Open Vehicle Pollution Detection Center (PUC – Pollution Under Control)

New Motor Vehicle Act 2019 has been implemented in India from September 1, in which provision of heavy penalty has been made. After the new traffic rule, one document which has felt the need of the most is the Pollution Check Certificate (PUC).

If you do not have a pollution certificate that produces only Rs 175, you may have to pay a fine of Rs 10,000. Due to this heavy penalty, long lines of people are being seen at the Pollution Testing Center and the investigation center is getting big money. Let us know how to earn money by opening pollution check center. Explain that the pollution certificate is valid for three months.

To open a vehicle pollution check center, you must have a certificate by the government to open it. Only then can you open the Vehicle Pollution Detection Center (PUC).

Who can open a vehicle pollution check center: –

If you obtain a certificate from the Government of India to open a Vehicle Pollution Detection Center, then any person can open a Vehicle Pollution Detection Center which includes the following people: –

  •     Anyone above 18 years of age
  •     Retail Outlet of an oil company
  •     company
  •     Authorized Workshop of Vehicle Manufacturers |
  •     Common Service Center (CSC)
  •     Trust
  •     Firm

Where can you open a vehicle pollution check center: –

  •     Near any petrol pump.
  •     Near any motor / scooter workshop.
  •     Near any Automobile Workshop.
  •     At CSC Common Service Center.

Documents required to open a vehicle pollution check center: –

  •     Map of any workshop, petrol pump or other shop.
  •     Site 6 Photos |
  •     Copy of Rent Agreement or Ownership letter.
  •     Dealership Proof
  •     Ownership Proof
  •     computer, Printer with web camera, full setup
  •     Electricity bill |
  •     Photo copy of 10th certificate
  •     Photo copy of operator or owner’s technical certificate.
  •     Port size photos of owner |
  •     Letterheads
  •     NOC letter From Land Owner
  •     Any 2 Id proof

Qualification for the operator: –

If you do not have the above mentioned qualification, then you can appoint an operator for this, whose qualification should be the following: –

  •     Automobile engineering
  •     Motor mechanics,
  •     Auto mechanics,
  •     Scooter mechanics,
  •     Diesel mechanics
  •     Or it should have a certificate from the Industrial Training Institute.

Equipment required to open a vehicle pollution check center: –

  •     A computer
  •     USB Web Camera
  •     Inkjet Printer
  •     Power supply
  •     Internet Connection
  •     Smoke Analyzer

Charges required for opening vehicle pollution check center: –

First of all, you have to sign an agreement of the terms and conditions on the Rs 10 stamp paper. The format of which you will get from RTO Office itself. The application fee is different in every state, about which you will get more detailed information from your nearest RTO office, but here, let us tell you about some indicative charges which are almost the same everywhere:
For delhi

  •     Application fee – 5000 rupees
  •     Annual fees – 5000 rupees
For Jammu and Kashmir
  •     Security deposit – 10 thousand rupees
  •     Fee – 7 thousand rupees
  •     Annual fees – 3 thousand rupees

Application procedure for opening of vehicle pollution testing center: –

If you want to open a vehicle pollution check center, then the easiest way for that is that you can apply online by visiting the official website of the Transport Department and submit the information sought in the online application.

  • First of all, the official website of the Transport Department has to go to.
  • Now select your state and RTO Office at the given location.
  • Fill PUC CENTER’s name and Authorized Person’s name.
  • Fill the address of your center in the field with the Station Address.
  • Fill your mobile number and email in Contact Detail.
  • Latitude and Longitude Fill |
  • Choose Opacity meter (Disel) or Multi Gas Analyzer (Petrol / CNG / LPG) in Mechine Type.
  • Final Submit Form

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