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Modern period is the era of science. We can see the presence of science from waking up to bedtime. It is contributing to new forms of inventions for human life. Modern development depends mostly on the blessings of science. Here we have provided many essays under special essay on the miracle of science which can help you in completing your class exams and work etc. You can choose any of the essays provided on the miracle of science according to your requirement:

200 Words – Essay on Wonder of Science for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Science is a boon for mankind. It makes human existence easy. Scientific information and knowledge have empowered humans. In the fields of farming, communication, medical science and almost every field, there has been abundant development with the understanding of human science.

So where can we find science in daily life? You do not have to find it. It is always around you. So let’s explore science in our daily lives:

Science in our daily life

  • Cooking – There are radiation, conduction and convection mediums for transfer of heat. So they are part of heat energy and where there is heat there is physics.
  • Food – The food that we eat goes into our body through chemical reaction which gives the body energy to work all day. This is biology.
  • Vehicle – The process through which the burning of petrol in our vehicles like cars etc. is called short-term. This is chemistry.

Household appliances

  • Mixer devices use centrifugal force to turn their blades and cut stuff.
  • The inventors concluded that electrons could move data and audio very quickly, so they were called T.V. The idea came. This tv The basic principle behind which lies in the subject of physics.
  • The liquid in the refrigerator absorbs heat by flowing around the water and lowers the temperature. This again includes physics and chemistry.

300 Words – Essay on Wonder of Science for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Science and its brilliant inventions have brought revolution in various industries. These inventions have not only helped in industrialization but also made our lives easy and comfortable. Come learn how the miracle of science has changed our daily lives for the better.

Benefits of science

How science has changed our lives?

  • New methods of preserving and flavoring foods are being invented through research in food technology.
  • A large variety of plastics and various artificial supplies have been made which have hundreds of benefits in home and industry.
  • Antibiotics and immunizations protect us from infectious diseases and health problems.
  • Nowadays there is no possibility of diseases in infants as they are now born in hospitals under the supervision of special staff. Science has invented vaccines for infants to protect against future life ailments.
  • The sanitary condition has improved a lot compared to before.
  • The drainage system has been modernized.
  • Perforated and mineral water is available to overcome diseases and other diseases caused by water pollution.
  • There has also been a huge increase and change in means of transport.
  • Superstitions have been abandoned and the attitude towards everything has changed.
  • People no longer believe that diseases are caused by evil spirits.
  • Research in the field of science and technology has increased the scope of thinking of people, as a result, scientists always try to explore, explore, discover and invent new issues.

The conclusion

The role of science is important in our everyday lives. Various contributions of science have made our existence more comfortable and comfortable. The brilliant inventions of science like electricity, fans, air conditioners, televisions, mobile phones, automobiles etc. have made our lives easier and now it is almost impossible to live without using them.

400 Words – Essay on Wonder of Science for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

In the early days man lived like a wild. He did not know how to light a fire, how to cook food and how to dress. He did not even know how to build a house or a hut, how to speak, read or write, but gradually by the use of science he developed a great civilization. We know that science has given us a lot of things and made our lives comfortable. Science has all the gifts but as it is said – each coin has two sides:

Science disadvantages

Science has made some inventions that have proved disastrous for mankind. They were invented for the good of humans, but they are proven to be a curse in the following ways:


Pollution started with industrialization. Industry and vehicles are major contributors to pollution. Innovations in technology have increased pollution. Water, air and noise pollution – all are threats to mankind. It is because of this pollution that we are facing major problems like global warming and it has become a challenge for humanity. Many harmful and toxic gases are released into the environment by industries. They pollute the atmosphere. The air we breathe is highly polluted and this air causes various diseases. The waste from these industries is often dumped into rivers and other water resources which promotes water pollution. The decline in aquatic species is the result of this pollution.

Destructive weapon

Deadly and destructive weapons are also an invention of science. Science has given high-tech tools and weapons to mankind. These weapons can trigger mass killings and destruction at a distant location by triggering a button. Destructive applications of science such as nuclear bombs, hydrogen bombs, toxic gases, missiles, chemical warfare can end the existence of any major city or country within seconds. Nuclear power plants pose a serious threat to mankind and the environment. The Bhopal gas tragedy, which took place in 1984, killed thousands and permanently disabled many people due to poisonous gas leaks.


With the invention of high-tech machinery, work that used to take a long time probably takes time now. The invention may have made our lives easier but at the same time it has also created unemployment. Industrialization requires less manpower because all the major work is now being done by machines.

The conclusion

Science, which used to be very beneficial due to scientific inventions and discoveries, is now proving terrible for mankind. It seems that the time is not far when the entire human race will have to suffer due to the evils of science. Man should use scientific inventions wisely.

