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100 Words – Essay on Wonders of Science for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Science is made up of two words V and Gyan which means specific gyan. Science has simplified the life of man by giving him many pleasures. In today’s times, humans are surrounded by science from all sides. Everything around him depends on science. Through science, man has made impossible tasks possible. The greatest gift given by electrical science is that it is very useful for all tasks.

While Science is a boon for us, on the other hand, due to its misuse, sometimes it becomes a curse for us. Nuclear devices have been made with the help of science, which will lead to public welfare and misuse will harm all mankind. Science is a boon or curse for us, it depends on us. It is only through science that we can touch the heights of the sky today. Only through this, we can travel miles for hours. Today’s era is the era of science in which science is progressing day by day. We all should only use science properly.

150 Words – Essay on Wonders of Science for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Modern age is the age of science. Science plays a big role in every aspect of modern life. It has revolutionized our way of life. It has done amazing work in the past. What has been considered impossible in science has been made possible by science, it has brought big changes in our lives. If our ancestors visited our world today, they would not believe their eyes and ears. Today man has gained control over the forces of nature. Time and distance have been conquered.

Today we can travel much faster than man hundreds of years ago. Railway trains, buses, airplanes and ships have broken the barriers of time and geography. Now man has got more than powder space. He is thinking of building colonies on the moon. NASA has already started this ambitious project. Power science is a great wonder. It has made our lives more convenient. It lights our homes, runs factories, Sows seeds, cultivates crops and entertains us through TV and computers. It provides us through entertainment and instructions.

200 Words – Essay on Wonders of Science for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Medical science has actually made incurable diseases quite effective, ECG; EEG, CT scan, MRI, heart transplant and open heart surgery have made it convenient for doctors to diagnose and treat very serious diseases. Web conferencing has made it possible for a patient to get treatment from the best doctors in the world.

Cell phones have brought a revolution in the field of communication. Today, cell phones are not only a phone but a mini computer, a music provider and what not. Now you can be mobile, but keep in touch with the rest of the world at the same time. The cell phone is very useful in times of emergency, the wonders of science are beyond description.

He has given many blessings to man. If science is a blessing, it is also a curse. It is a matter of grave concern that it is being used for destructive purposes Atom bombs and other deadly weapons are set to kill millions of people in one stroke. Unless science is used for peaceful purposes, all its blessings will turn into curses.


600 Words – Essay on Wonders of Science for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Science is everywhere, from a simple pen to a printing machine, from paper airplanes to spacecraft. Science is an integral part of our daily life. Science has made our lives easy and comfortable with our innovations. Science has changed every sphere of life. Impossible things have become possible.

Science gift

The thousands of things we use in our daily lives are a gift of science. Here’s a look at some of these:

  • Electricity – The invention of electricity led to an incredible change for human civilization. Electricity helps in driving vehicles, heavy machinery, industries or other heavy wagons. Air conditioners, electric fans, electric heaters, lights have made our lives more comfortable. Basically, all scientific technologies rest on electricity.
  • Medicine and Surgery – Science has given amazing medicines which gives us instant relief. Science has helped overcome many dangerous and deadly diseases. Many vaccinations and medicines have been discovered to protect people from various diseases. Now, almost every part of the human body can be implanted by surgery. It can give us eyes to see, ears to hear and feet to walk. Scientists are searching for new and better methods for surgery. There have been incredible improvements in medical science. Blood transfusion and organ transplant is now possible. The invention of X-rays, ultrasonography, ECG, MRI, penicillin, etc. has made diagnosing problems much easier.
  • Travel and Transportation – Science has made our journey fast and comfortable. We can reach any part of the world within a few hours. We can travel by buses, cars, trains, ships, airplanes and other vehicles. They not only transport us but also deliver goods and materials quickly and safely to far off places.
  • Communication – Science has brought a great change in the way of communication. This is not a time when we have to wait long for the response to our letter. This is the time when we can talk to our relatives, even if they are far away from us. We can talk to them and also see them on our mobile phones. We can contact them from any part of the world. Mobile and Internet have helped in reducing the distance between people.
  • Agronomy has proved to be a real friend to farmers. Many innovations and discoveries help farmers to grow good quality crops. Harvesters, tractors, manure and seeds of good quality are a gift of science to a farmer. In the dairy business, the types of machinery are helping to grow their business. Science has improved his lifestyle.
  • Entertainment – Radio was the first instrument of entertainment science given to us. People used to listen to songs and news on it. But now science has amazed us with its new innovations in the field of entertainment. Now, we t on our mobile. V. can see. We can watch live telecasts everywhere. We can also watch videos on mobile, T.V and computer. We cannot imagine our life without these.
  • Education and industry-science has urbanized our education and business sector. The innovation of printing, typing, binding etc. has given a boost to our education system. Similarly, miracles have been done in the industrial sector, from the invention of needles, scissors and sewing machines to the invention of heavy industrial machinery.

