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After going through the essays you will learn about the various objectives of what is in people’s lives and how to achieve them; What are the qualities of a civil servant and how to become one; How to become a doctor and what are the different professions of a doctor.

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(1) 200 Words – Essay on My Aim in Life for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Everyone has a purpose in life, which he wants to achieve at any cost. Sometimes they are so eager to achieve the goal that they work / study 24/7 with a lot more effort than their actual abilities.

Speaking of my purpose in life – from childhood I have nurtured a desire to become a civil servant or a government officer. When someone expresses a desire to become an officer, it is not the money he has in mind. If it was money, I would have opted for other lucrative and rewarding career options.

I want to be an officer, because I was always thrilled by the way an officer conducts himself in public. There is something yet humble; Yet to consider in the behavior of an officer. You will never see a responsible government official behaving or talking like a daily hire. He / she is always composed, calm and someone you can count on for help and advice.

It is the personality of an officer that thrills me the most and I also wanted to be recognized and respected as an officer. I know that it is easy to turn a dream into reality. Nevertheless, I am working hard with my full potential to achieve this.

Simply, if you too worked hard, but failed to become an officer for some reason, I have a very generous advice for you. “Never let the officer die”! Even if you do not hold a gazetted position, no one on the planet can take away your right to “behave like an officer”. Even if you can’t be one, you can always behave the same and do justice to your dreams and passions.


300 Words – Essay on My Aim in Life for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

My aim in life is to become an investigative journalist. I have liked bold and hardcore words like investigation, reporting, live coverage, etc. However, it is not very difficult to be an investigative journalist compared to other professions; However, choosing a profession requires different skill sets and personality traits.

Who is the investigative journalist?

An investigative journalist is a journalist who conducts in-depth research on a specific area of ​​crime, political corruption and corporate wrongdoings etc. He may spend years researching and investigating a particular subject or area. Some investigative journalists also work in challenging and dangerous situations such as war zones and disaster sites.

How to become an investigative journalist?

To become an investigative journalist one must have a bachelor’s degree in journalism, communication and broadcasting.

In addition, many employers prefer candidates with minimum stipulated experience as journalists of a field in any reputed media house.

Skills required

There are certain skills that are necessary to become an investigative journalist. These skills beat slightly compared to the skills required by other general occupations. If you already have these skills then you are perfectly fit to be an investigative journalist. Must possess an excellent writing and communication skills; He should know about investigative techniques; Skills such as efficient word processing and photo editing are an added advantage. One should also have hands on knowledge of digital cameras and other similar electronic devices.

The conclusion

The profession of an investigative journalist is in demand and requires a slightly different, unique skill set from other professions. An investigative journalist often has to work in challenging environments, requiring excellent crisis management and communication skills. If you nurture your dream of becoming an investigative journalist, you must pass the necessary exams and acquire skills.


400 Words – Essay on My Aim in Life for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Different people have different aspirations or objectives in life. Some people are known as entrepreneurs, while some investigators would prefer to do the job with a little thrill like a journalist. Then there are other people who want to try their hand in public life and social service. Likewise, I also aspire to become a doctor.

Who is the doctor

A doctor is a person who holds a professional medical degree obtained from a recognized medical university. A doctor is a trained medical professional and holds a license to diagnose others.

Types of doctors

There are different types of doctors depending on their area of ​​training and specialization and their respective fields. Given below are some of the most popular specialists of doctors with their qualifications.

General practitioner

A general practitioner is a medical professional trained to provide health care to patients of any gender or age. A general practitioner is well aware of his patients’ medical history and is consulted regularly, at least once a year.

A career as a general practitioner can be pursued after completing undergraduate and postgraduate courses in medicine (MBBS) or obtaining a masters degree in medicine (MD).


A neurologist specializes in the treatment of nerves and nervous system. Impairment of motor cognitive functions and severe diseases related to the nervous system. Neurology is one of the complex branches of medicine, requiring years of hard work and study. In addition to the usual MBBS course, a student must also complete a two-year doctoral course in neurology to practice as a neurologist.

Kidney specialist

Nephrology is a specialization that focuses on kidney-related diseases. A nephrologist deals with all conditions of kidney complications. If your general practitioner is found to be suffering from any kidney disease, he will definitely recommend you to a nephrologist.

The conclusion

It is not easy to become a doctor. On the one hand you have to undergo years of education, hard work and patient and on the other hand you have to be committed throughout your life to serve the patient and the needy. Despite the obstacles, the profession as a doctor is highly rewarding and has its own charm and passion.


