Start a Hand Wash Soap Making Business

Start a Hand Wash Soap Making Business: During this pollution-filled period, it is very important to keep your hands clean before eating anything. This habit protects us from many diseases. Many types of hand wash soaps are also sold in the market. The price of these hand washes is usually much higher than any ordinary soap, which gives a lot of profit to the companies. The business of hand wash soap can be started at a very low cost and it can be sold in the market very easily. Here the subject of this trade is being told.

How to start a Hand Wash Soap making business

Hand Wash Soap making raw material list

The material required to make a hand wash at home is easily obtained. Its essential ingredients are as follows.

For Hand Wash Soap making process per one liter

Follow the instructions given below to make one wash per liter of hand.

  • First weighed in a plastic bucket separated by weighing 850g of pure water. For this, it is easy to use a computerized weighing machine.
  • After weighing the water, measure the SLS around 50g. SLS is called sodium laurel sulfate.
  • To mix the aroma of your choice in hand wash, put 2-3 grams of the aroma of your choice in SLS and mix it very well.
  • Now pour the mixed SLS and perfume into the measured 850 g water.
  • Put all these mixture in a mixer and leave it to mix. During this, perfume, SLS and water get mixed very well.
  • Now measure and put CLPB around 20 grams. During this time the plastic bucket is attached to the mixer.
  • After this, put 20 grams of cadmium in everything mixed.
  • Add the color of your choice in this mixture. When mixing, the color gets mixed very well after adding color.
  • After this, salt is added to it. The main reason for adding salt is to increase the concentration or consistency of the mixture. Do not put salt together. To increase the concentration or consistency, add salt slowly and concentrate the mixture according to your requirement.
  • Leave this mixture like this for eight to ten hours. In this way your hand tame soap is ready.

Hand Wash Soap making business cost

To set up the business of hand taming, it may cost from 5000 to 10000 rupees in the initial time. But to increase your business gradually, you may need to increase your budget.

Where to get materials for hand wash soap

The raw materials used to start this industry are very easily available. For this, the necessary pure water can be obtained from any water plant at the least cost. Also, the salt and color used in it can also be obtained easily. After this, the necessary chemical substances like CLPB, Cadmium, SLS and Perfume etc. will be found at any chemical goods shops.

Hand Wash Soap packaging

Once the hand wash is ready, it is also necessary for marketing to look attractive. Many stylish cans are available at low prices to make attractive packages. If these coaches are purchased in large numbers, then the price is reduced further. Your branding can be done on these coaches. First, buy the coaches in different sizes according to your package strategy. You can make packages from 250 ml to 1 liter. If you want to make a package of 250 ml, then clean these boxes first and put your brand sticker on it. After the sticker is placed, measure the handwash made with the help of a simple ruler and then seal it at the end. In this way you can packaging the hand wash soap.

Hand Wash Soap marketing

A successful business policy is behind a successful business. Therefore, some small steps have to be taken for marketing this business. Most important is the branding of hand washes made by you. It is important to prepare your chosen name and your company’s logo on the packet. Company registration is required for branding. This work can be started without registering at the initial time, but it becomes mandatory to register to increase business. Some posters can be installed to make your brand name popular in the market. Also, initially your hand wash can be sold at a lower price than other hand wash companies, so that more and more customers can be attracted. You can also promote your brand by creating an online website in your company name.

Hand Wash Soap making business machinery

If machines cannot be purchased at the beginning of the trade, then mixing can be done by keeping a few laborers for a few days, but the machine is needed to grow the product. Machines require one mixer and the other a packaging and sealing machine. Ordinary mixer machines start at Rs 2000–3000, but packaging and sealing machines are expensive.

Hand Wash Soap making business registration

  • To make a hand wash, a license is required from many places. For this, when the business starts growing, register your business under the ROC, prepare the PAN card of the company and apply with the Pollution Control Board for content clearance.
  • After this, apply the ISI trademark for your company’s products to the Bureau of Indian Standards. This trademark increases credibility among people towards your company’s products.

Place for Hand Wash Soap making business

The easiest thing to start this business is that it does not require much space. Good product can be prepared even in less space. With the development of business over time, there may be a need to enlarge the space. A minimum of 200 square feet of space is required to start this business.

In this way a good business can be started by spending less money, from which a good profit can be made.

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