Essay on Watchman in English – 250 Words

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Essay on Watchman in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

A watchman is a person whose job is to protect a building or area. Like all schools in the city, our school also has a janitor. Their duties are to lock the school after school hours and to open and receive school premises every morning. During the day he works as an additional shipowner. He is also in charge of the principal’s office and teacher’s room.

He keeps these rooms very clean and well-organized. He transforms flowers into flower vases. He chalks a new box on the table of the teacher’s room every day. Our watchman is a thin and tall man. Our school legend says that he is a soldier from the army and he fought in the India-Pakistan war. His appearance and bearing are that of a soldier. He dresses very neatly in a khaki brown pants and shirt. Ned wears old army boots, always polished like a mirror.

Our head has given instructions to keep an eye on the students so someone can watch us very closely for any mischief that we can do during our leisure and sports period. He does not allow any student to visit the school premises without the permission of the class teacher and the principal. Nor does it allow any visitor to enter the school premises without prior appointment. We all fear our teachers more. He is indeed a symbol of hand work and honesty.

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