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How to become An Artist, Artist Salary, Artist Career, Artist Eligibility, Artist Job Description.

To become an artist, which is the dream of many students since school time. But for this, any student has to work very hard and along with this he also needs proper and right guidance. So it would be better to get information about all the special things about the field in which you want to work before making a career in it. So if you want to become an artist and want to know all the things about it, then read our today’s article all and know about the whole process.

What is Artist?

Here first of all let us tell you for information that an artist is such a professional who is able to make any idea, expression or imagination in such a way that any person can easily understand. You must have heard that pictures speak and this is because artists work to convey an idea or idea to the people through their pictures and for this they use paintings, pencil drawings, cartoons, portraits, sketches etc. We do. Let us also tell you here that some people are very fond of making pictures since their childhood, due to which they complete their studies and make a career in it.

How to Become an Artist

If you want to become an artist, then for this let us tell you that first you have to take admission in a fine arts college after passing class 12th, for which you will have to pass the process of entrance test. When you pass the entrance test, after that you will get admission in a 4-year degree course where you will be studied in a subject like fine arts. In this way, when you complete your graduation, after that you will be aware of many art styles like sketching, painting, cartooning, photography, after which you can apply for a job anywhere.

Qualification to Become an Artist

  • Candidate must have done BFA from any recognized Fine Arts College.
  • His artistic skills should be very good.
  • Can effectively convey any thought or thing to the people through painting or sketch.
  • Knowledge of English language is a must.
  • Must have knowledge of computer.

Artist’s Job Description

The candidates who work as an artist or artist have to do the following work, the information of which is as follows-

  • Creating paintings, portraits, cartoons, sketches, etc. with creativity so that people can tell their thoughts.
  • Creating visual images using hi-tech equipment.
  • Teaching students in art schools, colleges and universities.
  • Print making work.
  • Cartoon making for media house.
  • Doing sketch work for the police department.

Age Range

  • The student must be at least 17 years of age at the time of admission.
  • The students who belong to a reserved category are given age relaxation as per government rules.

Artist Career

When a candidate becomes an artist, after that there are many career opportunities in front of him where he can apply for jobs such as-

  • One can work as a cartoonist in a news paper house.
  • The candidate can work in a news agency or as a designer in a magazine.
  • By joining the government sector, one can also work there such as the Indian Information Service or the police department where he can work to make sketches.
  • Apart from this, he can also start his own work and can sell his created masterpiece in the exhibition.

Artist’s Salary

The salary that a candidate working as an artist gets depends on which organization he is working in because he can get more or less salary everywhere. But usually if we talk about an average salary, then an artist gets a pay scale ranging from 25,000 to 30,000 every month. At the same time, when he gains a little experience, he can use his creative skills to get even more salary packages. Apart from this, let us also tell that only one creation of artists who work independently can get them lakhs of rupees.

Visual Artist Skills and Qualifications

Individuals opting for this occupation will get an edge if they have certain soft skills or personal qualities such as the following:

  • Artistic Ability: Artists create art and other objects that have visual appeal or evoke certain emotions.
  • Professional skills: Artists must promote their art and themselves in order to gain prestige and increase the sales of their art. Artists analyze the market for their craft or artwork to find out more about the type of art that potential customers want. Developing an online presence has become an important part of sales for many artists.
  • Creativity: Artists must be able to imagine and develop new, original ideas for their work projects.
  • Customer-service and interpersonal skills: Artists, especially those who sell their work, must work well with existing clients and potential buyers. Artists must also interact with a wide variety of people, including colleagues or fellow artists, gallery owners, and the public.

Work Environment

Some artists may require large production staff and huge studios with heavy equipment such as welding equipment, cranes, glass ovens, kilns, and more, while other artists may simply need a small office to work in. is.

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