Top 20 Best IT Companies in India – List

Here you can see the top 20 software development companies \ List of IT Companies in India 2023 based on their market cap in India.
When it comes to information technology (IT) and IT-enabled services (ITES) organizations, India is among the leading nations of the world. There are 02 major parts of this industry, they are – IT Services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

Facts of IT companies

The industry generated revenues of over $ 180 billion in FY 2020, of which approximately 80% comes from exports. Most of the exports are to the United States. The industry employs over 8 million people in India. With the increase in economic activity again globally, the Indian IT sector is expecting major growth in the coming days. New areas such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are set to contribute close to $ 1 trillion to the Indian economy in the next 15 years. This makes  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course worth learning to land high quality jobs.

Indian IT chiefs have established distribution centers across the globe, serving many industry verticals such as financial services, telecommunications, retail etc. India also has a cost advantage for many other nations, as a competent worker is available here at a very affordable price. . The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has taken several steps to encourage more investment and establishment of more companies in this domain.

From 2000 to 2020, the industry has seen cumulative FDI inflows of $ 62 billion. Some IT companies in India are global leaders in their domains, with offices in several countries, generating billions of dollars in revenue. Apart from them, a large number of mid and small-level firms are also operating here.

Top 20 IT Companies in India – List

Sl. No. Company Name Establishment Head office
1 Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) 1968 Mumbai
2 Infosys 1981 Bengaluru
3 Wipro 1945 Bengaluru
4 HCL Tech 1976 Noida
5 Tech Mahindra 1986 Pune
6 L&T Infotech (LTI) 1996 Mumbai
7 Mindtree 1999 Bengaluru
8 Mphasis 2000 Bengaluru
9 Oracle Finserv 1990 Mumbai
10 Coforge 1992 New Delhi
11 Persistent 1990 Pune
12 Cyient 1991 Hyderabad
13 Birlasoft 1990 Pune
14 Zensar 1991 Pune
15 KPIT Technologies 1990 Pune
16 Sonata Software 1986 Bengaluru
17 Intellect Design 2011 Chennai
18 R Systems 1993 El Dorado County, California, United States
19 Sasken 1989 Bengaluru
20 Datamatics 1975 Mumbai

Top 20 IT Companies in India – Details

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

All TCS has one of the largest IT companies in India. The Tata group, part of the global conglomerate, is a major player in the world in the field of TCS IT services, business solutions and digital transformation of businesses. With a presence in nearly 50 countries, TCS employs over 460,000 highly qualified and focused people. With the Tata Group’s legacy of ethics, well-known service and customer guidance, TCS provides services such as consulting, cloud computing, Internet of Things, blockchain, automation, cyber security, and more.

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With four decades of experience behind it, Infosys is one of the largest companies of its kind in the world. It has operations in more than 40 countries where thousands of customers benefit from Infosys’ expertise and top-class service standards. The AI-powered service solution offered by the company helps its customers reach new heights of success on an ongoing basis. More than 95% of Infosys customers are repeat customers – the latter relying on the company’s digital workplace solutions, IoT, blockchain, cloud computing, digital supply chains and other services such as cyber security.

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Played by legendary industrialist Azim Premji, Wipro stands tall among the world’s IT service providers. It becomes a partner in the growth of its customers by enabling them to become citizens of the digital world. They have customers across 6 continents, Wipro believes in long term customer service and strict adherence to commitments. Wipro has respect, responsibility and honesty integrity. Wipro provides services related to cloud computing, data analytics, and AI, big data, blockchain and consulting.

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HCL Tech

The next-gen global technology giant HCL Tech helps businesses digitally reproduce businesses that allow them to become responsive to the needs of new-age customers. HCL Tech has a strong presence in nearly 50 countries, driven by approximately 160,000 employees, catering to the needs of a large number of premium Fortune 500 organizations. HCL Tech offers Digital Business Services, Digital Workplace Solutions, Cyber ​​Security Services and a wide range of engineering and R&D services.

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Tech Mahindra

Among the leading technology-advocates globally, Tech Mahindra is the fastest growing IT company in India that provides the highest level of digital experience to its customers. Around 1,000 customers worldwide (including Fortune 500) rely on the $ 5.2 billion Tech Mahindra to take care of their next-gen digital needs including infrastructure and cloud services, data analytics, business process services, enterprise businesses Solutions include, k. Cyber ​​Security, and more.

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L&T Infotech (LTI)

L&T Infotech, established in 1997, is a group company of the well-known Larsen & Toubro Group. With its operations spanning more than 30 countries, L&T Infotech provides technology consulting and digital solutions to its clients spanning various industries.

They provide a wide range of IT services such as:

  • Cloud Computing,
  • Cyber ​​security,
  • Blockchain,
  • Application management, etc.

Keeping in mind customer needs, LTI enables its customers to increase productivity by several notches with the help of digital reengineering of their processes.

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Mindtree is another major IT company which is also listed on the Indian stock market. Mindtree provides end-to-end technology services by creating digital solutions that are customized to specific customer needs. Provides solutions such as banking, Mindry data and intelligence consulting services, digital security, quality engineering, data modernization, cloud services, and more on the immense expertise of its employees.

