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(1) 100 Words – Essay on Independence Day for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

August 15, 1947 was the most fortunate and important day in Indian history, when our Indian freedom fighters sacrificed everything and gained independence for the country of India. Along with India’s independence, Indians elected their first Prime Minister as Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who hoisted the tricolor flag for the first time at the Red Fort in the national capital, New Delhi. Today every Indian celebrates this special day as a celebration.


150 Words – Essay on Independence Day for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

August 15, 1947, the day of India’s independence and hence this special day is celebrated as a celebration of Independence Day in India every year. The event is organized at a national level in New Delhi in which the flag of the Red Fort is hoisted by the Prime Minister of India and lakhs of people attend the Independence Day celebrations.

During the celebrations at the Red Fort, the flag hoisting and the national anthem are followed by a speech by the Prime Minister followed by a display of strength by the three Indian armies, as well as a number of colorful programs, such as by the states of India, through the tableaux. Presentation of their art and culture, display of cultural programs by school children etc.
On this special occasion we remember the great personalities of India who contributed significantly for the independence of India. Also, this festival is also celebrated with full fervor at various schools, colleges and other places in the country.


200 Words – Essay on Independence Day for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

In India, people of all religions, traditions and culture celebrate Independence Day together with full joy. Since 15 August 1947, it is celebrated on this day every year, because on this day, after nearly 200 years, India got independence from British rule.

This day has been declared as a national holiday, as well as all schools, colleges, universities and offices etc. are also closed. It is celebrated with full enthusiasm by the students of all schools, colleges and educational institutions. Students participate in it through sports, art and literature. The commencement of these programs is preceded by a flag-hoisting by the chief guest or the principal in which all together perform the national anthem to the tune of flutes and drums and then the parade and various events make the day special.

On this special occasion of Independence Day, this day is celebrated as a celebration by the Government of India at the Rajpath of the national capital of India, where people of all religions, cultures and traditions listen to speeches made by the patriotism of the Prime Minister of India. On this occasion, we remember all those great individuals, because of whose sacrifice we are all breathing in independent India.


250 Words – Essay on Independence Day for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Independence Day in India is celebrated every year on 15 August as a national holiday when Indians remember the long story of their nation’s independence from British rule. This freedom came from the numerous movements and the sacrifices of hundreds of freedom fighters. After independence, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru became the first Prime Minister of India to hoist the flag at the Red Fort in Delhi.

On this day, teachers, students, caretakers and all people celebrate the national anthem with flag hoisting. Our tricolor flag is also hoisted by the Prime Minister of India at the Red Fort in Delhi. After this, the national flag is honored with a salute of 21 guns by placing a wreath with a helicopter on it. In our tricolor flag, saffron represents courage and sacrifice, white color shows peace and truth while green color shows faith and bravery.

Between our tricolor there is an Ashoka Chakra which consists of 24 tilis. On this special day we remember the great sacrifices of those courageous men like Bhagat Singh, Sukhdeb, Rajguru Gandhiji for their unforgettable contributions in the Indian freedom struggle. During this time, students in schools give lectures on freedom fighters and participate in parades. Everyone celebrates this special occasion in their own way, some watches patriotic films, some go out to visit their family and friends, and some people participate in the Independence Day programs.


300 Words – Essay on Independence Day for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Independence Day is celebrated every year by the people of India on 15 August 1947 as a national holiday to commemorate India’s independence from the British Empire. On this day, Shradanjali is given to those great leaders of India, under whose leadership the people of India became free forever.

People celebrate the day of August 15 in their own style, someone makes this day memorable with friends and families, and someone spends their time watching patriotic songs and movies, as well as there are many who participate in many programs on this day. And through various mediums, the importance of Independence Day is disseminated.

On 15 August 1947, Jawaharlal Nehru became the first Prime Minister of India after attaining independence, who addressed the Indians after hoisting the Indian flag at the Red Fort in Delhi. Other Prime Ministers also carried forward this practice where flag hoisting, parade and cultural programs etc. are held on this day every year. Many people celebrate this festival by putting a flag on their clothes, houses and vehicles.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru declared India’s independence at midnight of 15 August 1947 with his speech “Trist weed Destiny”. He also said in his speech that, after years of slavery, this is the time when we will fulfill our resolve and end our misfortune.

