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Best website to convert pdf to excel what is? PDF files in this format only guarantee the printing results, and operations such as copying and pasting text directly will only make the results inconsistent with expectations. Therefore, many users use some online tools and software for processing. Will the effect be good? The purpose of this article is to explain to users the problems that need to be overcome to ensure the conversion quality. We will use pdf to excel as an example.

Why are PDF conversion tools not working well?

Usually PDF conversion tools can only achieve an accuracy rate of less than 70% when dealing with PDF files of multiple objects. We have learned some error phenomena by testing some PDF conversion tools. The following phenomena are classified into 4 categories and analyzed that lead to the occurrence of the problem. cause of the phenomenon.

Phenomenon 1:

Characters from different blocks are concatenated across blocks, resulting in strange contexts.

Table rows, columns, and cell contents are connected and cannot be used as tables.

Fragments of text can be extracted from graphs, diagrams, etc., but its meaning cannot be understood.

The characters in the extracted text are in a different order than they appear in the original PDF.

Phenomenon 2:

Some characters displayed on the screen cannot be copied (some characters are lost when pasted).

When displaying the paste result, the characters (garbled characters in shape) are different from when the original PDF is displayed.

Phenomenon 3:

Characters are doubled when pasting.

The pasted text contains characters that were not visible in the original PDF display.

Phenomenon 4:

Previously non-existing spaces and newlines appear between characters in pasted text

When viewing the original PDF, there are spaces between characters, but the spaces are filled with pasted text

In PDF display, there are spaces between characters when pasting, but no spaces

The pasted text contains characters that appear in various places in the PDF.

Phenomenoncause of phenomenon
1PDF files lack text order or connection information, making connections difficult to identify
2Unable to get the character code of the displayed text
3The reason is how to express the appearance and decoration of characters when creating PDF files
4Due to the method of specifying character positions in PDF, the text is arranged differently on the screen appearance and inside the PDF file

How does PDF to Excel solve the above problems?

pdf to excel is a free online tool based on a web server. The web service on its aggregation page is dedicated to helping users convert all PDF problems. The products on the same page include convert pdf to jpg and convert jpg to pdf. Of course, this is a digression, today I mainly explain how pdf to excel breaks through the problem of PDF information extraction.

Character stream and line stream

When extracting characters from the entire page of a PDF opened on the screen or from a specific rectangular area within the page, the extracted characters must be arranged in a line according to the flow of the sentence. This requires knowing the orientation of characters and lines within a particular display area, as well as the start and end of lines within that area.

Block configuration order

When a page is split and consists of blocks such as columns, columns, tables, graphs, etc., it should be correctly identified as a block.

When selecting multiple blocks to copy, do not mix text from different blocks.

For example, if the text is arranged in two columns within the selected rectangle, the two columns of text must be joined only at column breaks to extract meaningful text.

Separate from non-textual information

In general, printed PDF text can be divided into kihon-hanmen and non-hanmen. It is necessary to separate the columns and page numbers placed at the top and bottom of the page (rarely the front) from the text of the kihon-hanmen.

Separate from non-textual information
Separate from non-textual information


Best website to convert pdf to excel what is? I believe you now have the answer. The technical strategy adopted by pdf to excel is far more than that, including operation methods such as delimiter assignment, annotation processing, and character application. However, you can use pdf to excel , convert pdf to jpg, convert jpg to pdf to solve many problems even if you don’t know the detailed operation principle.

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