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Applying state-of-the-art technology to help businesses change rapidly, Mphasis is the major wave creating another new era of technology in various industries. Mphasis provides its customers with the next level of digital business solutions. Serving a range of industries, Mphasis’s core services include applications, business process services, cyber security, blockchain, product engineering, and enterprise automation.

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Oracle finserve

Oracle Financial Services Software Limited (OFSS) is a conglomerate of global leading Oracle Corporation. It provides top-class technology solutions for the banking and financial services industry to approximately 900 customers in 140+ countries. In addition, the company also has compliance and risk management systems, business process management and human resource tools.

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Catering is another mid-sized IT company serving the insurance, travel and financial services industries. Empowered by its 11,000 capable engineers, Koforg helps businesses overcome digital challenges and emerge victorious. Aligning industry expertise with continuous innovation, Koforge provides services related to digital process automation, application services, AI, business process services and cloud services.

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Started as a humble startup in 1990, a unit today spans 17 countries. Consistent with its name, has consistently been in its goal of becoming the chosen IT services consultant for its clients. Based on the values ​​of ingenuity, confidence, responsibility and of course perseverance, the company provides services along the lines of digital business strategy, digital product engineering, data-driven business intelligence, IT modernization, and more.

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Cyient is another Indian IT company listed on the stock market and operates in 14 countries.
They have 300+ customers of which around 25 are Fortune 500 companies. It offers a wide range of industries from aerospace to communications and from oil and gas to rail transport. Driven by fairness, integrity, and a commitment to customer success, Cyient is proficient in the areas of analytics and IoT, predictive maintenance, smart cities, engineering application software development, and more.

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Birlasoft is a part of the historic 159-year-old CK Birla Group, which is always committed to providing sustainable and long-term solutions to customers in every area of ​​its operations. Birlasoft harnesses the power of technology and blends it with domain expertise to create digital transformation for customers’ businesses. Some of its key services include data analytics, cloud, blockchain, supply chain management and IT transformation.

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The highly respected Zensar is part of the Rs 25,000-crore RPG Enterprises, with a diversification of business interests. He has an excellent in-house team. Its goals are set to be Zensar’s chosen industry-focused digital solutions provider. Its services include enterprise applications, application transformation, analytics strategy and consulting, data management, and advanced analytics.

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KPIT Technologies

KPIT Technologies, a new-age global technology company, has carved a niche for itself in its domain, with growth centers spanning multiple countries that provide cutting-edge solutions primarily to the automotive industries.

Embedded software company partners with global automotive leaders

  • Autonomous driving,
  • Vehicle diagnosis,
  • Mechatronics,
  • Conventional and electric powertrains

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Sonata software

Bringing the rhythm of integrated music and its sweetness to technology as well – which is Sonata software for you. Always motivated to create lifespan and lasting value for its customers, Sonata Software continues to script success stories compared to Bally – with an integrated team delivering values ​​to industries such as:

  • Retail,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Delivery,
  • Tourism and travel
  • Agricultural commodities,

Its core services are platformation, data and analytics, cloud computing, customer engagement and commerce, and digital assurance and managed services.

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Intellect design

Intellect Design is a digital enabler that creates technology solutions for the financial industry. With the objective of developing the financial sector with technology solutions geared towards the future, Intelligent Design is one of the most popular service providers in its category. Its 12,000+ customers conduct 10 million transactions per day. Its software has drastically reduced operational risks and underwriting times. Its solutions are based on platforms such as iTurmeric & Contextual Banking Experience (CBX).

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R system

For nearly 3 decades, R Systems has been at the forefront of creating top-edge design solutions for customers across industries. From a small start, the company today has a presence in over 25 offices worldwide with a workforce of 2,700+. 16 global distribution centers provide quick and effective services to over 1,000 customers. R Systems provides world-class service in the fields of cloud enablement, Internet of Things, product engineering, AI / machine learning, modern data management, among others.

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Sasken began his journey in 1989. Over the past 3 decades, it has steadily progressed as a major digital service transformation enabler for corporates in the areas of semiconductor, automotive, consumer electronics, telecommunications and transportation. More than 100 Fortune 500 companies have benefited from Sasken’s immense domain expertise and world-class client servicing. About 1,700 highly capable employees provide their customers with the best quality digital experiences in the form of mobility, data analytics, Internet of Things, digital testing, blockchain and more.

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In its quest to become a world-class provider of data-transforming data intelligence services, Datamatics has caused quite a stir among its ever-growing customer base. Datamatics caters to industries such as BFSI, healthcare, edutech, logistics, retail, hospitality, and more. More than 200 dedicated customers take advantage of its services, contributing to the company’s $ 170 million annual revenue. The company is present in 6 countries with global distribution centers in 4 regions. Some of the services of Datamatics are Robotic Process Automation, Business Intelligence and Data Visualization, End-to-End Automated Workflow Management, Automated Fair Collection and more.

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