Long & Short Essay on Terrorism in English

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100 Words – Essay on Terrorism for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Terrorism is an illegal method of violence used by terrorists to intimidate people. Today, terrorism has become a social issue. It is being used to intimidate the common people and the government. Terrorism is being used by various social organizations, politicians and business industries to achieve their goals very easily. Groups of people who support terrorism are called terrorists. Terrorism is not very easy to define because it has deeply rooted its roots. Terrorists have no rules and laws; They only resort to violent activities to increase and generate the level of terror in society and country.

150 Words – Essay on Terrorism for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Terrorism has become a national and international problem for the whole world. It is a global problem that has directly and indirectly affected almost all nations. However, many countries are trying to counter terrorism; But it is still being supported by some people. Terrorism is a violent act of intimidating common people at any time in a dreadful manner. Terrorists have many objectives such as spreading fear of violence in society, achieving political objectives etc. His target is an ordinary citizen of the country at all times.

The main goal of terrorists is to get their demands from the government of a particular country. To communicate their voice to the people and the government, they contact online social media, newspapers or magazines. Many times terrorist attacks happen to fulfill their ideological and religious goals.

200 Words – Essay on Terrorism for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

India is a developed country which has faced many challenges in the past and present, terrorism is a major national problem among them. India has faced challenges like starvation deaths, illiteracy, poverty, inequality, population explosion and terrorism which have severely affected its growth and development. Terrorism is a major threat to the common people and the government for the purposes of religion, homeland and other non-logical feelings of terrorists. Terrorists call themselves a brave soldier, however, they are not real soldiers. True soldiers never harm the common people and they fight only to save their country from enemies. In fact, real soldiers are those who fight for the national interest. While terrorists fight for their own ulterior motives.

A national soldier understands all his responsibilities while a terrorist never does. The terrorists got their name from the word terror. In the past, terrorism was limited to only a few areas such as Jammu and Kashmir however; Today, it has spread to almost all regions, especially in the northeastern areas of India. Recently, a terrorist attack in India took place at the Nariman House and Taj Hotel in Mumbai. That attack took many lives in India and caused great economic losses.

250 Words – Essay on Terrorism for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Terrorism is a major national issue which is using human mind for complete victory. It is scaring people to make them weak so that they can rule the nation again. This needs to be resolved internationally. We have to think about eliminating it from the root. Apart from removing extraordinary terror from the human mind, we should formulate a strong policy to completely destroy its empire. Terrorism uses a positive approach to achieve its positive results.

Terrorism is a violent act that the group that executes is called a terrorist. They are very ordinary people and they somehow lose control of their mind due to some wrong events and or some natural disasters that have happened to them by others, who are unable to fulfill their desires in a normal or accepted manner. Makes it Gradually they come under the influence of some bad people of the society where they are promised to fulfill all their wishes. They all join together and form a terrorist group that fights their own nation, society and community. Terrorism affects the growth and development of all the youth of the country.

It pushes the nation back many years with proper development. Terrorism is ruling the country like the British, due to which we need to be free again. However, it seems that terrorism will always spread its roots deep because some rich people of the nation are still supporting it to achieve their immoral objectives.

300 Words – Essay on Terrorism for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

India is facing a lot of challenges like poverty, population growth, illiteracy, inequality etc., yet terrorism is the most dangerous which is affecting the entire human race. It is a very scary disease that is affecting people on mental and intellectual level. Whether it happens in small countries (Ireland, Israel etc.) or in big countries (USA, Russia etc.); Both these places are in the form of a challenge. Terrorism is the use of violent means by a group of terrorists, ie, to achieve some of their political, religious or personal goals. Today it is increasing day by day.

There is no law of terrorism, they only attack groups of innocent people or society to spread terror everywhere, with pressure on the government to meet their demands. Their demands are very special, they fulfill only what they want. This is a big threat to mankind. They never compromise for their friends, family, children, women or old people. They only want to bomb the crowd of people. They fire at people, hijack planes and carry out other terrorist activities.

Terrorists create targets to spread terror in their main regions or countries in the shortest possible time. Earlier, it is believed that terrorist activities were limited to Jammu and Kashmir only, but now it is spreading its roots to other areas of the country. There are many terrorist groups with different names active in the country. According to its function there are two main types of political and criminal terrorism. Terrorism is a group of people trained to accomplish certain goals. More than one terrorist group is trained to fulfill various objectives. It is like a disease that is spreading regularly and now it needs some effective treatment.

400 Words – Essay on Terrorism for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Terrorism is the process of carrying out unjust and violent activities by a group of trained people called terrorists. There is only one owner who gives strict orders to the group to do any specific task in any manner. They need money, strength and publicity to fulfill their unjust views. In such a situation, it is the media that really helps in spreading the news about terrorism in the society of any nation. Terrorism also uses media to reach out to people about its plan, idea and goal.

Different terror groups get their names according to their purpose and goals. The act of terrorism affects mankind in a big way and scares people so much that people are afraid to get out of their homes. They think that terror is everywhere like outside the home, they are afraid to go to the railway station, temple, social programs, national programs etc. Terrorists want to spread their terror under specific areas of overpopulation in order to propagate and propagate their malpractices while ruling the minds of the people. Some recent examples of terrorism are America’s 9/11 and India’s 26/11 attacks. It has hurt the economy of the country on a large scale, along with humans.

To eliminate the effects of terrorism and terror from the nation, strict security arrangements have been made at the behest of the government. All those places which become or become a crowded place due to any reason such as social events, national events like Republic Day, Independence Day, Temples etc. are kept in a strong security circle. All have to follow safety rules and go through an automatic body scanner machine. The use of such equipment helps security personnel to detect the presence of a terrorist. Even after such strict security management, we are still not able to stand up effectively against terrorism.

Apart from ending the terrorist group, every year our country spends a lot of money to fight against terror. However, it is still growing like a disease because new terrorists are being prepared every day. They are very normal people like us but they are prepared to do injustice and pressure is made to fight against their one society, family and country. They are trained in such a way that they do not even love their lives, they are always ready to sacrifice themselves while fighting. As an Indian citizen, we are all fully responsible for stopping terrorism and it will stop only when we never get into the greed of some bad and troubled people.

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