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Today’s article in which you will learn how to become a Flight Instructor? In this article, we will tell you that from which top institute of India you can become a flight instructor and along with this, when you become a flight instructor, then after that how much salary you can get every month. Apart from this, how much qualification should you have to become a flight instructor and you will also learn other essential things which will prove beneficial for you.

If you like to become a flight instructor then you can make a career in this field and progress very well but to become a flight instructor you will need some qualifications and along with that you have to be aware of all the important things. It is important that you become a flight instructor. So if you want to become a flight instructor then read our today’s post from beginning to end because we are going to give you information about the complete process of becoming a flight instructor.

What is a Flight Instructor?

Let us tell you here that a flight instructor is the one who gives all the information about flying a plane to a student and gives him training. Aircraft Instructor is called Flight Instructor in Hindi which gives complete training to the students about Helicopter and Airplane such as theoretical knowledge, training on every aspect to fly the aircraft, aerodynamic knowledge, use of instruments in cockpit etc. . Along with this, the plane also gives some instructions related to flying to all the students of the flight and keep in mind whether the students are following them or not. To become a flight instructor, a candidate has to put in a lot of hard work.

How to become a Flight Instructor?

To become a flight instructor, the candidate has to first pass the 12th class and after that he will have to do the related courses which are as follows-

  • Candidate should have valid CPL or Professional Pilot’s License.
  • The candidate has to pass the ATPL which is given to him by the DGCA after the oral exam.
  • The candidate should have a medical certificate which is class-I.

Flight Instructor Qualifications

  • Candidate must have passed 12th class with Science subject.
  • In 12th, the candidate should have studied subjects like Physics and Mathematics.
  • Candidate should also have good knowledge of English language.

Age Range

The age of the candidate must be 18 years or above.

Physical Eligibility for Flight Instructor

Although there is no physical qualification required for flight instructor but the candidate needs a first class medical certificate under which his body is examined like the following we are telling you:

  • The eyes of the candidate should not be weak.
  • The candidate should not have color blindness problem.
  • The candidate should not have any serious illness.
  • There should not be any kind of respiratory disease.

Course Fees

The fee for the course that a candidate has to do to become a flight instructor varies from institute to college depending on which institute you have opted for. Let us tell you here that to become a flight instructor, a candidate may have to pay a salary ranging from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 15 lakh. Know here that in a reputed institute you may have to pay even more fees.

Top institutes to become a Flight Instructor

There are many institutes to become a flight instructor in India from where you can become a flight instructor. But whenever you enroll in a course to become a flight instructor, choose a top institute for that. Following we are telling you the names of some top institutes which are as follows:

  • Pioneer Flying Academy P. Ltd. New Delhi
  • Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy
  • National Flying Training Institute
  • Madhya Pradesh Flying Club
  • Ahmedabad aviation and aeronautics LTD
  • Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
  • Lovely Professional University Phagwara
  • Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
  • Amity University Noida
  • Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
  • SRM University Andhra Pradesh
  • Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani

What are Flight Instructor Courses/Subjects

  • Air navigation
  • Basics of navigation
  • Magnetism and compasses
  • Charts
  • Dead reckoning navigation
  • In-flight navigation
  • Introduction to mass and balance
  • Loading
  • Center of Gravity
  • Performance of single engine airplanes
  • Flight planning and monitoring airplane
  • Radio navigation
  • Instrumentation
  • Aviation Meterology
  • The Atmosphere
  • Human performance and limitations
  • Operational procedures
  • Communications
  • Aircraft and Engine – Technical General
  • Aircraft and engines
  • Principles of flight

Flight Instructor Job Description

For information here, let us tell you that the work of a flight instructor is very important, under which he trains students to become pilots in which he has to do the following tasks:

  • To give all the information to the students about the aircraft.
  • Train the student about every aspect of flying an aircraft.
  • Provides instructions on how to fly the aircraft.
  • Provides theatrical and practical training to the students.
  • Gives all the information about Aerodynamics.
  • Using instruments in the cockpit.

Flight Instructor Career

After becoming a flight instructor, many career options come in front of any candidate under which they can do the job. Let us tell you here for information that the candidate can work in government or private aviation industry where he gets many opportunities to move forward.

Flight Instructor salary

Let us tell you here that a flight instructor gets a salary ranging from 40 to 70 thousand rupees every month and along with this he gets other facilities as well. Apart from this, the salary of the flight instructor also depends on how the company he is working in, if he works in a big company, then there he can get a better salary package every month. .

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