How to Become A Watercolour Artist? – Career, Salary & More…

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Today’s article How to become a watercolor artist? Through this post, you will know what is a watercolor artist and how much qualification is required in a candidate to become it and along with this we will also let you know about the whole process of becoming a watercolor artist, how much up to Rs. He can get salary and what works he has to do while in his post. By the way, if a candidate has creativity as well as skill, then he can make a very good career by becoming a watercolor artist.

There are many students who are very fond of painting and that is why they want to make a career in this field. If you are also a student who has the art of painting, then you can definitely make a great career in this field. If you are looking for all the information about it, then read our today’s article and know how you can become a watercolor artist.

What is a Watercolor Artist?

Let us tell here that a Watercolor Artist is a professional person who works to make many types of paintings and for this he uses only watercolor and he does not use oil based colors at all. Let us tell you that in this way he makes his paintings and sells them in art galleries. But only that candidate can work in this field who has the art and creativity of making different types of paintings.

How to become a Watercolor Artist?

For this, the student should first pass his 12th class from the art side and after that the candidate should do his graduation in a subject like fine arts so that he becomes completely proficient in the art of painting. Also, let us also tell you that if you want to do your course from any best college, then for that you will have to clear the entrance exam as well. In this way, after completing a degree in Fine Arts, the candidate can work as a Watercolor Artist.

Watercolor Artist qualification

  • The student must have earned a degree in a subject like Fine Arts.
  • Or the candidate must have done graduation in Commercial Arts.
  • OR The student must have done graduation in Drawing and Painting.
  • It is very important for the student to have knowledge of computer as well as knowledge of English language.

Age Range

  • The student must be at least 18 years of age.
  • There is no upper age limit for this, so a professional artist can work in this field till any age.

Watercolor Artist Job Description

  • Creating 2-D representations that are completely water based.
  • Creating a variety of paintings for art galleries.
  • Creating designs by matching colors.
  • Use your creativity to do different types of paintings.
  • Creating images for commercial use that are completely oil free.

Watercolor Artist career

The candidates who become a Watercolor Artist have many career opportunities in front of them because in this field any person can go a long way on the strength of his art. By the way, in this field, most of the artists like to do their own work, but still they get the opportunity, then they also work in other places such as art dealers, private galleries, art institutes etc.

Watercolor Artist salary

When a student becomes a Watercolor Artist, then the salary package that he gets depends entirely on his creativity and art. In this way, he gets a pay scale of 25,000 to 30,000 every month in the beginning itself. But if the candidate has artistry then he can get salary of more than this every month.

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