RJ CM Nirogi Rajasthan Scheme Portal / Call Center to Spread Awareness on Health

CM Ashok Gehlot to launch Nirogi Rajasthan Yojana website / call center of 17 December 2019, campaign to spread health awareness to benefit children, women and elderly, check official portal and toll-free helpline number.

CM Ashok Gehlot will launch the Nirogi Rajasthan scheme on 17 December 2019, on the completion of 1 year of the Congress-led government in the state. There are 2 components of the Nirogi Rajasthan campaign, a dedicated website and call center that will spread awareness on health issues. People can see details about Nirogi Rajasthan Yojana Portal and Toll Free Helpline Number in this article.

Under Nirogi Rajasthan Abhiyan 2019 (Nirogi Rajasthan Scheme portal and toll free helpline number), all children, women and the elderly will get the solution of any kind of health problem online on one portal (Nirogi Rajasthan Scheme Portal & Toll Free Helpline Number) or The information can also be obtained by contacting the call center. Not only this, on the separate website prepared in the campaign, you will be able to ask questions about the health problems related to various diseases and lifestyles.

Health education programs will be run in all schools and public institutions. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot decided in a meeting with officials on Monday evening that a special awareness campaign for the Nirogi Rajasthan Scheme (CM Nirogi Rajasthan Campaign) will be conducted in the state through the Medical Department, Education Department and DPR.

Rajasthan Nirogi Scheme Highlights

Scheme Name Nirogi Rajasthan Scheme
Applicants Rajasthan residents
Launched by CM of Rajasthan
Helpline Number Updated Soon
Implementation Date 17th December 2019
Objective To make available health-related queries via a website and call center

Nirogi Rajasthan Scheme

Actually, the principal of SMS Hospital, Dr. Sudhir Bhandari put forward the idea of ​​’your Rajasthan Nirogi Rajasthan’ in front of the CM. Impressed by this, CM has asked to carry out this campaign throughout Rajasthan. For which the government has given instructions to implement it fully. The Medical Department will prepare its entire outline and implement it in the state after 15 days. For this, a new health policy will be prepared which will be implemented as a campaign.

The CM said that the help of experts should be taken to prepare the health policy and it should be implemented on the ground as soon as possible. State level committees should be constituted for organizing and overseeing the Mukhyamantri Nirogi Rajasthan Scheme & Awareness on Health and committees at the district level for implementation. The State Level Committee will also make suggestions to make proper arrangements for financial resources for the campaign.

CM said that after getting approval to open 15 new medical colleges in the state, there are only three districts where the state medical college is not approved. Proposals for new medical colleges in three districts, Jalore, Pratapgarh and Rajsamand, will be sent to the center.

The CM said that the health of the common people is a top priority for the state government and for this there is a need to work through a multi-pronged scheme. A law with stringent provisions to prevent adulteration of food items will be implemented soon. Health campaign will be made in Rajasthan. The Chief Minister said that better health of the people of the state is essential to make the state happy. For this, everyone from children to the elderly should be conscious about the health of themselves and their families. He said that the aim of the Nirogi Rajasthan campaign is that information about the diagnosis of being sick and diseased should reach more and more people. He said that now the time has come to make Nirogi Rajasthan a public campaign.

Benefits of Nerogee Heath Care Scheme

There are many benefits of the Healthier Health Scheme and the first benefit is the availability of questions related to healthcare to the less fortunate. This website and call center will provide every information about every disease unknown to the local public of Rajasthan state. Through the website and call center, people can connect with health care authorities at any time and ask them about certain causes or symptoms of a certain disease or illness.

Purpose of healthy Rajasthan

As mentioned in the press conference by the concerned authorities, the main objective through the implementation of the Nerogee Rajasthan scheme is to provide health care facilities and healthcare related to the unfortunate people of North Rajasthan state. The main beneficiaries in this scheme will be women, children and the elderly of the state. The scheme will ensure that all the appropriate information about rare and different diseases is given to the residents of the state, so that they can protect themselves from the disease.

Two healthcare schemes emerge

As announced by the Chief Minister of the state of Haryana, Haryana was the only state in India to run health schemes at one go since 2011:

  • Ayushman india
  • Bhamashah Healthcare.

Now both these schemes will be merged into one Ayushman BharatMahatma Gandhi Rajasthan Health Insurance Scheme (AB-MGRSBY) scheme. Also, now eligible beneficiaries will get health insurance coverage of Rs. 5 lakhs per year on hospitalization instead of Rs. 3 lakhs.

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