India is a country where crores of people of different religions, traditions, and cultures live together and celebrate this celebration of Independence Day with full joy. On this day, as Indians, we should be proud and promise that we will always be full of patriotism and honesty to protect our motherland from any kind of attack or insult.


400 Words – Essay on Independence Day for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Independence Day in India is an important day for all Indians because of their independence from British rule. We have been celebrating this day every year since 15 August 1947. India, independent of the sacrifice of thousands of patriots like Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Lala Lajpat Rai, Tilak and Chandrashekhar Azad, is counted as the world’s largest democracy.

All Indians celebrate this festival of independence in their own way, such as decorating the place of celebration, watching movies, putting national flags on their homes, singing the national anthem and patriotic songs, and participating in many social activities. This festival of national pride is celebrated with great pomp by the Government of India. On this day, the current Prime Minister of India hoists the flag at the Red Fort of Delhi and then to make this celebration more special, the entire atmosphere is filled with patriotism with parade by Indian forces, presentation of tableaux of various states, and the tune of national anthem. It arises.

Independence Day is also celebrated in the states with the same enthusiasm in which the Governor and Chief Minister of the state are the chief guests. Some people get ready early in the morning and wait for the Prime Minister’s speech. Influenced by the history of Indian independence, some people watch patriotic films on August 15 as well as participate in social events.

Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violence movement helped our freedom fighters immensely and gained independence from British rule after a long struggle of 200 years. The fierce struggle for independence served as a catalyst that united every Indian for his rights against British rule, irrespective of religion, class, caste, culture or tradition. Even women like Aruna Asif Ali, Annie Besant, Kamala Nehru, Sarojini Naidu and Vijay Laxmi Pandit left Chulha-Chauka to play an important role in the freedom struggle.


600 Words – Essay on Independence Day for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

15 August 1947 is a date written in our history with golden letters. One day when India became independent, the British were forced to leave India. If we got freedom from slavery for two hundred years, then the celebration had to be equally big and that is probably the reason why we celebrate it with much fanfare even today.

Golden History of Independence Day

After the British took over India, we were slaves in our own country. Everything was ours like money, food grains, land but now we had no right over anyone. They used to collect arbitrary rents and had the mind to cultivate them like cash crops like indigo. This was especially seen in Champaran, Bihar. Whenever we opposed them, we would get a bigger answer, like the Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

There is no lack of stories of Pratarana nor lack of courageous movements of our freedom fighters, the result of their untiring efforts is that this history is for us. The British looted us badly, an example of which is Kohinoor, which is today adorning the crown of their queen. But our cultural and historical heritage is still the most aristocratic and perhaps this is the reason that even today, guests in our country are worshiped like gods and whenever the British come to India we will continue to welcome them but remembering the history.

Freedom fighters contribution

Our freedom fighters like Gandhiji, who have been an outstanding contributor to the struggle for freedom, were the most popular. He taught everyone the truth, non-violence and it was non-violence that emerged as the biggest weapon and lit the lamp of hope even in the life of the weakest. Gandhiji made a concerted effort to remove many malpractices from the country and brought all sections together, due to which the fight became easier. It was the love of the people for them that people used to call them Bapu.

Everyone was protesting peacefully against the Simon Commission, but in the meantime the British started lathi charge and Lala Lajpat Rai died in it. Hurting this, Bhagat Singh, Sukh Dev, Rajguru killed the Sanders and in return they were punished by Fasi and they laughed and climbed to the throne.

There are hundreds of names in this freedom fight like Subhash Jandra Bose, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Mangal Pandey, Rani Laxmibai, Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi, Rajendra Prasad, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad etc. whose contributions are incomparable.

