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(1) 100 Words – Essay on My Favorite Teacher for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

My dear teacher’s name is Priya Roi. She is also my class teacher and records our attendance every morning. She is a very strict teacher however, she is very funny and caring teacher by nature. She is a very disciplined and punctual woman. She does all the work and projects related to the class at the right time without delay. I like them very much because, she uses a very easy way to teach us and teach good things. We enjoy his presence in the classroom.

She teaches us Hindi. She makes the study interesting by telling us some interesting things while teaching. She guides us very well during any class competition or internal school competition. She advises us to share things among our classmates in class.


150 Words – Essay on My Favorite Teacher for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

My class teacher is my favorite teacher. Her name is Gitika Rao. She makes our presence known and teaches us Hindi, Mathematics and Arts. He is highly educated and received his higher education from Banaras Hindu University. She follows very easy and effective strategies while teaching us all subjects. I never leave his class and am always present in his class. I like his way of teaching very much, because after his teaching, we do not need to read that topic again at home. She explains all the points related to the topic we explain to the class. She, after clarifying the concept of the topic in class, gives us practice work related to that topic in the classroom and home work for the home. The next day, she questions tomorrow’s topic and then starts another topic.

In addition to the subjects, she teaches good ethics to strengthen our character. Maybe; He will not become our class teacher next year, however, his teachings will always be with me and will show us the right path in difficult times. She is very loving and gentle by nature. She had been a gold medalist at the university during her higher education. She will always be my best teacher.


200 Words – Essay on My Favorite Teacher for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Priya Gupta is my favorite teacher in school. I teach in class 4, and she teaches us EVS (Environmental Studies). She is a very good teacher. She takes great care of us and teaches us using easy methods. She never makes studies serious and teaches us using recreational activities. She always comes to class at the right time and never forgets to take her class. We enjoy the class very much in her presence, as she also makes all of us happy. She loves me very much, because I am the most disciplined and ideal student in the class. I follow all their orders and always do my class work and home work in a clean and hygienic manner.

I never arrive late or absent in his class. She encourages us to always follow the right path in life, no matter how difficult we may be. She always tells us that, never think negatively and always think positive, because it is always what we think. She explains us very well on the subject of environment. She wants us to use Hindi language in her classroom. She accompanies us in our school bus to her home, where we enjoy a lot by singing and singing songs with her in the bus.


250 Words – Essay on My Favorite Teacher for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

When I was in classes 3 and 4, my favorite teacher was Vidut Raj, who taught me English and Mathematics for two years. He was from Benaras, however, lived in the vicinity of the school. He did his higher education from Banaras Hindu University. He was very gentle and kind in nature. He knew how to handle small children in the classroom. I still remember his unique way of teaching. I still remember everything he taught me. He explained my math concepts. Currently, I study in class 5 although I miss them very much. Whenever I need to solve difficult math questions, I meet him occasionally. He looks very good with nice body, shiny eyes and brown hair. I like him very much because of his good personality and humble nature.

He always entered our class with a smile and was the first to ask about our health. Whenever sports teachers were absent, he was also always appointed as assistant teacher of sports. He has a smiling face though, very strict in studies. He always punished the students who did not complete their homework. He was a good teacher with good teaching techniques, friendly temperament, humor, patience and easily adapting himself to all circumstances. I was one of his obedient students. Sometimes he would give us chocolates for doing well in class tests and exams. He never gave much home work for the house. He was very enthusiastic and always encouraged us to do our best in studies.


300 Words – Essay on My Favorite Teacher for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Anshu Maam is my favorite teacher in class 6. She teaches us Hindi and computer in class. His personality is completely different. He is very fat but gentle by nature. I give them a greeting card every year on Teacher’s Day. I always wish him well on his birthday too. She also recites some jokes for fun while studying in class and draws our attention to the class. I am not very good in Hindi subject, however, I do very well in computer. She helps me a lot in improving the Hindi language. After taking the class, she always gives answers to some questions to find and remember and asks them the next day.

She takes us to a computer lab to make our concepts about computers more definitive and clear. She absolutely loves peace while teaching. She never leaves her weak student without clarifying her lesson, without understanding it. She clarifies topics taught to everyone in class and encourages us to ask her questions. She never starts the next lesson until we fully understand the previous one. His nature is very sweet and takes care of all the students of the class. Nobody fights or fights during his class. He has made rotation on a weekly basis to sit in his class, so that no student remains weak. All my friends like him and attend his class regularly.

She helps the weaker students in the class through giving extra time. She also solves problems other than our studies. She also encourages us to participate in sports or other competitions held in school apart from studies. She looks great with a smiling face and is supportive. Programs of festivals he held in school; For example, during Republic Day, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Teacher’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc., it helps us get ready. Sometimes when the lesson is over she tells us about the struggle days of her life to encourage us towards studies. She is a simple teacher of very friendly behavior. We are never afraid of him, however, respect him a lot.


400 Words – Essay on My Favorite Teacher for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

My dear teacher is a science teacher. His name is Deepika Goshwami. She lives near the school premises. She is the best teacher in the school and she is liked by all my friends because she teaches very well. No one is bored in her class, as she also tells some interesting things while studying. I like his teaching strategy very much in class. She asks all the students to come home from school to read whatever lesson they are going to teach the next day. She teaches that lesson in class and asks many questions to explain it. She also questions the same text the next day. In this way, we get to know about a particular text completely. She takes the test after teaching three or four lessons. She loves the teacher’s profession and teaches us with zeal and enthusiasm.

She treats us very friendly and never scares us. We ask him any questions in class or in his cabin without any fear. She observes the movements of each and all students while teaching in class and also punishes naughty children. She always tells us to pay attention to studies and follow what the teacher is saying in class. She always says that, if you really want to be successful in your life, then you should take care of the things your teacher tells you and follow them throughout your life. She does not discriminate between weak and intelligent children. She supports weak children very much and requests clever children to help weaker classmates. She tells us that, we should be serious about our studies and life’s purpose.

She is a very encouraging teacher, who not only encourages us in studies, but also motivates us to participate in post-curricular activities. She personally encourages students to perform well at the academic level or in sports activities. She gives free tuition to vulnerable students at her home. All students perform well both in class tests and exams in the science subject. She is also the Deputy Principal of the school. Therefore, she performs all her responsibilities well. She fully supervises the greenery and cleanliness in the school premises.

She never seems serious or angry because, her face is smiling. She keeps us happy like her children in school. She is fully mindful of organizing any event or competition in the school. She speaks politely to all the students and knows how to handle any troublesome situation in school.

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