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(1) 100 Words – Essay on My Duty towards My Country for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

We can say that duties are moral or statutory responsibility of any person, which all should follow for their country. This is a task or action that every and all citizens of the country should follow like their job or profession. Performing your duties for your nation reflects a citizen’s respect for their nation. Everyone should follow all rules and regulations as well as be courteous and loyal to the responsibilities of the nation.

A person has many duties towards the nation such as: economic development and growth, cleanliness, good governance, quality education, eradicating poverty, ending all social issues, bringing gender equality, respect for all , Going to vote, abolishing child labor to give healthy youth and many more.


150 Words – Essay on My Duty towards My Country for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Being a citizen of a society, community or country, some duties also need to be performed personally. In order to provide a bright future in the country, everyone should discharge the duties of citizenship. If a country is backward, poor or developing, then everything depends on its citizens, even more especially when that country is a democratic country. Everyone should be a good citizen of the country as well as be loyal to the country. People should follow all the rules, regulations and laws made by the government for safety and better life.

They should believe in equality and proper equations in society. A common citizen, nobody should show sympathy towards crime and voice should also be raised against it. The people of India have the right to elect the Chief Minister, Prime Minister and other political leaders by voting, so they should not waste their vote by choosing the wrong leader who corrupts the country. However, they should know and understand their leader and vote for him. Their duty is to make the country clean and beautiful. They should not destroy and pollute the historical heritage and tourist destinations of their country. People should be interested in daily news and other daily activities to know about the good and bad news going on in the country.


200 Words – Essay on My Duty towards My Country for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Duties towards the country bear the moral commitment and collective responsibilities of an individual or group. It must be understood by all the people of the country. India is a country which believes in the principle of ‘unity in diversity’ where people of more than one religion, caste, creed, sect and languages ​​live together. These are countries which are famous all over the world due to its culture, tradition and historical heritage, however, due to the irresponsibility of its citizens, they are still counted as developing countries.

There are huge differences between rich and poor. Wealthy people neither understand the dignities nor perform their responsibilities towards them. They have forgotten their responsibility about the economic growth of the country, which can be increased only by removing poverty from the country. Everyone should help in the rise of backward people (in getting rich financially), in removing issues of social struggle, in ending corruption, by shutting down dirty politics and in the prosperity of the country. An example of devoid of selfishness and best duty towards the country is the duty played by the Indian soldiers to protect the borders of the country. They stand at the border for 24 hours to protect us and our country from opponents. They carry out their responsibility daily even for this they have to face many problems. They live separately from their loved ones and do not even live a comfortable life. However, even after having all kinds of basic facilities, we are unable to perform even the smallest responsibilities such as cleanliness, following rules, etc.


300 Words – Essay on My Duty towards My Country for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

India is a religious, cultural and traditional country and is famous for unity in diversity. However, it needs more efforts of its citizens for clean, corruption, social struggles, crimes against women, poverty, pollution, global warming etc. for development. Instead of shouting and blaming the government, people should understand their duties towards the country. All people are personally responsible for the growth and development of the country. Let people never forget the famous statement of Tuz, “The journey of thousands of Kosos begins with a step.” Everyone should be aware of their fundamental duties and follow them without ignoring them. Being good and responsible citizens of the country, everyone should perform their duties faithfully such as:

  • People should follow all the rules and laws made by the government. They should respect the authorities and should not break any rules as well as inspire others to do the same.
  • They should not tolerate any crime against them and should raise their voice against corruption. They should follow all their civic and social duties while protecting the society from negative effects.
  • They should provide solutions for the needy people, vote wisely and pay all their taxes on time.
  • They got RTI for the benefit of society. And RTE Acts like this should be enlisted.
  • Everyone should participate in cleanliness drive to keep cleanliness around them. They should teach children to dump waste items and take care of public goods.
  • Those who are able should give up the gas subsidy.
  • Everyone should be honest and loyal to the country and fellow citizens. They should have a sense of respect for each other and respect social and economic policies made for the welfare of the country.
  • People should involve their children in education and take care of their health and childhood. They should not force their children to commit child labor and other crimes.
  • People should try to make their country the best country in the world.


400 Words – Essay on My Duty towards My Country for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

The duties of any person are those responsibilities which he has to fulfill personally. A citizen who lives in a society, community or country carries many duties and responsibilities for the country, society or community which he has to perform properly. People should believe in goodness and should never ignore important duties towards the country.

As a citizen of the country, my duty to the country

Many years have passed since our country got independence from British rule, which was gained by the sacrifice and struggle of many great freedom fighters. He was the real follower of his duties towards the country, which made the dream of freedom a reality by losing his precious life with millions. After India’s independence, rich people and politicians engaged only in their own development and not in the development of the country. It is true that we are free from British rule, however, greed, crime, corruption, irresponsibility, social issues, child labor, poverty, cruelty, terrorism, female feticide, gender-inequality, dowry-death, mass Never been free from misdeeds and other illegal activities.

Merely making rules, laws, authority, act, campaigns or programs by the government is not enough, in reality to be free from all illegal activities, all these should be strictly followed by every Indian citizen. Indian citizens should faithfully perform their duties towards the country with the elimination of poverty, gender inequality, child labor, atrocities against women and other social issues for the benefit of all. Indian citizens have the right to choose their political leader who can take the development of the country in the right direction. Therefore, they have no right to blame the bad people in their lives. They should keep their eyes open while voting for their political leader and choose a leader who is truly free from corrupt mentality and able to lead the country.

