Essay on The Autobiography of a School Desk

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Essay on The Autobiography of a School Desk in 400 words

On a sunny morning fifteen years ago, a busy carpenter at last gave finishing touches to me. The painter polished me. I was shining from top to toe and was very proud of my form and finish. I was ready to leave for my new home.

That very afternoon a huge truck pulled up at the carpenter’s workshop. I was loaded in it with my forty-five friends. The driver fastened us with stout ropes without caring for the pain he was causing us. He drove on the rough road and we all could feel the bumps. After a long, hard and tiring journey we reached our destination. How happy I was to see that I had become a member of the best school in the town !

We were hoisted out of the truck and dumped in the lown of the school. I gave a sigh of relief when I was carried into the senior most class of the school – Class XII, and was placed in the first row near the window. I had no children to be with a the school was closed for the summer vacations. I felt lonely and passed my time chatting with the other desks and enjoying nature.

Finally the school reopened. Two boys wanted to hve me as their desk as I was new. The teacher allotted me to a girl named Rohini. She was a very nice girl and treated me very gently and with utmost care. This made the other desks very jealous of me. I just do not know how the whole year passed. Time came for us to part. I felt miserable and restless and kept remembering her in the term break.

My next master was Sushil. He was very irresponsible. He would scribble on me and one day he even carved out his name on me with a blade. That was the most painful experience of my life. That night I could not sleep as I was in agony and wept bitterly. I was very happy when this naughty boy was promoted,

My carer has been a long span of many and varied experiences. Boys and girls have dragged me about, jumped and leaped on me, and even overturned me. Once in the course of a classroom fight, my back was broken. I was taken to the repairing room where I was soon mended. I have met many a student and teacher, some of whom are holding respectable positions in the society. I feel very proud of them. I always which success to all my masters.

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