700 Words – Essay on Wonders of Science for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Science is a great blessing for mankind. It has changed our daily lives, it is a faithful servant. It serves us in all walks of life. It is our servant at home, in the field and in the factory. It gives us every step and step in life. There was never more help than science. It has become a part of our life. We are alive, moving forward and our age is in BF science. Whenever we set our eyes, we see the achievements and achievements of science.

We feel the impact of science every moment. Actually, science is with us so much that it is difficult to separate it from life. Civilized life means life in science of all the inventions of science, perhaps the most useful and therefore most valuable, invention of electricity. The role played by this multipurpose gift of science in our lives is as varied as it is striking. The electric fan saves us from the heat of heaven. Electric lamps are far away from the darkness of our homes. Electric lifts take us to the highest floor of the sky scraper in an instant. The electric gadget filters our water and electric pumps, providing it to every part of a building. Refrigerators stress our food is the greatest blessing for a science housewife now she does not have to always confirm herself in the kitchen. Science has at its disposal a number of electronic devices to lighten its toil. There is no dirt, no smoke and no cooking is done at the time.

There are electric appliances for ironing, cleaning, washing and sweeping. It has given me leisure to watch TV, to relax, to study, to listen to music and to make my children aware and help them in their homework. Science had brought a great revolution in the field of transport and communication. It has made traveling a pleasure. Science has destroyed time and space. Roaring through forests and deserts in trains and man travels with safety and speed. Steamships have been put on the water in sailing ships and country boats. . Airplanes now take you to all parts of the world in an incredibly short period of time. Telephones, telegraphs, and wireless and television enable you to communicate directly with people across continents and oceans.

You can have your breakfast in Delhi, lunch in Singapore and dinner in Jakarta. The distance of months and years comes in hours and days. Feeling sincere after physical health. It is our most faithful medical attendant. It cures many diseases and restores us normal health with amazing medicines and procedures. It not only provides us therapeutic medicine but also prevents one. Now whitepaper, cholera does not occur and kills the destruction of mankind. It gives us the strength to kill the microbes that spread their diseases.

Science has also put various means of education and knowledge at our disposal, that is, newspapers, looks, magazines come out by the printing press. The result is that superstition and ignorance are now difficult to maneuver. Thus it has contributed significantly to the development of our mind. Science has also brought cheers to the life of the worker. It has taken on itself the most odious jobs. Humans no longer have to do tedious jobs to dig into coal and iron mines with their ancient tools. Every factory is a tribute to the care and peace that science has brought, our lives. But on the other side of the picture, science has done the greatest atrocities for humans in the field of weapons. The invention of guns, atomic bombs, lethal missiles have endangered the existence of mankind. It is making it more complex, artificial and mechanical. It is taking us away from nature. Now it is up to us to decide whether we will destroy the world with nuclear bombs or rebuild it with nuclear power.

1000 Words – Essay on Wonders of Science for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Research in medical science has greatly benefited humanity. Therapeutics provides treatment and cure. It protects man against various diseases. Different countries have different systems of medicines. Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Acupressure etc., have become popular today. Diseases like cholera, polio, malaria, smallpox, etc. are almost gone. Once considered incurable, diseases like cancer and tuberculosis can be cured today. Organ transplantation, brain surgery, use of prostheses and organs, genetic engineering and cloning can be done easily.

Hygiene and balanced diet have been emphasized in medical science as well. There are negative side effects but they can be taken into consideration. After all, medical science has made life healthier and happier than before. Man always wishes to be healthy. To say ‘health is wealth’ is absolutely correct. Medical science helps man a lot in maintaining good health, it provides treatment and provides protection to humans against cure and various diseases. Medical science has helped in the process of supporting the proper functioning of the human machine. Man has been suffering from various diseases since time immemorial.

He has done extensive research to find cures and remedies for the diseases that afflict him. This gave rise to different systems of medicine in different parts of the world. They are the Egyptian system, the Chinese system, the Indian system (Ayurveda), the German system (homeopathy) and the Western system (allopathy). Homeopathy is based on the principle of ‘like treatment’ Allopathy theory is based on ‘opposite opposite’. Acupuncture, the method of sucking skin or tissues with needles was developed by the Chinese for the treatment of various diseases. Today Ayurveda, homeopathy and acupuncture have become popular as an alternative to allopathy. In the last few decades, medical science has made rapid progress. Medicinal and surgical treatments have developed very rapidly.

