Start Camphor (Kapur) Making Business

Start Camphor (Kapur) Making Business: Kapoor has a religious significance in Indian culture. It is a crystalline solid which has a special smell. It is found from a tree called Camphor laurel. The camphor tree is mainly found in countries like China, India, Mongolia, Japan, Taiwan etc. Camphor is obtained from the wood of this tree or other trees of the same species. Here the process of setting up small industries of camphor is being given, which can be started by understanding the industry of Kapoor manufacturing.

How to start camphor making business

Camphor Making Raw Material

Only one raw material is required to make camphor. This raw material is camphor powder. Kamphor (camphor) powder is also sometimes called camphor or camphor powder. Kapoor tablets are made with this powder and camphor making machine.

Where to buy raw material for Camphor

Camphor (camphor) powder is usually present in whole cell market, from where you can buy camphor powder at a very low price. It can also be found online. To buy Camphor powder online visit the link given below:

Camphor Making Machine

The camphor making machine is fully automated. There remains a place in it, in which camphor powder is poured and camphor comes out from the machine. The most important thing about this machine is that camphor can be made in many sizes like tablet, cube, small and big size from the same machine. The dye applied in the machine allows this. The camphor can be given different sizes by adjusting this dye. It is better to make a camphor of the same size, generally considering the size of the Kapoor sold in the market.

Where to buy camphor making machine for making camphor

Camphor making machine can be found in hardware shops. It can also be found online. To buy the machine online, visit the link given below:

Camphor making business total cost

The price of camphor (camphor) powder is Rs 425 per kg. But if you buy it from whole sale market, you can get it for Rs 300 per kg. The price of camphor making machine starts at Rs 55,000. On top of this, there are big machines at very high prices, but to start a small scale business, a machine of 55,000 is very good. In this way, the total cost of making the camphor business, including raw material and machine and packaging, can be up to 60 – 70 thousand. And to start its business, you can start by using 1000 square fit space.

Camphor Making Process

The process of making camphor is so simple that anyone can control and regulate it. This machine is connected to a motor externally, which keeps on running all the time. In this machine, a place is made where camphor powder has to be put. It is necessary to take care of its quantity by adding camphor powder. Powder is slowly poured on that place. Kapoor tablet is prepared with this powder. As long as the motor keeps running, the camphor remains in its shape.

Camphor Packing

To sell camphor it is necessary to keep the camphor packaging in mind. Its packets are made according to the requirement of the market. A small packet contains at least 3 camphor tablets. This packet is sold at Rs 2 per packet. Mix these small packets and make a big packet, which goes to the shops. In this way, a pack of small number of small packets can be sold in the market as wholesale.

Note: It is important to keep the camphor made before packaging in an air tight container, because camphor is an instantaneous substance.

Camphor Making Business Marketing

Kapoor is used in almost every household in the country in one way or the other. Its special significance is in the puja lesson. It is considered auspicious when aarti, havan, etc. in pooja lessons. Hence, its best sale is in the market with puja lessons. In this way it can be sold in big religious places and markets of worship. Agarbatti is also used a lot in the stuff of worship, so starting the business of making incense sticks is also very easy. Kapoor made in the shops of worship places around the big places of worship, temples and temples can be given as wholesale.

Camphor Making Business License

To set up this business, like other businesses, it is necessary to get a license from the locale authority. Since becoming a license is a time-consuming process, manufacturing can be started by taking written permission from these authorities. By obtaining written permission, there will not be any legal hurdle till the license comes.

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