Essay on The Future of Cottage Industries in India

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Essay on The Future of Cottage Industries in India in English for Students

If it is said that India is still a country of villages, then there will be no exaggeration but at the same time it is also true that Indian society is gradually moving towards urbanization. We get information about this from the census that takes place every ten years.

On the other hand, the structure of our villages has also changed a lot and facilities like cities are available in many villages. In these circumstances small changes in the villages and towns called cottage industries are seen to be drastically changing. Many cottage industries are in crisis condition or have ended due to not being able to compete with the larger ones.

The decline in cottage industries in India started for the first time due to the policies of the British rule, while at that time only cottage industries were prevalent in the name of industries. Various industries like handloom, handicrafts, oil press crusher were established in the village at private level and were the main means of rural employment.

In England, as a result of the industrial revolution, large mills were established there, for which raw material was mainly demanded from India at cheap prices. Finished goods were then sold at high prices in Indian mandis. The Indian cottage industry was destroyed due to this process going on for a long time. Later, Gandhiji inspired people to spin the thread from house to door, which made the situation a little easier.

After attaining independence, our central government laid special emphasis on the establishment of agriculture and heavy industries respectively, due to which small and cottage industries went on being neglected. However, the cottage industries could not be completely abolished as the efforts of the people at the private level were involved in its operation and even today, the cottage industries stand parallel to other industries and continue to play their useful role.

In villages, towns and cities, various works like flour mill, oil mill, kathkargha, silk and khadi cloth, harvesting and harvesting of crops are being done at the level of cottage industry. Traditional occupations of Darji, Carpenter, Blacksmith etc. fall in this category. Some people are doing metallurgical, leather work, parts making of various machines, brick making, paper bag making etc. at the small level which are the best examples of modern cottage industries.

Even though the nature of cottage industries in the whole world has changed due to the development of science and technology, the future of such industries cannot be said in the balance. Mechanization is also a pleasant phenomenon in cottage industries as it has led to a rapid increase in production capacity. Processing of fruits and vegetables is done easily through cottage industries based on these.

Various food items like pickles, jams, jellies, papad, biscuits, prepared spices etc. are being prepared on a large scale, on the other hand, the process of manufacture of them is going on even on a small scale. In this way, millions of people are getting employment at personal level. Right now, there is immense potential in this field in India because along with population growth, our daily needs are also increasing continuously.

In cities, cyber cafes, tea-shops, snacks etc. will also be exaggerated even if modern cottage industries are labeled. In small towns, sewing-embroidery training centers, typing centers, computer education centers are open, which can be placed in the category of similar industries. Employment is available to most of them. Thus it can be said that modern cottage industries in India have provided employment to a greater number of people than before.

Therefore, the future of cottage industries in India is not bleak if it gets a little government encouragement as well. Many unemployed can get self-employment due to the convenience of short-term small loans. Various government schemes are also being conducted in this direction, which can be very effective in the near future. In this way, migration of rural youth to cities can also be stopped.

Cottage industries- businesses are the backbone of our country’s economy. On one hand, such means are used which are of domestic and local level, on the other hand pollution is also less spread through them. Therefore, giving importance to them in comparison to small and large scale industries can be called intelligent in every way.

Now the notion is gradually ending that only large scale industries can generate employment. The success of the information revolution in India consists of the labor of technicians working individually.

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