Colorful festival of freedom

There are different ways to celebrate this festival in independent India. For a week already, the market is bright, somewhere three colors of Rangoli are sold, and then there are three colors of light. It is as if the entire color merges into these colors. There is an atmosphere of happiness everywhere, so there is a sting of patriotic songs. The whole country celebrates this festival by dancing and singing. People even swing themselves and force others to snort. The whole country gets united in such a way that whether Hindus and Muslims do not see any distinction.

The conclusion

As Independence Day is our national festival, a national holiday has been declared for this day and schools, colleges, government offices are all closed. But it is the enthusiasm of the people who all come together to celebrate this day and every year with great enthusiasm, the Independence Day celebrations are held, the tricolor is hoisted and sweets are distributed.


800 Words – Essay on Independence Day for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

One of India’s national festivals is our Independence Day, a day when India became independent. The British had left India to say, but this freedom was necessary and different in many ways. We were neither physically enslaved nor mentally. We got freedom in every area to speak, read, write, roam freely.

Important historical moment

    British arrival in India

It is about the days when India was called the golden bird. In the 17th century, the British came to India to do business, which was then ruled by the Mughals. Gradually, the British increased their military strength under the pretext of trade, and by betraying many kings, defeated their territories in battle. By the 18th century, he established his supremacy under the name of East India Company, and subjugated the surrounding areas.

    India as a slave

We had realized that we had become slaves. We were now directly under British Taj. Initially, the British started imposing their things on us by educating us or citing our development that gradually they became involved in their behavior and they started ruling over us.

The British tortured us physically, mentally. Many wars also took place during this period, the most prominent of which was the Second World War, for which the Indian army was forcibly recruited in bulk. Indians had no existence in their own country, the British also carried out massacres like Jallianwala Bagh and Indians were left as mere slaves.

    Establishment of National Congress Party

The National Congress Party was founded on 28 December 1885 by 64 individuals in the midst of this struggling environment. In which Dada Bhai Naoroji and AO Hume played an important role and gradually started carrying out revolutionary activities, people grew up to participate in the party.

In this sequence, the Indian Muslim League was also established. Many such parties came forward and it is the result of their incredible contribution that we got independence. For which many heroes shot and many were hanged, many mothers wept cries, and some young youths were unhappy.

    Communal riots and partition of India

Thus, the British left the country and went away and we became independent, but yet another battle was yet to be seen, which was communal attacks. Communal violence erupted as soon as attaining independence, both Nehru and Jinnah were to become Prime Ministers, resulting in the partition of the country.

A Hindu and a Muslim nation called India and Pakistan were established. The presence of Gandhiji reduced these attacks, yet the number of people who died was in lakhs. On the one hand there was an atmosphere of independence and on the other hand the scene of massacre. The country was partitioned and on 14 August Pakistan was proclaimed and 15 August India’s Independence Day respectively.

    Independence India and the festival of independence

After Independence and Partition, we celebrate Independence Day every year by remembering our immortal heroes and innocent people killed in the riots. There is no definite enumeration of immortal youths, because it included everyone from children to old men.

This dream came true when the whole country was united. Yes there were some prominent patriots who cannot be ignored like Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Raj Gurus who were hanged, Lala Lajpat Rai, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Subhash Chandra Bose etc. Women were also not behind in this work, such as Annie Besant, Sarojini Naidu and many others.

Meaning of Independence Day in new era

The Independence Day celebrations are prepared with great noise, our honorable Prime Minister hoists the tricolor every year from the ramparts of the Red Fort. After that, some patriotic programs are presented along with the national anthem and his speech, which we can enjoy by presenting it there or sitting at home from there.

Every year the chief guests of this program are called from another country. Independence Day is our national festival and all schools, colleges, offices are closed on this occasion. This is a festival that the whole country celebrates as one group, but they are all different. Some wear a new dress and some celebrate patriotic songs and celebrate this day.

The conclusion

This festival reminds us not to forget history along with the sacrifice of immortal heroes, so that no one should be given the opportunity to rule on the pretext of trade and the young generation of today is introduced to their glorious history. Even if everyone has different ways to celebrate Independence Day, the purpose is the same. All live together for the country one day, eat tasty dishes and give friends a happy birthday.

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