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This work is for those who have a great love for the environment and have a keen interest in it, due to which they want to make a career as an environmental scientist. Let us tell you here that if you also want to come in this field and are looking for important information related to it, then read our entire article today and know how you can become an environmental scientist.

What is Environmental Scientist

First of all, let us inform you that Environmental Scientist is a professional who is known as Environmental Scientist in Hindi. It is such a professional who makes an in-depth study about the physical environment of all objects. At the same time, he also studies what kind of interaction takes place in all the physical, chemical and biological components present in the environment. Apart from this, let us inform that those who are environmental scientists usually focus on the effect on pollution and its degradation in the environment due to human activities.

How to become an environmental scientist

To become an environmental scientist, the candidate should first pass his 12th class with a subject like science and after that the candidate should take admission in the course of either B.Sc or BE in environmental science. Apart from this, if the student wants, he can also do his graduation in subjects like chemistry, geology, physics. When the candidate completes his graduation degree, then he should then complete his studies by taking admission in MSc in Environmental Sciences. Then the candidate should either do a job in this field or if he wants, he can complete PhD along with doing research work.

Qualifications required to become an environmental scientist

  • Candidate must have done B.Sc from any recognized institute.
  • Or the student has done BE in Environmental Science.
  • OR The student has acquired an MSc degree in Environmental Sciences.
  • Candidate should have knowledge of computer as well as English.
  • One should love nature and environment.

Age Range

  • The student must be at least 17 years of age.
  • Age relaxation is given as per government rules.

Environmental Scientist Skills

To work as an environmental scientist, you’ll need some soft skills in addition to the technical skills you learned in school:

  • Communication Skills: Excellent verbal communication, listening and writing skills will allow you to share research findings with your colleagues.
  • Critical Thinking Skills: To solve problems you will need the ability to weigh the merits of possible solutions.
  • Analytical skills: You will need to be able to analyze your research findings and understand the findings of colleagues.
  • Self-discipline: You will often have to work independently, which will require you to be very focused and motivated.

Environmental Scientist job description

When the candidate becomes an environmental scientist, then he has to do many types of work such as-

  • Apart from doing research on various types of projects, he does data collection and survey.
  • Collect and compile environmental data through samples of air, water, soil, food and other materials.
  • Identify the things that are hazardous to the environment, evaluate them and collect samples.
  • Along with preventing environmental problems such as land or water pollution, they plan to control and fix them.
  • He guides and informs government officials and the general public about potential environmental hazards.
  • Apart from this, they have to do presentation work along with making technical reports related to the environment.

Environmental Scientist Career

In today’s era, the demand for Environmental Scientist has increased a lot, so the candidate does not face any kind of problem for the job and he can work in many places. In this way the candidate can get job opportunities in the following places-

  • Nature conservation
  • Pollution control department
  • Regional Development and Environmental Education
  • The National Park Board
  • Private organization

Environmental Scientist Salary

The salary that the candidates who work as environmental scientists get depends on the academic qualification of the candidate and the qualifications within him. In this way, the average salary that the candidate gets is about Rs 35,000 to 40,000 per month. On the other hand, if someone gets a job in a good department, then he can get a higher pay scale.

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