500 Words – Essay on Wonder of Science for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Science contributes to explain how and why things work. This explains the complex systems behind daily functioning – from the human body to modern transport. Students and children use this knowledge to understand new concepts, understand new interests, and make well-informed decisions. It refers to many facts read in books or T.V. But also provides strategic and visible evidence. It helps to increase understanding and makes information available to children.

Learning the wonders of science at school level

Science has no boundaries because it is a universal subject. Science claimed to be a part of the school’s curriculum after years of active and persistent efforts and has been recognized. Science has proved indispensable for human existence and has revolutionized human life.

The supremacy of science is now established in every field and thus it is necessary to educate students about science – what is science and where is science. The pace of our life has also accelerated. A new social and political outlook has been given entirely to the individual. Therefore the study of science has become a necessity in this era and without learning modern science, man is like a lame person which has no meaning in the modern era. It is further explained that it is important to learn the wonders of science at the school level:

  1. Science provides specialized teaching on observation and reasoning. It teaches students to take a purposeful decision.
  2. Learning science is very useful for our care in life. We exist in the world of scientific inventions. Therefore, science education cannot be ignored.
  3. Science is taught to train and impart knowledge in a scientific way.
  4. Science has its own literature and cultural value. Scientific discoveries by Newton, Darwin, Armstrong are valuable to mankind and therefore science has achieved first rank in humanitarian studies.
  5. The value of science is effective. It instructs children to use their leisure and is clearly illustrated in scientific hobbies.
  6. Awareness of methods of observation and experimentation in various fields of science helps students to develop a logical mind, a critical judgment and a capacity for disciplined organization.
  7. Science helps in the treatment of defects of common school education. It is considered to be the most important element in the education of people who show special abilities. It provides discipline to the mind.

The conclusion

The study of science and technology proceeds as an eternal desire to acquire knowledge. The more we know about the mysteries of nature, the more we understand how many mysteries are unknown. Now scientists talk about the wonder of nature with the euphoria of emotion. As atoms in space we are learning more and more from the secrets of molecular cells in a living organism. Therefore a modern course of study should include the study of science and technology as modern humans require a scientific mind in facing the problems of life.

600 Words – Essay on Wonder of Science for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Science is everywhere, from a simple pen to a paper printing machine, from an airplane to a space shuttle. Science is an integral part of our daily life. Science has made our life easy and comfortable with its inventions. Science has changed every sphere of life. Impossible things have become possible now.

Science gift

In our everyday life, we use thousands of things which are the gift of science. Here’s a look at some of these:

  • Electricity – The invention of electricity has brought an incredible change to human civilization. Power helps vehicles, heavy machinery, industry or other heavy wagons. Air conditioners, electric fans, electric heaters, lights have made our lives more comfortable. Actually all scientific technologies depend on electricity.
  • Medicine and surgery – science has created amazing medicines which are giving us immediate relief. Science has helped to overcome many dangerous and deadly diseases. Various vaccinations and medicines have been discovered to protect people from various diseases. Now almost every part of the human body can be implanted surgically. Science can give us eyes to see, ears to hear and feet to walk. New and improved methods are being invented for scientific surgery. Medical science has shown incredible improvement. Blood transfusion and organ transplantation are now possible. The invention of X-rays, ultrasonography, ECG, MRI, penicillin, etc. has made diagnosis of problems much easier.
  • Travel and Transportation – Science has made our journey fast and comfortable. We can reach any part of the world within a few hours. We can travel by buses, cars, trains, airplanes, water vessels and other vehicles. They not only transport us but can also quickly and safely transport goods and materials to distant places.
  • Communication – Science has brought great changes in the way of communication. Now is not the time when we have to wait long for the reply to our letter. This is the time when we can talk to our relatives even if they live far away. We can talk to them and also see them on our mobile phones. We can contact them from any part of the world. Mobile and Internet have helped reduce the distance between people.
  • Agronomy has proved to be a real friend to farmers. Many inventions and discoveries have helped farmers to grow good quality crops. Harvesters, tractors, minerals and good quality seeds are a gift of science to farmers. The types of machinery in the dairy business are helping to grow their business. Science has improved their way of life.
  • Entertainment – The first instrument of entertainment science has given us radio. People used to listen to songs and news but now science has surprised us with its new inventions in the field of entertainment. Now on our mobile TV can see. We can see live broadcasts everywhere. We can also watch videos on mobile, TV and computer. Without them we cannot even imagine our life.
  • Education and industry-science have urbanized our education and business sector. Discoveries like printing, typing, binding etc. have given a boost to our education system. Similarly, the invention of heavy industrial machinery like needle, scissors and sewing machine has led to astonishing progress in the industrial sector.

The conclusion

Science has given us various gifts but it can also be used to harm humans. He has given us rifles as well as bullet proof jackets. It is up to us how we use science – for the welfare of humanity or for the destruction of humanity. We should use science to make and facilitate our lifestyles rather than giving grief to someone. Stop violence and spread happiness everywhere.

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