Slogans on Life in English – Most Catchy New Slogans

Some special and catchy slogans on Life in English. These Life Slogans are written to tell you effectively, the meaning and essence of life, that too in one sentence.

These slogans about life will teach you how to live life better, how life and health are related among each other. These slogans will inspire you to have a healthy, happy and meaningful life as well as help you to positively motivate and inspire people towards life.

Life is like a drama and we deserve it. The only difference between real life and drama is we already know what to play in the drama but we never know what will happen in real life tomorrow. So, Jeevan is a secret drama directed by supreme power and played by us. We are living our lives without knowing what will happen in the future. Some are happy, some are sad. But the real thing is, we all should take life as an easy task and always be happy. Problems and happiness are two faces of life and come alternately one by one. But we should focus on our main objective and continue to live life happily.

Slogans on Life in English

  1. Keep calm and enjoy the life with charm.
  2. Always smile to make your life worthwhile.
  3. Life is precious; live it but don’t waste!
  4. Life is not what you are living, it is all about how you are living.
  5. Pleasure and pain are consecutive; it’s up to you whether you leave it or live it.
  6. Neither relatives nor wife, only you can change your life. 
  7. Where happy life settles, age doesn’t matters.
  8. Always smile and pass it to other, it is basic rule of a happy life my brother.
  9. Wasting your time is stupidity, utilize every second and live with dignity.
  10. Help others when they need, life is the way how you treat. 
  11. Life is very short, so put worries apart and give your life a kick start.
  12. Life is full of challenges that bring in you lots of changes.
  13. Life runs parallel to your breathe and ends with it.
  14. Doesn’t matter where you live, but live happily.
  15. You get life once, live it as you want.
  16. Life is very short if you start living it happily and tensionless.
  17. Be real in your real life as everyone has to pay later.
  18. Never leave the person who lives for you.
  19. Care and respect the person whom you love.
  20. Don’t take life serious, enjoy it.
  21. Be happy and make others happy too in your life!
  22. Eat healthy and live a healthy happy life.
  23. Life is a game, play it happily.
  24. Family is a God gift on this earth.
  25. Never count your age, passing years don’t matter for a happy face.
  26. See dreams and try to complete.
  27. Just be what you want to be in your life.
  28. Always live in reality, not in imagination.
  29. Live life according to you, not others.
  30. Live everyday of your life as the last day of life.
  31. Just remember! Life is what you make it.
  32. Remember past, live in present but always plan better for future.
  33. Life begins when you take birth.
  34. Add laughing to your daily life.
  35. Life is not life without happiness and joy.
  36. Help someone in your daily life.
  37. Remember happiest moments of your life.
  38. Every moment is life, live it happily.
  39. Adventure brings newness in life.
  40. Never stop learning till the last day of life.
  41. Make yourself busy and enjoy your life.
  42. Laughter is a best medicine to live happy and tension free life.
  43. Don’t fear of making mistakes in life but learn from it.
  44. Target everyday of your life for new challenges.
  45. Make mistakes and learn from it.
  46. Feel so happy and free like birds.
  47. Eat fresh, breathe clean, think positive and be happy in your life.
  48. Target big challenges in your life.
  49. Must do things what people think that you cannot do.
  50. Full your life with creativity.
  51. Just remember! You are the master of your life.
  52. Eat fresh, breath clean, think positive and follow hygiene.
  53. Never forget! Everything is possible and nothing is impossible.
  54. Change your thinking into action to complete your dream.
  55. Make goals and then act.
  56. Don’t waste your time if you want to gain forever.
  57. Hard work has no any alternative.
  58. Always have a smile on your face, it will fill your life with grace.
  59. Be a successful person and write your own success story.
  60. Concentration and continuity is the key to success.
  61. Always prefer to your interest in the life.
  62. Don’t afraid of problems, they are good for us in life.
  63. Never become hopeless; hope is like catalyst.
  64. Have ability to adopt and accept changes in life.
  65. Problems and happiness are probable but they are not stable.

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