The conclusion

It is necessary for the citizens of India to personally fulfill their duties for their country to be self-reliant in the real sense. These are very essential for the development of the country, which can be possible only when there are disciplined, punctual, dutiful and honest citizens in the country.


600 Words – Essay on My Duty towards My Country for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Following are the responsibilities for various posts of Indian citizens:

Parents: Parents are the most responsible towards the country because they are the main source of giving a good and bad leader to the country. They are the primary basic schools of children, so they should be vigilant at all times because they are responsible for nurturing the future of the country.

Due to some greedy parents (whether poor or rich), our country continues to exist social evils like poverty, gender inequality, child labor, bad social and political leaders, female feticide and thereby The future is useless. All parents should understand their duties towards the country and must send their children (whether girl or boy) to school for proper education, besides taking care of their children’s health, hygiene and moral development, They should be taught good habits, manners, and their duties towards the country.

  • Teacher: Teachers are the second source in giving good future to the country by making their students good and successful citizens. They should understand their duties towards their country and should never discriminate between (rich-poor, intelligent-average students) among their students. He should teach all his students equally to give a good leader and bright future for the country.
  • Doctor: For the patient, the doctor is considered like a god because he gives them new life. High-tech treatments are not available in the country due to some greedy doctors. Those who are very expensive even for the poor of the country and even for the middle class people, so they do not get them. Some government doctors do not perform their duties properly in hospitals (hospitals) and open their own private clinics. They should understand their responsibility to make all expensive treatments available in the country at affordable prices for all the needy. They should not go abroad after higher education, however, stay in their country and work for better development of the country.
  • Engineer: Engineers are very much responsible for the construction development work of the country. They should use their knowledge and professional skills techniques in the right direction in a positive way for the development of the country. They should not indulge in corruption and be loyal to their duties.
  • Politician: The level of a country depends on the politicians of the country. A politician (who is not greedy nor indulges in corruption) plays his various great roles in the development of the country whereas a corrupt politician can destroy the country. Therefore, a politician should understand his duties and follow his duties honestly.
  • Police: Police are appointed at various places in the city, states and nation level to maintain security, peace and goodwill throughout the country. They are the hope of the people, so they should be loyal to their country and people.
  • Businessman : The main duties of a businessman towards his country are that he should provide maximum employment in the country, not abroad and to increase the economic growth rate of his country, as well as try to eradicate poverty in the country. . They should not be involved in any kind of corruption and smuggling.
  • Players: Players should keep loyalty to their game and country and should not be involved in any kind of corruption or match-fixing because they are the ideals of the youth of the country.
  • Ordinary citizen: The common man is responsible for the country in various ways. They should understand their devout duties and choose a good leader for the leadership of the country who can take the country in the right direction. They should keep their home as well as their surroundings clean and hygienic so that their family can be healthy, prosperous and disease free. They should be disciplined, punctual and have a duty to their profession.


700 Words – Essay on My Duty towards My Country for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

A person carries many duties in his life towards himself, family, parents, children, wife, husband, neighbors, society, community and most importantly the country. The duties of a person towards the country are very important for maintaining its dignity, bright future and leading it towards goodness.

Who am I ?

I am an Indian citizen because I was born here. As a responsible citizen of the country, I keep a lot of duties towards my country which should all be fulfilled. I should follow the duties of various aspects related to the development of my country.

What are duties

Duties are those tasks or activities that everyone should personally do on a daily basis for the betterment and development of the country. It is the responsibility of every Indian citizen to carry out his duties faithfully and they are also an essential demand for the country.

What is my duty to the country

A citizen of a country is one who not only himself but also his / her ancestors have spent almost their entire life in that country, hence they also have certain duties for each nation. Let us take the example of a house where different members live together, however, the head of each household follows all the rules and regulations made by the eldest member for the good and peaceful life of the house. In the same way, our country is also like our home in which people of different religions live together, however they need to follow certain rules and laws that the government has made for the development of the country. The objective of the citizens loyal to the duties of the country is to remove all social issues, bring genuine freedom in the country and bring the country into the category of developing countries.

In government or private sector offices, working employees should faithfully fulfill their duties without going in time and wasting time in vain as it is rightly said, “If we waste time, time is wasted by us.” Will give. ”Time does not wait for anyone, they are constantly running and we should learn from time. We should not stop until we reach our goal. The most important objective of our life is to make our country great in real sense.

We should not be selfish and should understand our duties towards our country. It is only us, not someone else, who can benefit from it and are also exploited. Each of our activities affects both positively and negatively (if we do positive work, we will be benefited and if we do negative work we will be exploited). Therefore, why not pledge today that to protect ourselves from becoming exploited in our own country, from today we will take every step in the right direction with positivity. It is we who have the right to choose the right leader for our country and rule over it. So why should we blame others and leaders, we should only blame ourselves and not others because it was we who did not perform our duties as per demand. We were only engaged in our daily routine and did not make any sense from the lives of others, extra-curricular activities, political affairs of the country, etc. It is our fault that our country is still in the category of developing countries and not in the category of developed countries.

The conclusion

This is a big problem, we should not take it in hulk. We should not be greedy and selfish; We should allow ourselves and others to live healthy and peaceful lives. The bright future of our country is in our own hands. There is still time to change ourselves, we can do more good. One should start living life with open eyes and follow his duties towards his country. We should start a new and good way by cleaning our heart, body, brain and all the areas around us.

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