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If you love art, then you can make a career in this industry, but if you do not have all the information about this industry and want to know the important things related to it, then read our entire article today and know that How can you become an Art Conservator after 12th?

What is an Art Conservator

Here first of all let us tell you for the information that Art Conservator is a professional who is also known as Art Conservator in Hindi and its job is to test, document and take care of all art related items. Let us also tell you here that in a way it is the professionals who restore the artwork. That is, he works on any artwork in such a way that it does not change permanently. In addition, art patrons determine whether objects need repair or not, as well as installing, arranging, assembling and repairing them. If an object needs to be cleaned, then along with cleaning it, they also do the work of polishing.

How to Become an Art Conservator

Students who want to become an art conservator should do a bachelor’s degree after 12th in a related field such as history, studio art, anthropology, arcology, chemistry, etc. In this way, after getting a graduation degree in the related field, the candidate can get opportunities to work in many organizations. On the other hand, if a candidate wants, he can also take admission in Master’s degree program and after that he can continue studies by taking admission in PhD program.

Qualifications to become an Art Conservator.

  • The candidate must have done graduation in any one discipline like Art History, Studio Art, Anthropology, Arcology, Chemistry from any recognized institute.
  • Must be innovative so that he can come up with new ideas.
  • The candidate should have the ability to analyze everything about any artwork or product properly.
  • The observation power of the student should be strong.
  • Along with English language, it is also necessary to have knowledge of computer.

Age Range

The student must be at least 17 years of age at the time of enrolling in the course.
Candidates who belong to any reserved category are given relaxation in age limit as per government rules.

Some Universities offer specialized studies in Art Restoration

  • University of Mysore
  • Kurukshetra University
  • University of Allahabad
  • National Museum

Works of Art Conservator

Now let us tell you here that what are the tasks a candidate working as an art conservator has to do, whose information is as follows-

  • Basically, their job is to restore the artwork in such a way that it looks good, but for this there should not be any sabotage or damage in it.
  • Find out if artworks need any repairs.
  • Finding the safest and most effective way to repair artworks and then repair them accordingly.
  • Cleaning a variety of objects such as paper, textiles, wood, metal, glass, rock, furniture, etc.

Art Conservator Career

When a candidate becomes an art conservator, there are many career opportunities in front of him where he gets opportunities to work such as-

  • He can work in the Archaeological Survey of India where he has to do the work of repairing monuments apart from historical places.
  • Candidates can work in places like The Indian National Trust for Art and Culture Heritage.
  • Works can be done at the National Museum Center.
  • Teaching can be done in any art institute.
  • If the candidate wants, he can also start his own work.

Art Conservator Salary

The salary that the candidates who work for the post of Art Conservator, they get varies according to each project, like in the beginning, the candidate gets 5,000 to 8,000 to install any project but its Along with this, also tell that this money can be more or less because it completely depends on the project. In this way, when the candidate gets a few years of experience, then he can get a salary of 25,000 to 30,000 every month, which also increases later.

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