Speech on International Nurse Day in English

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The theme for this 2023 Nurses’ Day is Nurses: A Voice to Lead – Invest in Nursing and respect rights to secure global health“.

Speech on International Nurse Day   1

On this special day I would like to honor all the nurses working in the public and private sector and thank everyone for the dedicated work you do every day to achieve good health and life for everyone.

Nurses are people who help others with patience and tenderness who suffer from any physical discomfort, which calms them down and assures them. It is a profession that requires a genuine dedication to service and support for others.

These great professionals are those who fail to soothe feelings of fear and provide safety and necessary care for those who have supported their health and support physicians in performing their responsibilities. Thanks to their care, patients are able to recover their health.

There is no region of the country where nurses are not always present; The reason for this is that they carry hope and happiness to all the places that exist.

I wish that we send a special greeting to all the nurses for their hard work in the interest of protecting the health of our population, to help all our patients and especially to make our world more friendly to live for. Congratulations on your day.

Speech on International Nurse Day   2

Today we celebrate a very special day, nurses day, and that’s why I dedicate this short post with great appreciation to all the women who serve in nursing.

By the time a woman is nursing, with many people, always attentive and with a brilliant smile, many are committed to having comfort and hope for thousands of patients.

It is amazing to see above all the great affection and all the immense patience with which nurses provide care to all our patients.

We know that drugs not only help a patient’s recovery, but also enhance the care, hospitality and enjoyment of our nurses. His words of encouragement reached our hearts and lifted our spirits. There is no greater satisfaction for them than for their patients to move forward and regain their health.

Today on Nurses Day, we congratulate them all, you deserve our congratulations for your selfless work for the health of all people.

Congratulations and success on nurse’s day.

You will realize that when you send or pronounce any of her speeches, the nurses will feel proud and honored as well as happy to remember their day.

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