Speech on Christmas Day 2023 in English

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Short Speech on Christmas Day for Students

Good morning to the Principal Sir, teachers and all my dear friends. As we all gathered here to celebrate Christmas, I would like to say a few lines about Christmas in front of you.

I am very grateful to my class teacher for giving me such a good opportunity to give a speech here on this occasion.

The Christmas festival, called the “Feast of Christ”, is celebrated as a Christian holiday to honor and praise the birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ has been considered the son of God by the people of Christianity for years.

It is also celebrated as a cultural holiday in December by non-Christians. It is celebrated in the winter season. Everyone eagerly awaits the arrival of Christmas.

It is celebrated every year on 25 December with great preparation and decoration. Christmas tree, Christmas cards, Santa Claus, gifts etc. are very important on this occasion.

December 25 is the most important day of the year for Christians. They also celebrate the festival of Easter to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. People start preparing for Christmas which is called Advent, and it begins on Sunday, four weeks before Christmas.

The entire season of Christmas is known as Christmasside which ends on January 6, which means the 12th day of Christmas, during which people remember.

Mumbai has the largest Indian Christian community where most Roman Catholics are found; They make this festival the pride of India in the winter season.

On this festival, a midnight Mass is considered the most essential service for Christians, especially Catholics, during which members of the entire family visit collectively and enjoy various cuisines.

They are also involved in giving and taking gifts to each other. Before the festival, they enjoy decorating churches with suggestive flowers and candles, especially for the Christmas Eve Mass service.

People greet each other a few days before the festival or wish them a happy Christmas. They decorate Christmas trees in homes, or gardens are the main custom and tradition of Christmas festivities. People decorate their homes and churches with a candle and electric bulbs.

Christians living in southern India lit some small oil burning clay lamps on the roofs, symbolizing that Jesus is the light of the whole world. They also sing a special song known as the carol song and perform other rituals in the church.

In some places, people follow the Christmas cake cutting tradition to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Santa brings a lot of presents to the children at midnight and distributes them among them. Catholics have a tradition of fasting, they fast and do not eat from 1 to 24 December and eat after midnight service. Merry Christmas to all!

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