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Speech on Politics – 1

Hello ladies and gentlemen – Welcome to the annual political gathering of our Public Welfare Committee.

As you all know that elections are around and there is a lot of discussion about which party to vote by trying to understand the political mind tricks of various political leaders and their past achievements. What is going on behind closed doors of political leaders and whatever steps they take, whether it is associated with any ideology or any political thought that they promote, is never full of innocence and always their political rebellion , Are part of conspiracies and schemes.

Yet if we do not understand his political moves, then we can at least understand what politics is. Is it limited to or just beyond the ambit of legislative bodies? Let’s try and understand!

If I talk about our own country, that is, Indian politics – it refers to the actions of political parties with the administration and governance of India at various levels like panchayat level, district, state as well as national level and politician. Which is part of the commercially political domain. It is generally believed to have a positive impact on his people.

It is generally said that politics is about the technology and art of government. Just as there is an intention behind every idea proposed by a person, similarly political ideas also come with the purpose of implementation, although many people consider it with negative thinking. This includes such activities as influencing the politics of the ruling government or staying in power for that matter. It also includes the law making process and policies.

Mahatma Gandhi, the great spiritual leader of India, talked about the role of morality in the field of politics. He said that politics without morality and morality was not desirable at all. The principles he emphasized were moral principles. According to his principles related to politics, truth is the ruling factor in our lives as well as self-purification and morality. We all know that Gandhiji’s politics was associated with the principles of non-violence and of course truth. He also called on the people of India to align themselves with the ethics of their ruling leaders. Being fully devoted to the truth, he firmly upheld the role of moral values ​​and principles in the lives of all. He also believed that religious issues are like a death trap because they kill a man’s soul.

He once said, “For me there is no politics without religion, not the religion of superstitions or blind religion which hates and quarrels, but the tolerance of religion”.

Politics is generally considered a dirty game where people are motivated solely by selfish interests and do not value the interests of others either. It makes people morally distorted and sly. However if politicians start assuming their roles and responsibilities and start discharging them selflessly then the word ‘politics’ will not be associated with negative aspects. There should be a creative mind and not a spoiled political game in relation to the welfare of the people as well as the nation-state.


Speech on Politics – 2

Greetings to all the great people present here – thank you for coming to this meeting and supporting our political parties and our campaign for the upcoming elections!

Since we belong to the political arena and during our political campaigns we often have to hear shrill things from people such as “You play politics for your own personal gain”, “All politicians are the same i.e. sinful, morally perverted” , People of double standards, etc. ” Ok, this statement is true to a great extent but it is not good to weigh everyone in one scales and bring negative thoughts about it beforehand.

Although we are not even asking you to blindly trust us, but by following a neutral attitude, assess us through our work and if you find anything unsatisfactory or we do not meet your standards then you can give us such One can say things like “all politicians are the same and do dirty tricks all the time”.

Here we have not organized this gathering to praise ourselves but to tell you all the real meaning of politics and its various meanings. So let’s get to know about those various meanings in detail.

Politics in terms of definition refers to activities that are associated with the governance of a region or nation. The goal of politics-related activities is to improve or increase or gain power over others in an organization. As far as the political concept is concerned, I believe it is a completely childish idea. To be honest, each of us is a politician. Whatever we do, we usually take a stance that is political in nature and driven by selfish motives – whether someone likes it or not. Politics is associated with every sphere of life. How and how you will be educated, whether you get a job or not, how much money someone needs to run their life, how much money needs to be spent and also how much is needed to save in your country To pay or not to pay taxes is not a trivial question but a political question.

Should your preparation and education be the same as others in life or should you have better opportunities than others? We do not live in a void or in another person’s land – everything we do has certain consequences and those consequences not only affect us but the society as a whole. In other words the liberty of an individual as well as the collective freedom coincide with each other, equal equality of rights, justice, duties is an important part of the political arena.

Political tricks have become a universal phenomenon and no human activity has survived. Whether we go to any legislative body, administrative staff, educational institution, sports club – politics is present everywhere. But it is not important to know how people are doing political tricks and benefiting themselves. If we are a responsible citizen of our country then we should never encourage such things and urge people to take the path of righteousness and morality.


Speech on Politics – 3

Dear Students – Welcome to the speech gathering! Hope your studies are not getting affected due to different activities and you are getting good results in your weekly tests.

