RPF caught a minor girl who ran away from home in Jhansi and handed her over to Childline India

A 10-year-old minor who ran away from home was caught by the RPF and handed over to the child line while roaming in an unclaimed condition on the platform.

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RPF was patrolling on platform no. Then a 10-year-old minor was questioned by the RPF while roaming on the platform in an unclaimed condition. The teenager told that she is a resident of Lidhaura police station, Baragaon, Jhansi. On being scolded by her parents, she ran away from home and came to the station. The RPF has brought the girl to the police station and handed her over to Child Line.

Minor ran away from father’s scolding

The minor was reprimanded by the father a day earlier for a minor matter. Angered by this, the girl ran away from her house. She was sitting on the platform thinking of going to another city. If that train had sat down, it would have been difficult for water to find her.

The family complained to the police station

The jawan told that the girl’s father was in a bad condition after leaving the house without informing him. All the members of the house were wandering here and there in search of his address. The father had lodged a complaint about the daughter’s disappearance in the Sakti police station, but the young man took the daughter of his trouble and growing up.

About Childline India

Childline India 1098 is a telephone support service run by the Childline India Foundation, an NGO in India. This is India’s first free telephone service to run seven days round the clock to protect the interests of children. It helps orphans and destitute and poor children who cannot go to school.

Childline India Foundation (CIF) is the nodal agency of the Union Ministry of Women and Child Development for setting up, managing and monitoring the Childline 1098 service across the country. CIF is the sole agency/body responsible for setting up the CHILDLINE service across the country, monitoring service delivery and finance, training, research and documentation, awareness generation, advocacy as well as resource creation for the service.

If there is any problem, call on ‘1098’

He also made people aware about the facility of Childline’s toll free number 1098, Gudiya helpline 1515 and Corona’s helpline number 1075. Apart from the facilities available through Childline, people were also made aware about the POCSO Act. Along with this, the evil of intoxication and safe touch, unsafe touch were also discussed seriously.

The CHILDLINE team asked the people to follow the guidelines issued by the government, understanding the seriousness of the Kovid-19 infection. He especially asked to ensure compliance of social distancing. He also cleared the misconceptions spread among the villagers regarding corona vaccination. He also called upon the villagers to come forward and make themselves and their families safe by getting corona vaccination done. Along with this, people were also called upon that if during this time any very poor family, which is not getting wages anywhere or there is no proper arrangement for food and drink for its family, if there is a need for masks or sanitizers, then it should also be informed by Childline. The toll free number of 1098 can be given so that after investigation such families can be helped. Villagers and children actively participated in the program.

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