Learn How To Deposit & Withdraw On Rummy Tour

The feeling of when you play your favourite game online with friends and also earning cash as you win definitely has to be the best feeling for all gaming enthusiasts. The new gaming platforms online have made it easily accessible as well as safe for users not only for playing games but also for earning cash and later withdrawing it using banking methods through safe transactions. The list of names of such gaming apps is endless, but you need to know which ones to go to. If you want to earn by playing rummy, then Rummy Tour is the app for you. Let us know more about the app along with their deposit and withdrawal procedure. 

What is Rummy Tour app? 

Rummy Tour APK has the biggest rummy-playing community. One of India’s best games is this one. Play a few of Rummy Tour app’s games. This game is available for play whenever you want. You can now choose how long you want to play using Rummy Tour app. It’s easy to play on this app, making it perfect for those who want to play rummy there. There are additional apps for online Rummy, including Rummy Wealth, Rich Rummy, Rummy East, Rummy Land and more. Rummy Tour is one of these apps. You may play different online games with these apps, get login and referral bonuses, and even get paid real money. You can pick any app in accordance with your preferences. 

How to withdraw your money from the app? 

Coming to the main question of how one can withdraw the money that they have earned from Rummy Tour app. You can take money out of your bank account whenever you want without having to perform any KYC. Money can be withdrawn by following the procedures listed below. The withdrawal methods used in Rummy Tour fall into two groups: Bank and UPI. On Rummy Tour app, there are three withdrawal options: NEFT, IMPS, and UPI Transactions. Any withdrawal method you choose will only deposit the funds into the designated bank account. Your funds cannot be transferred to another bank account.

By following these steps, you can withdraw from Rummy Tour:

  • Open Rummy Tour application, then select the Withdraw button.
  • then enter your bank account or UPI information to receive money. Finally, input the withdrawal amount for Rummy Tour and click submit.
  • Your money will be transferred to the bank account in a short while.
  • Rummy Tour withdrawal minimum is Rs. 100.

How to deposit your money on the app? 

Coming to the next important question of how one can deposit money on the app of Rummy Tour in order to use it for games or other purposes. It’s easy to put money into the Rummy Tour account. The updated balance is displayed right away. Please follow the instructions below to add money to your rummy wallet.

  • Rummy Tour Add Cash is your option.
  • You must provide your name, email address, and mobile number in order to make your first payment.
  • Select a payment option at this point to finish the procedure.

And there you go! With this, you know how to deposit money on the app. Now you must be wondering how you can link your bank account and get it verified on Rummy Tour app. Don’t worry, we have the answer to your question right below. 

How to get your bank account verified on the app? 

An important step for deposits and withdrawals of cash, it is very simple to validate your bank account on rummy tour app.

  • formally introduce Rummy Tour programme.
  • From the menu of the app, choose Settings.
  • Select Bank Verification next.
  • Entering your bank information and choosing the bank from which you wish to withdraw money is the next step.
  • You will receive an OTP once all the information has been completed.
  • You must input the OTP before clicking Done.
  • Your registered cellphone number will receive a text message informing you that Rummy Tour’s verification process was successful

Following successful verification, you can withdraw funds from your verified account.

With this, you will have most of your cash-related queries solved by now, from how to get your bank account verified on the Rummy Tour app to getting to know the procedure of cash deposits and withdrawals. If you are one of the gaming enthusiasts who wish to earn cash as you play your favourite game? Then Rummy Tour app is the right destination for you. Not only will this gaming platform let you select from Rummy and also other exciting games, but will also help you earn and withdraw cash in a secure way. For a great gaming experience, download the app of Rummy Tour app today. A competitive Rummy app, GetMega is also in play if you are looking for a change. 

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