsidy scheme is for the ulema in Islam. The pension amount of the ulemas is also Rs. 1500 to Rs. 3000.

The CM also said that the Tamil Nadu government would construct the Hajj Ilm or Haj House on the land marked by the State Waqf Board. For Hajj followers this Haj House is Rs. Will be made at an estimated cost of Rs. 15 crores Rs. The main objective is to provide easy accommodation and documentation work for the pilgrims before going on the journey. Currently, about 4,000 to 4,300 people travel to Hajj from Tamil Nadu through Chennai Airport every year.

The Two Wheeler Subsidy Scheme for Ulama is seen as a bargaining chip by the EPS government to face opposition to the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC). Even at the time of the announcement of the EPS, various Muslim groups were holding protests in Chepauk, which is only a few km from the state assembly, against the amended citizenship law and the NRC.

Anti-CAA protests in Tamil Nadu

Anti-CAA protests have continued in the state of Tamil Nadu since December 2019 and continue till today. On 19 February 2020, members of innumerable Muslim bodies took out a protest march against the CAA, NRC and NPR from the Tamil Nadu Secretariat. State government. The Tamil Nadu State Legislative Assembly is heavily guarded.

Muslim protesters intended to organize a protest rally at Fort St. George in defiance of the Madras High Court order against any political or Muslim organization. However, the entry points were prevented from blocking. Islamic protesters are demanding that the Legislative Assembly should pass resolutions against the CAA, NRC and NPR.

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