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Friends, you must have heard about insurance. Insurance supports you financially. If something untoward happens to you. Or you get into an accident. So, you don’t have to worry about your family members.

If seen in statistics, the people killed in road accidents are often the heads of the household. Or those who bear the expenses of the house. In such a situation, the economic condition of the family becomes bad. In such a situation, insurance becomes very important for the safety of your family members.

Under the insurance policy, you are financially supported by the company. Insurance policies can be bought both online and offline. Today we will talk about an online insurance policy.

Come friends, today we will talk about an app from where you can get insurance very easily. Let us know how to take an online insurance policy. Today we will talk about Phonepe Accident Insurance Policy Review, Claim, Offer, Phonepe ICICI Lombard Accident Insurance etc.

What is PhonePe Accident Insurance?

Friends, PhonePe recently made the facility of insurance policy available to its customers. Now you can avail the insurance facility from the PhonePe app of your mobile.

This insurance plan is known as PhonePe Accident Insurance. From here you can buy very good insurance policies at affordable prices. You are being given insurance up to Rs 20 lakh through phonePay.

PhonePe Accident Insurance in Rs 24?

You get very cheap premiums under PhonePe Insurance. You can buy an insurance policy for a very small amount. Through PhonePe, you can buy an insurance policy for Rs 24 for one year.

If you meet with an accident, the insurance company will provide you an insurance cover of up to Rs 1 lakh. Saw friends, you can take insurance of 1 lakh for 2 rupees per month.

How much will you get PhonePe Accident Insurance?

Under PhonePe Insurance, four types of insurance are offered to the customers. Under these four plans, you can take advantage of the features of PhonePe Insurance.

1. Insurance policy of Rs 20 lakh can be bought for one year through PhonePe for just Rs 480.

2. Insurance of Rs 10 lakh for one year can be bought for just Rs 240.

3. An insurance policy of Rs 5 lakh is available for one year in just Rs 120.

4. Rs 1 lakh is also made available for one year in just Rs 24.

How to get PhonePe Accident Insurance?

Friends, you must be using PhonePe. If you use PhonePe, you need to go to your PhonePe App. If you don’t use. So, you have to download PhonePe from Google Play Store.

And to create your own account, you have to register with your mobile number. Keep in mind that this number must be linked to your bank account. Only then the account can be created in PhonePe.

Now you have to click on the option of My Money. After clicking My Money, you will be shown the option of Accident Insurance.

You will be shown the insurance plans. As we have mentioned all the four plans above. You can click on any insurance you want to take.

Now you have to give some of your basic information. After that whatever plan you need. The premium amount of that plan will have to be paid. And your accident insurance will be activated.

Phonepe ICICI Lombard Accident Insurance

PhonePe in partnership with PhonePe has announced the launch of Hospital Daily Cash Benefit under ICICI Lombard Accident Insurance, which is a consciousness-based group insurance product. (Sachet-based group insurance product.)

This customized hospitalization policy allows PhonePe users to get an assured amount. If you are hospitalized due to an accident. There are even facilities through Lombard for people hospitalized due to injury or other illnesses, including COVID-19.

This is the biggest advantage of this product. That claim does not require hospital bills. And in most cases the discharge certificate will be sufficient to process the claim.

“It is one of the cheapest insurance policies available in the market today. PhonePe users in the age group of 18-65 can get this product on the PhonePe app.

Phonepe Accident Insurance Policy

The PhonePe insurance policy is fixed per year. The insurance cover available under phonepe accident insurance policy depends on your premium amount. Under the phone pe accident insurance policy, an insurance cover of at least 1 lakh and up to a maximum of 20 lakh rupees can be taken.

Phonepe Accident Insurance Claim

If an accident happens to you, then the question arises that how to take phonepe accident insurance claim. Taking an insurance claim is a very easy process. You have been told that for this it is necessary to have phonepe application.

You click on my money. After that you have to choose the insurance that you had bought. Now you have to click on the option of hospital cash. After that you will have to give the details of your insurance. And your insurance cover will be given.

How to claim

Accident insurance claim can be easily taken over the phone. You have to click on Hospital cash after clicking on my money. Have to share some of your insurance related information. In this way you can claim phonepe accident insurance.

Phonepe Insurance Offer

PhonePe keeps on giving you phonepe insurance offer from time to time. For this you have to keep checking in phonepe application. Many times, phonepe insurance offers are also given to the customers in the form of rewards.

Phonepe Insurance Customer Care Number:

You can call phonepe customer care center in case of any inconvenience.

PhonePe insurance customer care number
080-68727374 / 022-68727374

Phonepe Accident Insurance Policy Review

Friends, we have come to know how to get PhonePe Accident Insurance Policy. Hope you have understood if you still have any doubt in your mind. So we are sharing you other information. Based on which you can find out whether it would be right to buy an insurance policy over the phone or not.

For the insurance policy on the phone, you have to pay ₹ 2 per month i.e., in 1 year you are given an insurance cover of up to ₹ 100000 by paying just ₹ 24. There are many other companies like this. Which gives you a very good amount on adding some more money.

There is no doubt that insurance policy can be easily bought over the phone. And it is a better solution for the customer. In such a situation, the customers do not have to run for insurance. The facility of insurance policy on the phone is available online only.

But it should be kept in mind that it does not contain any agent. If you need an insurance claim in emergency and the company also does not give a clear answer, then what will happen to you? It has been seen many times that companies start hesitating to buy insurance online.

In such a situation, many times the customers are also cheated. And they are not even given insurance cover at the right time. That’s why most people buy insurance offline only.

If you want to buy phonepe insurance, then buy only after seeing all the negative and positive Phonepe Accident Insurance Policy Review.

The Bottom Line:

Friends, we hope that you have come to the article. And the questions you wanted to know the answers to. You must have got the answers to those questions too. If still there is such a question, which is still troubling you. So, in this case you can tell us by writing in the comment section. We will soon bring the solution to your question.

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