Slogans on International Nurses Day in English – Most Catchy Slogans

Slogans on International Nurses Day: The International Council of Nurses (ICN) has been celebrating International Nurses Day since 1965. In 1974 ICN decided to celebrate the day on 12 May to honor the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale.

International Nurses Day is celebrated every year on 12 May in honor of the contribution made by nurses to the society. The day also marks the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale (12 May 1820 – 13 August 1910), an English nurse, statistician and social reformer. She was awarded several prestigious honors such as OM (Order of Merit), RRC (Royal Red Cross) and DSTJ (Order of St John) for her exceptional service as a nurse in the military and civil society.

International Nurses Day is celebrated by many countries worldwide. The International Council of Nurses designs and distributes kits containing education and public information materials for nurses around the world.

Distinguished service nurses are respected and respected around the world. Various programs are conducted in hospitals and nursing schools. These events are mainly commemorative, emphasizing the role and contribution of nurses in society.

In India too, the day is celebrated with PHCs (Primary Health Centers) in all private and government hospitals. The nurses reaffirmed their commitment to the pledge to enter the profession and reiterated their commitment to provide healthcare to the society.

Slogans on International Nurses Day

  1. A nurse is nothing less than an angel to us.
  2. The nurse cares for everyone but nobody cares about the nurse.
  3. A hospital without a nurse is like a building without a foundation.
  4. Give them the recognition they deserve; They risk their lives and serve.
  5. The sickness knocked me down, the nurses held me.
  6. When diseases try to kill you, nurses work to cure you.
  7. Nurses help us in illness so that we can regain fitness.
  8. The nurses are selfless, their services are priceless.
  9. A nurse turns the disease upside down, saving us from its curse.
  10. It is fair to command, a nurse is nothing less than a caring mother.
  11. You just have to make a deal; They have got the power to heal.
  12. The nurse cares for everyone but nobody cares about the nurse.
  13. Nurses make it possible to regain our health after a long illness.
  14. No matter how sick you were, you are fine because there was a nurse.
  15. A nurse is nothing less than an angel to us.
  16. If diseases are curse; Then the one who can save you is the nurse.
  17. Taking care of one is love but caring for everyone is nursing.
  18. It is a curse, a doctor without a nurse.
  19. Nurses are committed to our health, appreciate them and wish them well.
  20. In adverse circumstances, celebrate nurses’ day to thank them for being with us.
  21. Only a few stay with you worse – relatives, close friends and nurses.
  22. The day nurses will be respected around the world, their greatness should be highlighted.
  23. The nurse saves many lives in one lifetime; Their help to the society is divine.
  24. Doctors prescribe drugs, while nurses administer it with care.
  25. When everyone leaves you in sickness, your nurse stays with you.
  26. He is in a highly challenging profession; They should get their due recognition.
  27. Day and night stay with the sick; How many of us can correct this?
  28. The nurse remembers the time of your medication; It is late night or day.
  29. The disease will eventually fall to the ground, if the nurse is around.
  30. She has the strength to face anything and the softness to love anyone.
  31. Your mother takes care of you; A nurse cares for many people like you!
  32. A patient surrenders to the nurse, hoping that she will reverse the disease.
  33. Nurses never get tired, nor their touch ever hurts.

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