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Some people aspire to go into the medical line because it is such an industry where the candidate gets a lot of opportunities to move forward and there is such a course in microbiology, after doing which you can work in this field. If you are also a student who wants to become a biotechnologist after 12th and are looking for the necessary information related to it, then read our today’s article and know about the whole process.

Are you interested in making a career in Bio, do you want to know about such career options, which can give you a chance to work related to Bio and Technology, how to make a career in Biotechnology on this topic If you want information, then you are reading the right article.

What is Biotechnologist ?

First of all, let us tell you here that a biotechnologist is a professional scientist whose work is mainly related to living things especially cells and bacteria. Let us tell here that today along with the increasing population of the earth, the demand for food, medicines and other consumption items is increasing very fast, but the problem is that the resources of the earth are now decreasing.

In this way, to keep pace with the demand within the limited resources, it is very important to improve the quality as well as quantity of the existing resources, which is possible only by doing research. Biotechnologists also do research work on all the biological resources on earth.

How to become a Biotechnologist ?

If you want to become a Biotechnologist, then it is necessary that first of all you should pass your 12th class in subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. After that the candidate should have a B.Tech or B.Sc degree in Biotechnology. Then the student should pursue a post graduation degree in Biotechnology. When his course is completed, then he gets opportunities to work in different departments.

Qualifications to Become a Biotechnologist?

  • The student must have at least a graduation in Biotechnology.
  • Or the student has done post graduation in Biotechnology.
  • The communication skills of the candidate should be good.
  • Candidate must have knowledge of computer.
  • Candidate should also know English language.

Age Range

The candidate must be at least 17 years of age at the time of enrolling in the Biotechnology course.
Relaxation in upper age limit is given as per government rules.

Biotechnologist Job Discription

A candidate working as a biotechnologist has to do various important tasks, whose information is as follows –

  • Designing as well as implementing research studies.
  • To set up equipment in the laboratory to monitor the experiment.
  • Developing various processes for conducting new research.
  • Identifying how to apply research to improve human life.
  • Working with laboratory technicians during research work.
  • Collecting cells, blood samples, food, tissue samples besides examining them.
  • Record and analyze the results.

Career scope in Biotechnology

The sector of Biotechnology has made a very important place in the country. Under this field all possible fields like, Pharmaceutical, Food Manufacturing, Healthcare, Agriculture, Education and Research have been included. In such a situation, apart from these fields, the contribution of biotechnology in many other fields cannot be ignored.

Be it the issues related to biofertilizers, biopesticides, green revolution or bioinformatics that will revolutionize the field of IT, biotechnology is providing a plethora of job opportunities to the youth of India.

Biotechnologist Career

Biotechnology is a field where many job opportunities are constantly coming out for the candidates in government and non-government places. That is why the career prospects in this field are very good which are as follows –

  • Research scientist
  • Teacher
  • Marketing manager
  • Science writer
  • Quality control officer
  • Food Production Incharge

Biotechnologist Salary

The candidates who become Biotechnologists get very attractive salary every month which can range from around Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000. Thus, after gaining a few years of experience, the candidate gets an even higher salary.

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