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Today’s article How to become an Occupational Therapist? Through this article, we will tell you what an Occupational Therapist is and what qualifications are required in a student to become one. Along with this, we will also give you information through this post that the candidates who want to adopt this profession will have to follow the process for this and when a candidate becomes an occupational therapist, then how much salary will he get every month. What can be found and what work people working in this post have to do. If you like to serve people and you want to do any course related to paramedical field, then you can make a career in this field.

In today’s time there are many people who are not physically and mentally capable and if you like to do the work of curing such people then you can become an Occupational Therapist. Let us tell here that most of the youth of today like to make their career in this field. So if you are also a student who is willing to work in this field, then read our today’s article completely and know about the complete process of becoming an Occupational Therapist.

What is an occupational therapist?

First of all, let us tell you for information that an occupational therapist is a professional who helps people with physical and mental disabilities so that they can lead a normal life. Let us tell you that for this they use different types of therapies so that the patients can live their life like ordinary people. In today’s time, the number of people working in this field is increasing very fast, under which qualified professional therapists work in many private and government hospitals of the country.

How to become an occupational therapist?

Students who want to become Occupational Therapist have to pass class XII with Science subject and after that they have to do graduation degree in Occupational Therapy for which there are many institutes across the country but let us tell you here that the students who are interested for this. One has to clear the entrance exam to get admission in the course. Also, let us tell you that there are some institutes which admit students on the basis of class 12th without any entrance exam. In this way, when the candidate completes the degree course, after that the candidate does a master’s course in occupational therapy, then a lot of work opportunities are available for him, but if he wants, then after graduation in occupational therapy can also work in this field.

Occupational Therapist qualification

  • The student must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy.
  • Or the student has done B.Sc in Occupational Therapy.
  • The candidate should be able to work with the patient and motivate them.
  • His communication skills should be very good and impressive.
  • Must have knowledge of computer.
  • People should have the ability to heal physically as well as to relax them mentally.

Age Range

  • The student must be at least 17 years of age to take the course.
  • Age relaxation is given to the students as per government instructions to work in this field.

Occupational therapist job Description

  • Providing customized treatment to those who are physically or mentally disabled.
  • Keeping an eye on the progress report of the patient.
  • Caring for patients in trauma center.
  • Working in Emergency and Fracture Management Department of hospitals.
  • To help those who are physically or mentally handicapped to make their lives easier.
  • Training people who have mental disorders to bring them back to daily routine.
  • To cure patients, they get many types of therapies and exercises.

Occupational Therapist career

The candidates who successfully complete their occupational therapy course, after that they get a lot of career opportunities where they can work. Explain that an Occupational Therapist gets an opportunity to work in private hospitals as well as government hospitals across the country and can also work in candidate rehabilitation centers. Apart from this, if they want, they can also open their own occupational therapy center.

Occupational Therapist salary

Now let us tell you here that when a candidate becomes an Occupational Therapist, then after that how much salary he gets every month, then tell that initially he gets a salary package of about 20,000 to 35,000 rupees per month. When he gets a few years of work experience, then his salary increases. Also, let us tell you that if a candidate gets a job abroad, then he can get even more salary.

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