Diseases like smallpox, polio, plague, malaria, etc. have almost been eradicated. Many other diseases have been controlled through vaccination. Treatment of fatal diseases such as open heart surgery, organ transplant, brain surgery, cancer, tuberculosis, etc. can all be possible. Internal tumors and stones that were considered irreversible a few years ago can be removed. Unstable or hidden diseases in the body can be easily diagnosed with the help of X-rays. Gamma radiation is used for the treatment of cancer. Eye disorders can be cured with laser rays, lenses and glasses. With surgery, vision can now be returned to a blind person and hearing impaired can also be given to a hearing impaired person.

In a medical breakthrough, in 2007, doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi used a cornea to provide vision to three patients. Blood transfusions can give new life to those who die from wounds, or suffer from anemia from another disease. Thalassemia and blood cancer patients require periodic blood transfusions for lifelong treatment. The year 2007 saw another significant breakthrough in medical science, making it a universal donor to all humans. This success could potentially mean a lack of blood, giving prostheses and limbs is now common.

Painless and even bloodless operations are performed without pain Laser surgery has enabled the body to conduct the surgery without opening it. Success in stem cell research and regenerative medicine has led to hope in many diseases that have hitherto been ineffective. Scientists have also been successful in cloning animals. Blood banks and sperm banks have been established. The application of genetic engineering works wonders. Many genetic as well as other diseases that were once incurable can now be cured by the process of genetic engineering. Advances in medical science have resulted in an increase in the average human lifespan on the one hand, while on the other hand, the use of contraceptives has been a major factor in declining birth rates.

AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is still an incurable disease. Medical scientists are trying to find a cure against this dangerous disease. Studies have been done at the molecular level to control the disease. Tests such as AIISA and Particle Agglutination Test (PAT) are used to detect AIDS. Nowadays, ready-to-diagnose diagnostic kits are available to detect diseases like malaria, hepatitis etc. These kits help detect a disease in the early stages of infection. Such kits are available to detect pregnancy to detect sensitive allergies and to measure blood levels of various substances.

Judicial science deals with the application of medical science to deal with legal issues. It helps to identify the cause of death through an autopsy. Technique of DNA * Fingerprinting is often used to identify and identify criminals. This branch of medical science is helpful in solving crimes and solving murder mysteries. Research in medical science has put forward the need and importance of a balanced dial. A diet is balanced if it contains the right amount of nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, proteins and minerals. A balanced diet helps in staying healthy and free from diseases. Sometimes, a person’s regular diet may be deficient in some important nutrients. Multi-vitamin pills, pills, etc., are available to overcome such deficiency.

In earlier times, a general practitioner treated diseases afflicting any part of the body. Today specialists and super-specialists are available for the treatment of various diseases. There are dentists, ophthalmologists, cardiologists, psychiatrists, dermatologists, neurologists and many others. Experts have extensive knowledge of organ systems that they perform. Advances in medical science have also inspired some social evils. Sex determination tests are being misused for female feticide. Cloning and euthanasia have created a serious moral dilemma. But these people can take care of themselves. Excessive and indiscriminate use of medicines for common diseases like fever, headache, etc. should be avoided. Thus medical science has proved a boon for mankind. This has increased the lifespan of humans. This has helped humans in fighting diseases.

1300 Words – Essay on Wonders of Science for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Science has revolutionized human existence, it has made human life more comfortable. Electricity is the greatest miracle of modem science. The rapid development of means of transport and communication has transformed the world into a global village. In the field of agriculture, science has helped to increase crop production and improve its quality. Science has enabled a person capable of diagnosing and treating many dangerous diseases.

Information technology and computers have revolutionized our way of life, but in many cases its misuse has made science a boon in the inequality of humanity. Science has threatened the existence of mankind to produce all kinds of weapons – nuclear, biological, chemical etc.

Cybercrime is the latest addition to the list of crimes. The misuse of science has taken mankind on the path of destruction. We should use science to take advantage of our blessings and not misuse it to make us curse. Science has revolutionized human existence, most progress has been made by mankind in the field of science in various fields from stone age to modem day. Not only physical progress, but also the mental outlook of man has been affected by it.

He has made human life very comfortable. Agriculture, trade, transportation, communication and medicine, to name a few, are all indebted to have produced supernatural science. We have become more advanced socially and culturally. This is because the world has changed drastically due to the rapid growth made in the field of science and technology. The era of fire discovery and later wheel-modern science began.

Electricity is one of the greatest wonders of modern science. It is an unprecedented source of energy. It can run any type of machinery. With the help of electricity, we can light our rooms, drive trams and trains, and draw water for irrigation. Are. The discovery and development of a large number of powerful energy sources – coal, petroleum, natural gas, electricity, etc., has helped facilitate the rapid development of transportation and communication, which in turn has transformed the world into a global village.

