Speech on My School Life in English

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1 – Speech on My School Life

Warm welcome to all of you, I hope you all are proficient!

Before I start my speech, I would like to welcome all of you to this speech ceremony today. I have chosen my school life for this speech of today and I am very excited to share my views with you all on this subject.

School life is the most important phase of everyone’s life and I hope you too agree with me. In fact, my school life so far has been so good that I owe less to my parents for this. Along with this, I would also like to thank my teachers, who guided me through all the difficulties and challenges. My teachers have been my inspiration in my life, they have always enhanced our personality through their knowledge. Whatever I am today is because of the initial knowledge and values ​​received in my school.

Along with reading, I also enjoyed other course activities like basketball, cricket association, debate. It has been very enjoyable all the time and I am grown as a person. Perhaps the truth has been said that “School life is the best time of life” This phrase is absolutely correct because we have learned a lot in this 12 year time period.

School provides us an environment where we grow, learn and experience new things. With this, we make new friends in the school, which creates confidence in us, which helps us to deal with the challenges of the outside world. This is where we develop in student life, which leads to rapid development of our thinking power.

School teaches us the value of discipline and time, without which we can never achieve our goals. The exams we give during our school days help us to face all the major problems in our life. There is no doubt in this that school is the place where our school abilities develop along with our overall development as a person. Through which we get an opportunity to learn many new things and our personality gets improved.

Although each time has its own different importance in life, we never learn so much in our life as we learn in our school life because it is a long journey of 12 years.

I can say with conviction that my school has left an indelible mark on my life – that early in the morning, getting ready, getting inside the classroom, reading, writing, completing tasks, sitting the exam, How can I forget all these things by participating in annual events, debates and sports events. There was nothing that my school did not teach me and I will always be grateful to my school for this.

A good school provides important things like education to its students, good education is not just book knowledge, but education that is useful for the life of that child.

Now I would like permission from all of you to end this speech, thank you all for your valuable time!

2 – Speech on My School Life

Dear friends – A warm welcome to all of you at this event, before this festival begins, I would like to express my special welcome and gratitude to the honorable Chief Guest, Principal, Vice-Principal and all the teachers.

I feel extremely happy to welcome all of you to the annual ceremony of your school today. I am feeling proud to have Pushkar Chawla, a student of class 8B hosting all of you at this event, I am very happy that I have got the opportunity to share the stage with my class teacher Dr. Naina Gupta. This annual festival is very special for all of us and we all eagerly await this fun and festive day. But friends, this time I promise you some extra fun and enjoyable games as well as attractive sports competitions.

Apart from this, on this occasion of today I would also like to express my views in front of all of you as this is our last year and after this our journey in this school will be completed with our higher secondary education.

Therefore, on this auspicious day, I would like to express my gratitude to my school along with saying a few words about my school.

It seems like it is tomorrow, when I have joined this school. But it has been ten years since my father brought me to this school for the first time and I was a child when my education journey started. But today I am in the tenth standard and I am an adult and now I am ready to move forward with my golden dreams.

This school taught me every basic thing from reading to writing. Here I have not only passed the examinations but have also learned to face the challenges. We are not only taught books here in the rooms, some important lessons have been taught which will be useful for us for our lifetime. We have been taught that discipline is the most important to achieve any goal, along with it the importance of good use of time has also been explained.

Apart from studies, we participated in many other activities, in which I gave my best performance in basketball, some of my friends performed well in creeket, dance and some music. Along with this, inter-school competitions were also organized from time to time, due to which we learned many things and our overall development took place.

We have also been given many opportunities to show our talent and talent and for this reason today we can face the outside world with determination and confidence. If our school had not continued to support and support us so much, today our strong and multi-faceted personality would not have been built. Therefore, a child plays an important role in the creation of school life. I consider myself lucky enough to have the opportunity to study in this school where the overall development of every child is given due attention in every way.

And finally I would like to tell you that I am really proud to be a student of this school. Just saying this much to you, I would like permission to end this speech, so let’s start the program now.

