Kiwi Credit Card Review – Latest Credit Card Options in India

Hello and welcome back to the website! It’s great news for all the UPI credit card lovers because a new credit card has been launched. It’s the “Kiwi UPI Credit Card” in collaboration with Axis Bank. This credit card will be available to you in virtual form, and don’t get confused with the bank’s name, which is a bank in New Zealand. This Indian band card will be available to you in India, and you can make direct payments through their Kiwi app, which is the UPI app of the bank.

Let me provide you with all the information about this card. If you’re not subscribed to the channel, please subscribe to stay updated with the latest details. This credit card is offered free of charge through collaboration with Axis Bank. The CEO of Kiwi and the business head of LazyPay, who have already collaborated, have launched this card together. As we all know, FreeCharge is now a product of Axis Bank. So, the first collaboration they have made is with Axis Bank.

This credit card comes with a lifetime free feature, which means you don’t have to pay any joining or annual fees. And the most important feature is the Kiwi Credit Card. You will receive it in virtual form because the basic purpose of this credit card is to enable UPI payments through the Kiwi app. With the Kiwi app, you can also apply for the card and instantly block it if needed. You can manage your credit card limit and perform all the necessary tasks through their app.

They will launch it soon. With the help of this app, you can make payments through any QR code. Whether it’s for Google Pay, PhonePe, or any other QR-based payment option, this app provides you with both options. This credit card, which is a Kiwi credit card in collaboration with Axis Bank, will also collaborate with other banks in the future, and together, they will provide you with credit card options from different banks. It’s a similar concept to One Card, where they collaborate with different banks and launch credit cards. They offer physical and metal cards.

Here, you will only get a virtual card because the basic purpose is to make UPI payments. So, with this app, you can make UPI payments using your savings account and credit card. You will receive the Kiwi credit card instantly through the app. Currently, they have issued a waiting list, and you can join the waitlist. The app will be launched this month.

With this credit card, when you make UPI payments by scanning, you will receive a 1% cashback. According to their website, if you enlist now, you can receive up to 2% cashback. Those who are joining the waitlist will have access to their reward system, which they have named “Awaaz.” It means that when you make payments with your credit card, you will earn two quizzes for every ₹50 spent, and you can convert these rewards into cashback. You can directly transfer it to your bank account. Their website is also top-notch. As I observed, it feels just like Apple creates its website for its products.

With a new animation, you reach a new segment. They have designed their website in the same way. So, let’s expect that their app will also be of good quality. Nowadays, we come across good apps mainly in the FinTech products. Currently, these people are only joining the waitlist. But if you want a functioning credit card that works with UPI, you should get the Axis Bank RuPay Credit Card or the HDFC Bank Tata New HDFC Credit Card, or you can also get the Bank of Baroda card because they have already made their presence on that. They will start working soon. If you want to know any of the card descriptions, you can check the link in the card description. As for the reliability of this credit card, NPCI has also recognized it. It has a collaboration with Axis Bank, so you will get this card. And if I give you my opinion about it, yes, it is a good product.

Since NPCI has allowed linking RuPay credit cards to UPI, it is a groundbreaking achievement in our digital payment environment. Our digital payment environment is expanding very well, and now you can make payments with your credit card even in remote areas where there were no POS machines before. So, it is a welcome step, and this app is also good. When this card is officially launched and I use it, I will make a video about it.

Know more – Kiwi Credit Card Review

Kiwi, a platform specializing in credit cards, has recently unveiled its comprehensive and innovative solution called “Credit on UPI” for customers. This groundbreaking application, certified by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), distinguishes itself as the first of its kind in the country. By collaborating with various banks, Kiwi empowers users to enjoy the seamless experience of “Credit on UPI” by issuing Rupay Cards.

The primary objective behind this launch is to establish one of the most extensive direct-to-consumer (D2C) models within the credit market. Kiwi achieves this through its mobile application, which enables users to securely make payments directly from their smartphones using either their credit cards or bank accounts.

Siddharth Mehta, co-founder of Kiwi, expressed his excitement regarding the launch, stating, “UPI has emerged as the most inclusive payment method in India, with a staggering number of over 300 million unique users and five million merchants already onboarded on the platform. With the introduction of the Kiwi app, users in India can now leverage the combined benefits of a RuPay credit card and the convenience of UPI for the first time. Our vision is to provide access to credit on UPI for one million users within the next 18 months.”

Upon registering with Kiwi, users will receive their RuPay credit card digitally and instantly. Once the card is obtained, users can easily link it to UPI within the app. This integration enables them to utilize the “Credit on UPI” feature at both online and offline stores. Furthermore, the Kiwi app offers a range of card management facilities, including card blocking, credit limit increases, and convenient card payments. Additionally, users are rewarded for each transaction they make.

Praveena Rai, Chief Operating Officer of NPCI, acknowledged the significant impact Kiwi will have on the Indian credit card industry, affirming, “As we strive to achieve ‘Digital Payments for All,’ Kiwi is poised to revolutionize the credit card landscape in India. Considering that monthly expenditure on UPI peer-to-merchant transactions totals approximately INR 3.2 lakh crore, which is nearly two and a half times larger than monthly credit card spending, Kiwi has the potential to tap into an extensive untapped market. With Kiwi’s unique approach, we are confident that it will cater to the needs of numerous Indian credit card users on a daily basis

In the future, along with this card, we will get the opportunity to see different virtual credit cards with different banks in the Kiwi app. What is your opinion about this product? Please let me know in the comments section.

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