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Friends, today’s article, how to become a painter? is about. Through this article, you will learn who is a painter and how much qualification is necessary for any person to become a painter. Apart from this, what is the whole process of becoming a painter and when a person becomes a painter, then what are the tasks he has to do and how much salary package he can get every month. By the way, if seen here, if a candidate is fond of playing with colors since childhood and likes to do different types of creative work, then he can make a brilliant and successful future by becoming a painter.

There are many students who are fond of painting since their childhood and that’s why they want to go ahead and make their career as a painter. But here let us inform you that to work as a professional painter, the candidate should follow the whole process so that his art can get a right direction and he can make a successful career in this field. Therefore, if you also want that you become a successful painter, then this article of ours should be complete because we are going to give all the information about it in this article. That’s why read our entire post to know the whole process.

What is a Painter ?

First of all, let us tell you here that a painter is a professional artist who works in making pictures as well as coloring in it. Apart from this, the work of painting on different types of surfaces is also done by the Painter. Painting work is done in homes and industrial places also by the painter. Painters use color and wallpaper to decorate any home, office, school, school, college, institute etc. In this way, it can be said that the work of making any place beautiful is largely in the hands of the painter. A painter uses his art to create many types of paintings. Therefore, this work can only be done by a person who is fully skilled in this art.

How to become a Painter?

Candidates who want to become a painter, tell them here for information that first they should complete their 12th class studies in any subject and after that they should do any diploma or degree course related to becoming a painter. After completing his studies, if the student wants, he can also take admission in the post graduation course but if the student wants to do the job then he can work as a painter even after graduation.

Painter Qualification

  • Candidate must have done BA in Painting from any recognized school.
  • Or else the candidate should have done BFA in Painting.
  • OR Candidate must have done Certificate / Diploma course in Painting.
  • Candidate should have good knowledge of colours.
  • Must be able to mix and match different colors.
  • Good communication skills are a must.

Age Range

  • Interested candidate should be at least 20 years of age.
  • There is no maximum age limit for the candidate, so any age can work in this field.

Painter’s Job Description

  • Matching and coloring different surfaces for painting.
  • Carrying out touch-ups related to painting.
  • Carrying out a variety of domestic and industrial projects.
  • Renovating houses.
  • Using wallpaper to decorate rooms.
  • Doing various types of drawing work.

Painter Career

When a candidate becomes a painter, then there are many career opportunities in front of him where he can apply to work in art gallery, magazine, newspaper, TV and film industry according to his qualification. Along with this, if he wants, he can also do his own work and if he is fond of teaching then he can also do the work of teaching in any fine art institute.

Painter Salary

When a candidate becomes a painter, his pay scale depends on how much people like the work done by him and how well he does his work. Well let us tell you here that initially a painter can get a salary package ranging from 20,000 to 30,000 every month and when he gets a lot of experience in this field, then his salary increases even more. .

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