List of Documents Required to Register in NRC 2020

National registration of citizens is known as NRC. NRC helps in identifying the official citizen of the country. Recently the Supreme Court has ordered the updating of the NRC (National Register of Citizens) for the year 2013 for the state of Assam. It is expected that NRC will be updated for the whole of India in the coming year.

The documents required for registration of NRC 2020 will have to provide details of official citizen’s name, address and other necessary details. The NRC is maintained by the Government of India. The first and last registration was maintained in the year 1951 and since then this registration list was not updated.

Assam is the first state where this record has been updated. Updating NRC records will be of great benefit, it will first of all eliminate citizens who are living illegally in the country with no resident proof. It also helps common citizens to fulfill their judicial rights and duties.

List of Documents Required to Register in NRC 2020

Procedure for updating NRC: –

  1.     Publication of Legacy Data
  2.     Application Form Distribution
  3.     Receiving application form with necessary documents
  4.     Verification process
  5.     Publication of Part Draft NRC.
  6.     Draft NRC Full Publication
  7.     Receipt and settlement of claims and objections.
  8.     Finally, the final NRC publication.

NRC Essential Documents List 2020: –

There are two types of document list of NRC: –

  •     List A
  •     List B

List A Documents: –

Documents released before 24 March (midnight), 1971 are included in List A, which is required to show people to obtain a name register in the NRC. On the document, your self-name and ancestor’s name are required: –

  •     1951 NRC (if available)
  •     Electoral Roll (s) up to 24 March (midnight), 1971
  •     Land and tenancy records
  •     Citizenship certificate
  •     Permanent residential certificate
  •     Refugee registration certificate
  •     Any government issued license / certificate
  •     Government service / employment certificate
  •     Bank / post office accounts
  •     Birth certificate
  •     Board / university educational certificate
  •     Court record
  •     Circle Officer / GP Secretary Certificate in relation to married women migrating after marriage
  •     Ration card as supporting documents.

List B Documents: –

Applicants who do not have the documents mentioned in List A in their own names, but are their ancestors, ie, father or mother or grandfather or grandmother or great grandfather or great grandfather (and so on) must submit the documents mentioned below:

  •     Bank / LIC / Post Office Record
  •     Birth certificate
  •     Board / university certificate
  •     Circle Officer / GP Secretary Certificate in relation to married women
  •     electoral roll
  •     Land document
  •     Ration magazine
  •     Any other legally acceptable document

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