Science has given many types of transport and travel to humans – cars, trains, airplanes, ships etc. Man has reached the moon. Fast modes of transport are quite useful for sending food grains to victims of famine or medical aid to end epidemics around the world. At the disposal of the abusers, they assist crime through transportation to distant places in terms of hours, agents and weapons of mass destruction. Science has also benefited agriculture. The level of food production and food quality have improved a lot. Soil analysis, hybrids of crops, fertilizers, pesticides, advanced equipment and machinery, improved cultivation and methods of harvesting etc. have all contributed to the increase in production of crops.

Today, we have deployed in outer space meteorological satellites to send data and images to Earth’s stations and allow agricultural scientists to detect and analyze soil patterns. Satellites also help detect the progress of rain, winds and even locusts that endanger crops. Satellites can also warn about natural disasters such as hurricanes that cause heavy damage. Science has enabled humans to diagnose and treat many dangerous diseases. Open heart surgeries, organ transplants, etc. have all become possible now the number of killer diseases is now fine. Diseases like smallpox, polio, plague, malaria, etc. are almost eradicated.

Diseases hidden in the body can be easily diagnosed with the help of X-rays. Scientists have been successful in cloning animals. Methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment have evolved rapidly. As a result of tremendous progress in medical science, humans Average life expectancy has increased. Man, with the help of science, is able to control the spread of fatal diseases by increasing longevity, arrests to a large extent to the gradual decay of the human body, and creating extraordinary life-long drugs and medicines. Diseases such as tuberculosis and many types of cancer, which were considered fatal a few decades ago, can no longer exist.

One of the greatest achievements of science occurs in the field of entertainment. The comfort management industry, with TV shows, concerts and films, is emerging as the largest and most important industry in the twenty-first century. Satellite television has made it possible for millions of people to watch sports and entertainment events happening in different parts of the world, as well as information technology and computers have revolutionized our lifestyles. Automation in banks and railway stations The public and employees alike are relieved. Tickets and reservations have become more efficient and convenient. In medical diagnosis, computers are used to accurately and accurately detect and investigate any abnormality or disease.

Internet has some very useful applications in our day to day life. Mobile phone is the result of advanced information technology. However, there is another aspect of the wonders of science. It is said that science is a good servant but a bad master. As a servant it makes our life comfortable. But, as a master, science is capable of causing widespread destruction and wiping out the entire human race. It cannot be denied that boon has been made redundant in many cases.

There are innumerable examples that prove that science, a blessing, has been turned into a curse by man. Sir Alfred Nobel experimented with dynamite to clear vast mountains, but the modem man uses it to kill his fellow people. The devastating potential of nuclear power was seen in August 1945, when the United States dropped an atomic bomb on two Japanese cities in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Those who survived the atomic bombing were facing the aftermath.

It is a very disturbing fact that most of the national income of a developing country is spent on acquiring the latest weapons, bombs and missiles. Guns, revolvers, tanks, fighters, explosives, atomic bombs, etc. were invented to develop a strong security mechanism to protect innocent people, but their misuse is now crushing humanity. Apart from nuclear weapons, humans have also started stocking biological and chemical weapons.

These weapons are deadly. Biotechnology is a great boon to fight diseases, but along with medicines, dangerous biological weapons have also been developed. Anthrax envelopes are intentionally released into the air to spread bacterial diseases, used to spread terrorism. The negative effects of the overuse of fertilizers, and the negative effects of pesticide damage of pesticides are now apparent. The salinity of the soil has increased. Traces of DDT are found in plants.

Humans produce the same and consume toxins together, causing various health problems. Establishment and expansion of factories has resulted in all-out pollution. Motor vehicles emit a lot of toxic substances into the atmosphere. This has led to the depletion of the ozone layer and consequently increased global warming. A good source of television, entertainment, education, and information, it also has negative effects. There are many programs that promote violence and pornography, and teens are more interested in watching these programs.

Youth may face shocking crimes due to aggression and violence at an early age. Sometimes, even mature age people learn and apply different ways of committing crimes from TV serials and movies. The power of the Internet is also being misused through unhealthy practices such as displaying pornographic content or disseminating malicious content to break one’s reputation.

Many people spend their time in chat rooms for obscene conversations. The Internet is increasingly misused for spamming, hacking, phishing, profanity and other illegal activities. Science has two faces – good and bad. It is up to us who come to the science that we want to emerge. If we use the gifts of science in a positive way and in a positive direction, it will benefit mankind, but if we misuse it, it will prove to be massively harmful. To save the world from destruction, we must use the gifts of science in a moral and rational way.


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