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The importance of conserving natural resources is heavily emphasized as it is necessary to maintain a balanced environment on Earth. To help you in your exam, we have provided different word limit essays on this subject here.

(1) 200 Words – Essay on Conservation of Nature for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Conservation of nature is basically conservation of resources such as wind, water, sunlight, land, vegetation, animal life and minerals. We get all these resources by nature without any human intervention. These resources are further employed to create various things that make the lives of humans as well as other creatures present on Earth comfortable.

Natural resources have been mainly classified into renewable resources and non-renewable resources. Renewable resources are those that can be naturally regenerated. It includes air, water and sunlight. The emphasis is generally on the use of renewable resources rather than nonrenewable resources as nonrenewable resources are depleting rapidly and are difficult to compensate.

Conservation of nature is an issue that needs to be taken seriously. Governments of various countries are using many methods to conserve resources, in the same way people should also come forward to contribute in this direction. There are some ways through which the common man can help in the preservation of nature. Those methods include planting trees, limiting paper usage, preventing wastage of water and electricity, stopping animal poaching, and employing rainwater reuse systems. It is not difficult to put the above measures into practice in a planned way. If each of us gave our meaningful contribution for the protection of nature, then whatever benefits it would bring would be truly tremendous for mankind.


300 Words – Essay on Conservation of Nature for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Nature fulfills our basic needs by providing us with water, land, sunlight and plants. These resources can be used to manufacture various things which definitely make the life of human beings more convenient and comfortable. Unfortunately, man has become so engrossed in inventing new things rather than using these resources that he has almost forgotten the importance of preserving them. As a result, many of these resources are depleting at a rapid pace and if this continues in this way, humans as well as other living organisms on Earth will be in difficulty.

Conservation of nature means protection of forests, land, water bodies and protection of natural resources means protection of resources such as minerals, fuels, natural gases to ensure that all these are available for abundant human use. . There are many ways through which the common man can help in the preservation of nature. Here is a detailed description of some such methods, which can greatly benefit human life: –

Limited use of water

Water should be used wisely. If water is not used properly, then the day is not far when we will have to yearn for some water. The right use of water can be done in many ways such as brushing your teeth by closing the running water, bathing with bucket water instead of fountains, using RO waste water in plants or used to clean the house Doing so that the water does not spoil in large quantities.

Limited use of electricity

It is also necessary to limit the use of electricity for the protection of nature. We can save electricity in many ways such as turning off electrical appliances especially when they are not in use or by using a bulb or tube light that consumes less power for example LED light.

Growing more and more trees and vegetables

Plant as many trees as possible, only then the trees that are being cut every day will be replenished. To restrict the use of chemical fertilizers used in professional farming, try to grow vegetables at home. In addition, people can make their valuable contribution by limiting the use of paper, employing rainwater harvesting systems, limiting the use of cars and spreading awareness about the conservation of nature.


400 Words – Essay on Conservation of Nature for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Nature has given us many gifts such as air, water, land, sun, minerals, plants and animals. All these gifts of nature make our planet a habitable place. Without any of these, the existence of human life on earth would not be possible. Now, while these natural resources exist in abundance on Earth, unfortunately the need for most of these has increased over the centuries due to the increase in human population.

Many of these natural resources are being used at higher speeds while their production capacity is less. Thus there is a need to conserve nature and save the natural resources made available by nature. Here is a detailed look at some ways by which these resources can be conserved: –

By reducing water consumption

Water is available in abundance on Earth, so people do not consider it necessary to pay more attention to its decreasing quantity before using it. If we continue to use water at this fast pace, then surely we may have to face serious consequences in future. To save water, we can use some simple things like closing the tap during brushing, using water in the washing machine according to the amount of cloth and giving the remaining water to the plants.

Power usage down

Electricity can be made only by saving electricity. That is why it is suggested to use limited power. Just taking care such as turning off the lights before you leave your room, turning off electrical appliances after use, and maximizing use of fluorescent or LED bulbs can be an important step in saving electricity.

Limited use of paper

Paper is made from trees. Using more paper means encouraging deforestation which is a matter of concern today. We need to make sure that we use as much paper as we need. Take print out and stop using e-copy.

Use new farming practices

The government should teach farmers about mixed crops, crop rotation and proper use of pesticides, fertilizers, bio-fertilizers and organic manures.

Spread awareness

It is very important to spread awareness about the conservation of nature and adopt the right method of use for it. This goal can be achieved only when more and more people understand its importance and help in any way they can.

Apart from this, planting more and more saplings is also very important. People can contribute towards reducing air pollution by using shared transport for travel and by employing rainwater harvesting systems to conserve nature.