Thank you to all your listeners for giving me your time.

3 – Speech on My School Life

Hello friends- In today’s program, I extend my heartiest greetings to all of you.

I hope that all of you will have a happy life, before I start my speech, I would like to express my special gratitude to my class teacher who gave an opportunity to give a speech in front of all of you. I hope that this speech will end my inhibitions, so that I can speak with more confidence. The topic of my speech is very interesting and I did not need any special preparation for this and everything I would say to you now would have come out of my heart.

What can I say about my school life, so far everything has been good. It has been a very wonderful and enjoyable time, in these last 12 years I have developed very fast and now I am ready to face the challenges ahead. Today, the whole atmosphere is full of excitement, after gaining the highest marks in the tenth exam, my confidence has increased considerably and I am sure that now I am ready to face the challenges ahead. I can say these things today because I got the full support of my teachers, if they had not been with me, I would not have received this honor.

Whatever I am today, I am due to my teachers and no one can take credit for this from them. I am very grateful to my school, which provided us the best means to enhance our development and skills. Be it libraries or laboratories, periodic workshops and additional classes all have helped us in realizing our dreams.

Whenever we students had any problem regarding studies, we could talk directly to our Principal in this subject. The management of our school also works very well and does not take many days or months to solve any problem or take any kind of decision. This is the reason why our school has earned a lot of name in many works and it is needless to say that by these criteria, it is counted among the best schools in Dwarka.

I can say with confidence that my school is one of the best schools and whatever arises here, it achieves success in some area. The best part of our school is that it does not eliminate any problem immediately but rather goes to the root of it and tries to find a solution and helps the students in achieving their goals. If our future is secure then we are secure. This is the main objective of our school, in which we are molded in such a way that we can empower ourselves and overcome every obstacle in our life.

There can be no better school for me. Who has shown my talent and my talent in such a way that I, my teachers and my parents can take pride in these achievements. In the end, I want to say that my only wish is that this school of ours gets success and respect in this way.

Thank you all for listening to this speech of mine!

4 – Speech on My School Life

Dear Friends- I hope you have a wonderful day!

Today, I Akshita Gupta Class 9B student would like to give a speech on my school life on this occasion, I have full faith that we all must have something to tell about our school life.

The word “school” in itself is very dignified and it is another world where we spend half our day studying. Apart from reading and writing, we do many fun and other fun activities in our school such as sports, dance, music etc. We develop very fast in the school environment, this is the place where our character and personality are molded for nation building. The basis of our early life matters a lot because our entire future depends on it. Right now I am in the eighth grade and my experience and time in this school so far has been very good and today I am still due to this school wherever I am.

For this I would like to thank my parents, who sent me to the best school in this city and with this I would like to greet my esteemed Principal and all the teachers who are always working for the progress of all students. is. I would also like to especially thank my class teacher who is always ready to solve all our questions and problems with so much patience and love, my school life has been very good so far and I would like to There is no kind of worry or remorse.

My school has given me so much, it has given me confidence, independence and knowledge. In fact, the awards and trophies that I have won in inter-school competitions in subjects like science and mathematics, tell a lot about this subject. It shows the hard work done by our teachers on our studies and mental development.

There is no doubt that like our school, if many more schools are opened in this entire country, then no one can stop our country from moving forward. We all know that the youth of that nation has an important contribution in the development of a nation and if the future of the youth gets spoiled, then the future of that nation also becomes bleak. In this way we can say that when the youth grow, the country also moves forward.

That is the reason, so many efforts are made to educate the youth, so that freedom and skill can be created in them, which can create many employment opportunities and by showing more skills to the youth and their nation To get an opportunity to be proud of.

I am convinced that the school plays an important role in the building of the society and without it any country will reach a state of anarchy, hence the school holds an important place in our society.

That is all I had to say to all of you, and thank you to all my listeners for listening to my words with so much patience and happiness!

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