Sandes app download install link- Download Swadeshi Whatsapp “Sandesh App” and how to use

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For the past few days, many things about the privacy policy of WhatsApp and Facebook are becoming viral in social media. Many such things have been heard in social media that WhatsApp and Facebook application are such applications that share all the data with Google and can harm your privacy. Being upset with all these things, many people have stopped running WhatsApp. In addition to WhatsApp, a new application is going viral among people, its name is sandes app. You will get full information about how the sandes app is run and how to run it.

What is a sandes app?

A messaging app released and designed by the central government named as Sandes Application. In this application, it has been kept in mind that this application will take care of your privacy policy like foreign apps and will not be able to leak any kind of data from you. The sandes application has been developed and developed by the National Informatics Center. The National Informatics Center comes under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

sandes app download link

The sandes app application prepared by the central government can only be downloaded through the APK link, although this link has not been made available to all at present. This means that the APK link is available among all, the application has been fully prepared and will be launched soon. It has also been learned from the sources that after launching this application, it can be downloaded from any mobile through Google Play Store or Apple Play Store. This application has been started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi under Digital India and Atma Bharat Abhiyan so that things made in the country can be promoted.

Process to create a sandes appp account

If you want to download the sandes app on your phone, then you have to follow the steps given below: –

  •     You have to download the APK file before downloading the sandes application to your phone.
  •     As soon as it is downloaded in your phone, after opening it, you will be asked your mobile number and email ID.
  •     As soon as you enter the mobile number, a verification code will appear on your mobile number.
  •     Verify that OTP by filling in the option asked, and then fill your important information carefully.
  •     Before starting the application, you will be asked to turn on some permissions and make them do your recording bonuses.

Now you register yourself in this application and you can use this application like WhatsApp.

Message Message Features

  •     It is a complete indigenous application designed in India.
  •     This application is designed for both Android and iOS mobiles.
  •     The special feature of this application is that you will not leak any kind of private data from the application made in the country.
  •     The application will be implemented under the National Informatics Center.
  •     On this application, you will be able to login only through your registered mobile number and OTP.

What is the difference between sandes and whatsapp?

Both the sandes app and the WhatsApp app are the same, you will find full details of what are the similarities and what are the differences in them.

  •     The interface of both the sandes app and the WhatsApp application is made the same, its features are very similar.
  •     Both sandes app and WhatsApp applications are available for free on the Google Play Store.
  •     You can also create your own messaging account through the email id in the messaging application, while in WhatsApp you can login and create your own account with your mobile number.
  •     There is a feature of viewing the verified account on the messaging application, which is not yet in WhatsApp.
  •     With the help of the messaging application, you can share videos or photos up to 500 MB with your friends and relatives, although this is not yet in the application of WhatsApp because there is a limit of 16mb for sharing photos and videos.
  •     In messaging application you can get backup of your chat on the device and you can choose a different location to save it if you want, as well as you can backup the chat present in the messaging application on your email id. But WhatsApp users do not get this benefit.
  •     Message Your most important feature is that you can easily change your mobile number and email ID, so that you will not have any kind of chart or other disadvantages. Whereas in WhatsApp you do not get these pictures if your mobile is changed or lost, in that city you have to create new WhatsApp accounts which makes all your chats disappear.
  •     However, the fingerprint lock and screen lock feature is not available in the messaging application, which is available in WhatsApp.
  •     Like WhatsApp, the Broadcast Message Status Missing Message Forward Message Delete Message Price Chart and many more features that look similar to WhatsApp are also available in the Messages app.

Likewise, if there is a similarity between WhatsApp and Messaging app, then there are many similarities and if seen, there is a much better messaging app than WhatsApp which is also quite safe.

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