The subject of today’s speech is politics. Why politics? Because it has always been a hot topic, no matter which country you belong to. Politics is such a fascinating subject that everyone has something to say on it. Apart from this, I feel it necessary that my students should focus more on practical subjects rather than focusing on theory and should be able to keep their thinking and ideas with full confidence. So through my speech I hope you will be able to learn a lot.

If I define politics, I will define it as a social process with the help of which collective power is formed, organized, disseminated and used in various social structures. It is rooted in specific social processes and structures. This situation occurs in a society where there is a discrete economic and social system.

The study of politics from a social point of view will be about focusing on political behavior within social structures. It is also about the discovery of political relationships in relation to the whole social fabric. Politics is about power and it is revealed when there is a difference of power. Therefore any social association where differences are involved is called politics.

In fact the concept of politics mainly emphasizes the point that each social base includes a power structure and not just a place where social roles are officially created in terms of power. As we all know that power structures are involved in every aspect of social life and thus politics cannot be considered as the unitary secret of ‘political leaders’. Instead, any process that involves power, control, or coercion in society over others is ideally politics.

In other words, politics is not limited only to politicians, but it is much more than this. Politics can also be defined as a mind game where the dominant sections of society try to rule over the weaker sections or marginalized people of society. We can often hear people saying “they are playing political games”. Playing politics or political games means manipulating, manipulating and using wrong methods to understand one’s goals. Mostly negative connotations are attached to it and include selfish interests without thinking well for all.

Politics is only good as long as it protects the common interests of all, and if it is not, it should not harm the interests of others at least. But this rarely happens and often people become a part of the sheep trick to subdue others and establish themselves at the top. Instead of learning politics, I think people should learn moral values ​​and dignity so that if they can live their own life in a stable then the world can really become a peaceful haven for all. Regardless of any area you belong to, it is important to value human relations and rise above all small interests to nurture mankind.


Speech on Politics – 4

Hello friends and Hello everyone! I am very happy to see you all after a long time! I hope you are enjoying life and everyone’s heart is elated.

Before starting my speech on politics, I express my gratitude to all my friends present here and thank them for making this ceremony so beautiful.

Politics is a very popular word because it has different meanings for different people and there is no specific definition for it. However I would like to put my definition in the following way: Politics is the process in which a decision is taken by the members of an association or organization. To define it more narrowly, politics is to obtain and use the positions of government and to gain control mainly over the people of a state. Furthermore politics refers to the practice or study of the dissemination of resources and is the most important power within a known community (it is usually an organized population, which is hierarchical) that includes mutual relations between different communities.

Like many countries, if you see, people have formed various political parties to put their thinking and ideas in front of everyone. Even if there are differences between people associated with a particular party, but working with them is also praiseworthy because this difference is taken positively. People feel that what matters is that they agree on many other things that are enough to bring ordinary people together for a goal and that if they come together they will become even more powerful.

These people give their consent to adopt the same stance on various issues and agree to encourage similar changes while following the law. What do we see in elections? There is competition mainly between different political parties in elections. Here are some examples of political parties – Labor Party, Liberal Party, Conservative Party and Greens.

Politics has a multi-faceted dimension. It has a fair collection of specific meanings that are explanatory and non-judgmental (such as “political theory” and “the science or art of government”); However it takes negative connotations in the context of various political moves from time to time marked by dishonest practices and planned strategies. The negative sentiment that comes from politics can be elicited by phrases like “playing politics” that have been prevalent since around 1853 when abolitionist Wendell Phillips said “we don’t do politics; anti-slavery is no joke with us” . ”

There are innumerable strategies used in the political arena including their politically imposed opinions on people, formulating legislative bodies, exercising control power to keep pace with other political parties and if these strategies do not work then opponents Preparing for war against

The political game is played socially at every level. Traditional societies are played on a wide scale from tribes and descendants to contemporary local governments, institutions as well as organizations from sovereign states around the world. Hence politics is not limited to legislative bodies only but its reach to the people generally extends to a wider scale where the manipulation, planning and intervention of people has become a part of day-to-day life.

So we need to think deeply and understand in which direction our present civilization is going? Whether it is political or non-political, if it is devoid of morals and principles then it causes a decline in society. that’s all I can say!


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