Essay on Violence Against Women in English

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600 Words – Essay on Violence Against Women for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

These atrocities have not reduced, we all have to bear the brunt of the atrocities on women, we have to respect women, they have to respect them, look at any women from a right perspective, they have to build their confidence, they will not be weaker than men. It should be understood that only then our country will be able to progress and there will be peace and happiness in our country.

You must have seen that the women of ancient times were very courageous and great. It is said that Sati proved her husband to Yamraj
Pran had also saved life, women of today should also learn all these things and should think that if she wants she can do everything because she can give birth, she can do everything, I mean to say Today’s women should not be afraid of men, but should fight against them because woman is a power and there is nothing more than this power.

Due to atrocities on women and diagnosis- Friends, today’s women are being tortured a lot, if you see, you will find TV channels and newspapers full of such news. These atrocities are much bigger than before, obviously, if this atrocity is big, then it is also due to it.

(1) TV channels and talkies-

Atrocities on women like rape is a cause of TV channels, women in TV channels or films of today
The image of it is shown in such a way as if it is not something like an object, TV channels and today’s films spoil the mentality of the people in a way, because of this people consider a woman to be just a hungry eater. , Some people do not understand that a woman is a mother, a woman is a mother, if we preach in this way to women, then believe that the days are not far when women will not be safe at all.

Therefore, I request such people that if the film is to be promoted, it should do it on the basis of its talent, do not promote the film by showing the body of the woman.

(2) People’s mentality

Friends, women are tortured, beaten, raped, tortured, have a reason to bother women for not giving dowry. People’s mentality because nowadays this kind of environment has spoiled the mindset of people, they do not understand that if we How will our sister and daughter stay safe if they torture a woman? People are far off, people who have been entrusted with the responsibility of protecting women, they do not protect women, not only that, but I have seen some people, they consider women as slaves, not women, those people Should understand that a woman has given birth to you.

We should look at women with respect and should not consider them weaker than anyone.

(3) Do not help women-

Some people only think about themselves, if a sissy daughter is tortured, then people shirk, they do not help them, people wonder why we should help her. People should think that if we are on a girl We will not try to stop the atrocities, so how can this country be developed because everything that human beings do has its effect in the country.

(4) Women consider themselves weak

I think the biggest reason for oppression of women is that women should think of themselves as weak, women should understand
That she is not working with anyone, she can do anything, the woman of our country should consider herself weak from the beginning, the woman should not be afraid of bad people but should face them, because if she wants something She can also do it.
Crime will be able to work.

1000 Words – Essay on Violence Against Women for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Injustice and oppression on anyone cannot be a sign of a civilized society. Then it is against nature to do this with a very large section of society ie women. Woman also has all the natural rights that a man has. The intention to torture them as an abla is cowardice.

Today, look at any area and look at it, women are shoulder to shoulder with men and share the same progress. Then they are considered why they are considered inferior. We should use courage and skill in the right direction for the progress of the society by helping them by increasing their confidence and only then our society will be able to progress.

Do we want to keep only men in our modern society today? If not, why the oppression of women. Is she not a citizen of this country or is she just a woman, so she should be treated like this? If so, then our mother, sister, wife, sister, sister-in-law are also a woman.

Incidents of female atrocities are increasing in the coming days. Crimes like rape, rape, acid burning, dowry harassment and divorce still raise questions on our thinking.

The Nirbhaya incident of Delhi has not only revealed the nature of this scandal in the country but also around the world. Although this incident which embarrassed humanity embarrassed the entire country, but what happened after that was the real identity of Indian society.

The public outrage that was witnessed on the movement and social media across the country to immediately catch the culprits and take strict action on them, if we keep the same indignation alive in our heart, then there is a possibility of executing this kind of incident in our society. Will not think

On the one hand, on the world forums, we repeat the utterance of Narayastu Pujyante Ramante Tatra Deity to speak about our homeland. But these incidents of female atrocities everyday reveal the same claims.

In our words, where the women are respected, the gods live there, but in reality most crimes against women occur in our country. If the capital of the country is included in them, then there is no justification for lobbying.

Measures to stop atrocities on women

We feel that the younger generation needs to change their thinking towards women. Even if our mythological statement is not true, it does not fall. Human beings reside in places where the nrios are respected. This statement seems to be right in today’s time and we should try to show it.

The government should also make provisions for special laws and strict punishment for the people who commit crimes against women. Many times the eyes are bowed with shame when a girl, 5-7 years old, is raped and she is heard of gang rape.

In which society are we living, where will this poor society progress? If this is the form of progress, we do not want a modern society, but return the society from two generations ago. Woman is the fundamental part of our society, if she spends her life in pain and hardships, then the society will move forward, it is a fantasy which has nothing to do with the truth.

Actually, crime is settled in people’s thinking. If you ask any of the common 10 humans, what is the reason for female atrocities, it is possible that most of your reasons will be counted that you should not wear jeans, should not go alone, should not get out of the house at night.

Consider if this is the reason for women’s atrocities, then what is the difference between our society and the forest. Tourists are also advised not to go alone, but not at night. Then what is the meaning of law in the system of society. Woods and women are also the main link of the society.

Is there freedom to wear them like boys, not to roam. We should change our thinking. If the thinking of a person is not dirty, then all the things do not matter. Through Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign, the Government of India is constantly motivating girls to give birth and educate them.

Today there are many states of the country where the sex ratio is very below normal. We need to change our perspective, then only we can settle with big difficulties in the future. Otherwise, if the situation remains the same then those days will come when a mother will not want to give birth to a daughter from her womb.

Increased atrocities on women

In my words, now is the time to wake up and awaken the male dominated society. Also, the time has come for women to realize their power and get them back to their lost power. If women know to give life, they also know to take.

The context of Sati Savitri is remarkable, who, on the strength of her truth and patronage, also rescued her husband’s life from Yamraj. Woman power will have to awaken its power itself because the person whose mind, soul and conscience has died is dead, then how will anyone wake up. The same situation is male dominated in this society.

The society should also take some steps to prevent these atrocities. There is a need to stop such content on today’s pornographic films and social media. Which has a direct negative impact on the coming generations.

If the advertisement on television is shown to children in a very vulgar manner, they are shown only in crime movies, then one day he will be freed from the fear of crime and he will have no hesitation in killing anyone. Because his mental training was getting him on television from his childhood.

These are some big things which now need strict attention. If we could not pay attention to this in time, then not only will the oppression of women increase, but our society will also rapidly move towards the wrong direction, from where it will become difficult to return.

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