Haryana Udhyam Memorandum (H.U.M) Portal at harudhyam.edisha.gov.in

Khattar launches unique ID portal for MSMEs, Haryana Udham Memorandum (H.U.M) Portal Enterprises registration / application form harudhyam.edisha.gov.in, login and apply online for unique HUM ID for all enterprises like shops, MSME, large and mega industries.

Haryana Government has launched the Haryana Udham Memorandum Portal on 5 June 2020 at harudhyam.edisha.gov.in. The new HUM web portal is a unique initiative to bring all the industries registered in Haryana i.e. micro, small, medium and large enterprises on a single platform. Forum. All enterprise enterprise level users can apply by filling online registration / application form and login for UID on the official website.

The H.U.M portal provides Unique Identification (UID) to all enterprises whether shops, MSMEs, large and mega industries are able to provide permissions and services in an integrated manner. In addition, Haryana Udham Memorandum (HUM) will also enable registration of labor engaged by portal enterprises (udyam). It will create a database of all employees engaged in industrial enterprises in the state.

Haryana Udham Memorandum (HUM) Portal

Haryana Udhayam Memorandum is a unique initiative of the state government to provide UID to all enterprises, be it at large, medium, small, micro level. The HUM portal has been developed in joint collaboration with the Department of Civil Resources Information (CRID), the Department of Industry and Commerce and the Department of Labor. To get unique H.U.M number, each industry has to apply online and fill the registration / application form of enterprises on the H.U.M portal mentioned below.

  • Enterprise User Registration Form / Login
  • On the official website 
  • Click on the “Sign up as enterprise user” tab under the ‘Account log in’ section.
  • Later, enterprise level users will create a sign up page
  • Here select the user type (enterprise level), username (as per Aadhaar), Aadhaar number, designation, mobile number, e-mail address, authorized person and on the “Save and Continue” button to complete the registration process Click.
  • Finally, candidates can login as an enterprise user using the mobile number and click on the “Get OTP” button on the homepage
  •     Then applicants can fill the enterprise online application form on Haryana Udham Memorandum Portal.

Unique HUM Number (ID) to industries

Each industry will be issued a unique H.U.M number which registers on this harudhyam.edisha.gov.in portal. It is a user-friendly portal and for registration, industries are required to fill basic details. All registered enterprises will also have to upload basic details of their employees engaged in the enterprises.

Database of industry and employees on Haryana Udyog Memorandum Portal

The Haryana Udyog Memorandum Portal will help in creating a complete database of all types of industries registered in Haryana as well as employees working in it. The database created will help the Haryana government. Formulation of welfare policies in due course of time.

Integration with HEPC and Labor Department Portal

Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar has directed that Haryana Enterprise Promotion Center (HEPC) portal and Labor Department portal should also be integrated with HUM portal. Accordingly, the HUM ID will be made mandatory for all applications in relation to the service provided on the HEPC portal or by the Labor Department on their portal.

Access to Saksham Yuva Portal for Registered Enterprises

All the industries registered on H.UM. The portal should also be given access to the “Sakam Yuva Portal” of the state government. This will enable industries to appoint candidates according to the requirements of the industry. The youth of Haryana state will get maximum employment opportunities through this initiative. The Chief Minister directed that SMS should be sent as soon as possible to about 50,000 employees of various industries in the state, who have sought permission for agitation in other states during Kovid-19, so that they can get H.M. To register yourself on the portal.

Helpline Number / E-Mail ID / References

In case of any query or information, one can contact the helpline number (toll free) at 1800-200-0023. Users can even send an email at [email protected]. The other useful links are as follows:-

  • Haryana Udhyam Memorandum (HUM) User Manual – Click Here
  • Haryana Udhyam Memorandum (H.U.M) Standard Operating Procedure 2020 – Click Here
  • National Industrial Classification Code (All Economic Activities) – Click Here
  • For more details, visit the official website at http://harudhyam.edisha.gov.in/

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