Fisdom Insurance Review – What is and how to do

Fisdom Insurance Review – What is and how to do: Friends, nowadays the importance of life insurance has increased a lot. Lakhs of houses became homeless due to Corona virus. Lakhs of children were left as orphans.

Those who are unable to even get food after the death of their parents. In such a situation, the trend of people has increased towards life insurance. This time corona, before now diseases like flu, malaria and dengue wreak havoc.

Along with this, the statistics of road accidents in India are shocking. Till date, soldiers have not died in so many wars in India, as many are killed in road accidents every year. In India, about 4 lakh people lose their lives every year in road accidents. If seen in statistics, the people killed in road accidents are often the heads of the household.

Or those who bear the expenses of the house. In such a situation, the economic condition of the family members gets worse. Along with this, due to the death of the country’s working class in accidents, there is also a loss in GDP. In such a situation, people are moving towards insurance.

Come friends, today we will talk about an app from where you can get insurance very easily. Let us know how to take an online insurance policy. Today we will talk about what is Fisdom Insurance. As well as we will talk about Fisdom Insurance, what are the benefits of Fisdom Insurance? Fisdom insurance hospital list. About Types of Fisdom Insurance etc.

What is Fisdom Insurance & How to do it?

Fisdom Insurance protects you against damage, loss and theft of your valuables. The premium and cover of Fisdom insurance are based on the limit of insurance and the type of insurance. If something untoward happens to you.

Or your car gets damaged in an accident. So fisdom insurance company will compensate for the loss of your car, if you have bought fisdom insurance.

Types of Fisdom Insurance

Various types of insurance are made available through the Fisdom app. Such as fisdom term insurance, fisdom covid insurance, fisdom health insurance. You can buy any type of insurance online as per your need and desire. Come, friends, know about these insurance policies in some detail.

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Fisdom Term Insurance

Insurance is given for a period under this insurance policy. Like you buy an insurance policy only for the next ten years. So you can take advantage of this facility only for 10 years. If some accident happens to you after 10 years. So you will not be given insurance cover from the company.

Fisdom Covid Insurance

Friends, you must have seen the condition of India during the Corona epidemic. When there was a shortage of oxygen and medicines in the country. So the prices of medicines and oxygen cylinders started skyrocketing. And it had become very difficult to get treatment.

Keeping this in view, fisdom health insurance has made available the facility of fisdom covid 19 insurance for its customers. With the fisdom covid 19 insurance policy, you can get the right treatment at the time of medical emergency. You can buy fisdom corona insurance policy from just Rs.459 per year. In which you will be given fisdom corona insurance policy cover up to 50,000.

Fisdom Health Insurance

You can also buy health insurance through the Fisdom app. Through which you can use your medical expenses and during any other illness. Under health insurance, you get the hospital, the cost of going to the hospital, the cost of medicines, everything is paid by the insurance company.

Under life insurance, you can buy insurance ranging from 1 to 5 crores. The premium amount will be Rs 657 per month.

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Fisdom Insurance Benefits

The Fisdom Insurance Policy provides you the convenience of buying insurance against your disability, illness and accidental death in a single plan.

You can buy insurance from 1 Crore to 5 Crore with Fisdom Insurance EMI as low as Rs 657 per month.
You can pay the premium amount per month or per year. Which is convenient for you.

Fisdom Health Insurance Benefits

  • After buying health insurance, you do not have to worry about medical expenses.
  • The insurance company bears the pre and post hospitalization expenses.
  • Hospitalization and pre-admission expenses are also paid through insurance. Like the cost of an ambulance.
  • People taking insurance also get tax exemption from the government.
  • You do not have to worry about the rising cost of medical facilities. You can get treatment in the hospital of your choice.

Fisdom Motor Insurance Benefits

If you buy auto insurance from fisdom. So in case your vehicle gets damaged in any accident, fisdom will provide cover to your car. Because of which you will not have to spend money on repairing your vehicle. Vehicle insurance can be taken even on buying a bike to a big truck.

No paperwork is required. Fisdom Insurance is completely digital. You don’t have to submit a long proposal form and a lengthy inspection.

The Government of India has made it mandatory to buy motor insurance under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 on buying a new vehicle. If you do not have vehicle insurance. Then you may have to pay a fine of two thousand rupees.

How To Select Fisdom Insurance Plans

Various types of plans are offered under Fisdom Insurance. Such as health insurance, life insurance, personal accident insurance, health insurance, wallet insurance, home insurance etc. There are different types of plans available for the customers for all the plans. The sum assured also increases depending on the premium amount.

Under health insurance, you are given different types of plans. Even for dengue fever insurance is given. In such a situation, it is not possible to write so many plans at once. That’s why you are advised to download the Fisdom Insurance App once. And it is from here that the aspirant can know about the policy.

How to Do Fisdom Insurance?

You can visit the Fisdom Insurance online portal to apply online. And can also apply through mobile app. What you have to do to apply through online app. Let’s know.

  • First of all, you have to download Fisdom Insurance from Google Play Store or visit official website
  • Login to the app using your mobile number or Facebook account.
  • In the menu you will see many insurance options. Click on the option of the insurance you want to buy.
  • Now you have to give your complete details. You have to fill the form with your details.
  • After that agent can call you. Now your agent will help you.
  • And when you go through this process and prove your eligibility for the company, Then the company will give the insurance approval for you.
  • In this way you can buy insurance coverage.

Fisdom Insurance Customer Care Number

If you have any query, comment or suggestion then you can contact Fisdom Insurance Customer Care.

Customers can contact Fisdom Insurance Customer Care through any of the following means. By Phone: You can call Fisdom Insurance at 080 3040 8363 (Toll free).

Fisdom Insurance Reviews

Friends, we are not promoting Fisdom Insurance Company. As many people can be helped through our website. We are trying We read Fisdom Insurance Reviews about the loan from Fisdom Insurance. And in conclusion found that on average the company is good.

Our post is written for the purpose of information only. We are not promoting any company and any app. If something untoward happens to you in the future. So we will not be responsible for this. The purpose of the post is to introduce you to the information. This post does not claim any insurance and any terms and conditions related to Fisdom Insurance.

The Bottom Line:

Today, through this post, we told you how you can take Fisdom Insurance. However, despite all the information related to Fisdom Insurance, if you still have something that you did not understand. So you can ask him in the comment section. We will surely give you the answer.

If you found this post full of information, then share this post with your friends. So that they can also take advantage of this app in times of trouble. If you think this post can be of benefit to someone. Then definitely share this post with your friends.

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