500 Words – Essay on Conservation of Nature for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Conservation of nature refers to the conservation of all resources that are naturally created without the help of humans. These include water, air, sun, land, forests, minerals, plants and animals. All these natural resources make life on earth worth living. Human life is not possible without the air, water, sunlight and other natural resources present on the earth. Therefore, to preserve life and environment on earth, it is very important to conserve these resources. Here is a look at the natural resources present on the earth and ways to conserve them: –

Types of natural resources

  • Renewable resources: – These are resources that can regenerate naturally such as air, water and sunlight.
  • Non-renewable resources: – These are resources which either do not regenerate or are very slow formed like fossil fuels and minerals etc.
  • Organic: They come from organic material like living beings and plants and animals.
  • Abiotic: They are derived from non-living things and non-organic materials. It includes air, water and land, as well as metals such as iron, copper, and silver.

Natural resources are also divided into categories such as actual resources, reserve resources, stock resources and potential resources based on their level of development.

Nature Conservation Methods

Conservation of nature is a serious matter that needs immediate attention.

Most of nature’s resources are depleting at a rapid pace. The reason for this is the demand for these resources is high while the rate of manufacture is low. However, we need to understand that nature has given us abundant resources for all that we need. We only need to use available natural resources wisely. To conserve these resources we should follow the following methods:

Limited use

Water and electricity are the two things that are being wasted the most in today’s time. It is necessary for us to understand the importance of saving both of them. Try and use as much water as needed. The same rule will have to be applied to electricity. Use electrical appliances wisely and turn them off when they are not in use. Similarly, other resources like paper, petroleum and gas should also be used at a limited rate.

Make nature green again

Make more and more afforestation instead of cut trees to make wood paper, furniture and other items. Also ensure cleanliness around your area and do not throw waste products in water bodies and elsewhere.

Spread awareness

Finally, spread as much awareness about the importance of preserving nature as possible.

The conclusion

Consumption of natural resources is more than its production. It is the duty of each one of us to stop wasting these gifts of nature and start using them wisely so as to maintain ecological balance on the earth. By following the above methods, we can contribute to the conservation of nature.


600 Words – Essay on Conservation of Nature for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Conservation of nature is basically the preservation of all the resources that nature has presented to mankind. It includes minerals, water bodies, land, sun and atmosphere etc. and it also includes conservation of flora and fauna. All these gifts given by nature help in creating a balanced environment and all these are suitable for the existence of human beings and the existence of other creatures on the earth. Therefore, conservation of nature is very important.

Natural resources are classified on the basis of their characteristics. Here is a look at this classification, each of which are well-planned ways of preserving:

Classification of natural resources

Natural resources are categorized mainly on the basis of their potential for renewal, source of development and level of development. These are further divided into sub-categories. Their detailed information is as follows:

Some resources are renewable while others are non-renewable. Here is a detailed look at both these categories:

  •     Renewable resources: These resources are those that are naturally regenerated. These include air, water, land and sunlight.
  •     Non-renewable resources: These resources are either very slow generated or not formed naturally. Mineral and fossil fuels are some examples of this category.

On the basis of their origin, natural resources are divided into two types:

  •     Abiotic: These are resources that are made from non-living things and non-organic materials. Some examples of this type of natural resource include water, air, land and metals such as iron, copper, gold and silver.
  •     Biological: It is the resource that is produced from organic materials like living beings, plants and animals. Fossil fuels are also included in this category because they are derived from decayed organic matter.

On the basis of the level of development, natural resources are classified in the following ways:

  •     Real resources: Development of these resources is dependent on the availability and cost of the technology. These resources are currently used.
  •     Reserve resource: The part of real resource that is successfully developed and used in future is called reserve resource.
  •     Potential resources: These are resources that exist in some areas but need some improvement before they can actually be used.
  •     Stock resources: These are the resources on which surveys have been conducted to be used but have not yet been put into use due to lack of technology.

Different ways to conserve nature

Whether renewable or non-renewable, organic or non-organic, nature’s resources should be conserved. Here are some methods that the government and individuals should use for the protection of nature:

  •     Overuse of natural resources should be stopped. The available resources need to be used wisely without wastage.
  •     Hunting of wild animals should be stopped for the protection of wildlife.
  •     Farmers should be taught the method of mixed cropping, use of fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, and crop rotation. There is a need to encourage the use of fertilizers, organic fertilizers and biofuelizers.
  •     Deforestation should be controlled.
  •     Rainwater harvesting systems should be installed.
  •     The use of renewable resources such as solar, water and wind energy should be encouraged.
  •     Recycling of water used in agricultural processes should be followed.
  •     Car-pooling is a good way to reduce fossil fuel consumption.
  •     Limit paper usage and encourage recycling.
  •     Save energy by using fluorescent bulbs instead of old light bulbs to save electricity. Also turn off lights and electronic items when not needed.

The conclusion

Conservation of nature is extremely important to ensure a balanced environment although sadly many natural resources are depleting rapidly. Every person should contribute for the protection of nature by following the above methods.

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