500 Words – Essay on My Aim in Life for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Everybody has a specific purpose in life and constantly tries to achieve it. Someone wants to become a doctor and serve the society; Someone wants to be an engineer and design machine; Others may aspire to business, teaching or something else. My aspiration or goal in life has always been to become a pilot. Therefore, below I will discuss some important information on how to become a pilot.

Who is the pilot?

An airline pilot takes flight and operates an aircraft and is solely responsible for the movement of the ship and the safety of passengers, crew and cargo. Job positions are very demanding and quick thinking often requires multi-tasking and the ability to deal with crises effectively.

A pilot is the owner of the aircraft and is responsible for hydraulics, engine function and other critical parameters of the aircraft. A pilot needs to be able to deal with potentially dangerous situations, jet lag, fatigue, etc.

Qualification required to become a pilot

To make a career as an aviation pilot in India, you have to opt for Science stream in Intermediate with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as compulsory subjects. Also, you have to get a minimum of 50% marks in your intermediate exam.

You will also have to appear for an entrance examination which includes written examination, medical examination and interview.

The minimum age to apply for pilot license in various categories is given below-

  • The minimum age for a student pilot license is 16 years.
  • The minimum age for private pilot license is 17 years.
  • The minimum age for commercial pilot license is 18 years.

Process to become a commercial pilot in India

The detailed step wise procedure for becoming a commercial pilot in India is given below.

Step1: Join a flight school

There are several flying schools in the country, each with its own criteria for admission, which is issued from time to time in the notification. Every candidate has to undergo some tests before admission, as given below-

Written exam

Written exams for admission usually include general English, mathematics, physics and intermediate level reasoning.

Pilot aptitude test

This test will assess a candidate’s qualifications on air regulation, air navigation and your knowledge on aircraft and engines.

Personal Interview and DGCA Medical Examination

It is only for those candidates who qualify the written examination and aptitude test. The medical examination is conducted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Government of India.

Step 2: Obtaining a student pilot license

You will have to appear for an exam to get a student pilot license once again. It is primarily an oral examination conducted by the instructor of the institute. This license allows you to receive flight training. At the time of course completion, you are required to record a minimum of 250 hours.

The conclusion

The profession of a pilot is attractive, yet he requires hard work both physically and mentally. If you aim to become a pilot then you should start early and never wander aimlessly.


600 Words – Essay on My Aim in Life for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

It is said that, life without a plan is like a ship without a hull. Without maintaining a planned life, it is not possible to reach a cherished objective. Life’s plan differs from man to man. I am a student. Therefore my future plans are different from others.

In future I want to dedicate myself to teaching. Without a good teacher, the rate of education cannot be increased. And the low rate of educated people is a hindrance for the development of our country. Apart from this, most of the people of our area are illiterate. They do not know how to read. Therefore, I have planned to become a teacher in future to spread the light of education in our area which will help to increase the overall rate of educated people in our country.

Teaching is a great profession. Teachers form the backbone of every student and therefore the nation. He is the main hero of a country to achieve success. An educated country always puts its head in front of the world. The foundation of education is built by teachers. They are everywhere where success is available. Teachers are the most respected person in our society. Being a teacher also increases the social value of that person. But all teachers should be good for their students.

Now I am a student of class nine. After passing the SSC exam, I will get myself admitted to a college. After passing HSC I will enroll myself in a university to do my honors course. When my course is completed, I will complete my Masters and B.Ed. Then I will join our local high school. This is how I made plans about my life.

Nowadays, meritorious do not show their interest to become teachers. I am considered a brilliant student because I am first in every examination of my school with specific marks. My teachers want me to secure a place in the merit list of SSC exam. I think that a good student should be a teacher in future to make good students and good citizens.

Along with teaching in high school, I will open a night school for adults where I will not only teach people reading and writing but also provide them with basic knowledge of their respective professions, especially agriculture. Thus people will benefit and contribute to national development.

It is clear from the above discussion how and why I designed my plan to become a teacher. My point of view is that a good teacher can make a good citizen. And good citizen helps in developing the country. So, the teaching profession should be encouraged.

And again in life, the goal is essential for every student. If you have no purpose, then you have no destination of education purpose. If you don’t have a purpose in life, then all your efforts can go in vain. So make sure you have a goal in life. You want to get there by hook or crook. This oath will encourage you every day to study hard to fulfill your dream. Believe that the productivity of your study will increase hundred times than before.

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