Skilled Professional Job Registration Form at – Uttarakhand HOPE Portal

Apply online for Kushal Panjvikaran (Favorable Professional Registration) on Uttarakhand HOPE (Help Out People Everywhere) portal, skilled professional job registration / application form

The Uttarakhand government has launched the “HOPE Portal” (Helping Out People Everyone) on the hope. Link. This hope portal will help unemployed youth to get job opportunities. This portal will be used to collect data on the youth of the state who are living with the newly arrived migrant workers (laborers). People can now fill the skilled professional registration form (favorable professional registration form) on the portal to get employment.

The database on the portal will help employers to find suitable candidates as per the requirements of their company. Employers will get information about the candidates as they worked. Uttarakhand HOPE portal will help unemployed youth in job search and skill development.

Uttarakhand Skilled Professional Registration Form on Hope Portal

The direct link to open Uttarakhand Skilled Professional Registration Form (Friendly Professional Registration Form) on Hope Portal is given below: –

Uttarakhand Hope Portal for unemployed youth / migrant workers

CM Trivendra Singh Rawat of Uttarakhand launched HOPE portal with an aim to create employment opportunities for trained youth and provide them with skill development opportunities to increase employment opportunities. This hope portal will provide a platform to the youth who are hunting for jobs and skills development through their database and will help potential employers to find human resources as per their needs. The following information will be updated on the Hope portal: –

  1. Last working company
  2. Designation in last company
  3. Specialization
  4. Area of ​​interest
  5. Type of employment ready to work

After the database is prepared, the Hope portal will be linked to the Chief Minister’s Self-Employment Scheme. Information on youth applying from a particular village will be readily available on the portal and will help in village-based analysis of the database. This data from skilled professionals will make it easier for the Uttarakhand government to execute village-specific programs.

In view of the decline in employment opportunities due to the outbreak of COVID-19, CMs want to train youth or hone th

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