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100 Words – Essay on Terrorism in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

Terrorism has become the biggest problem today. Terrorism is said to be all those activities which spread terror or it is the unlawful way to intimidate a person’s country. The organization or person who spreads terrorism is called terrorist. Earlier terrorism was only in some areas of North India but now it has spread all over India. Terrorism and black money are most encouraged by terrorism. People are indulging in terrorism in the greed to earn money. The country suffers a lot of loss of life and property due to terrorism. Disappointment and a sense of revenge also compel people to spread terrorism. Due to terrorism, the life of people has become uncertain in today’s time. Terrorism has put people in fear and crisis. The government should take tough decisions against this terrorism.

200 Words – Essay on Terrorism in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

Terrorism in English means “violent action for political purposes.” It has been growing despite decreasing in India. Most importantly, there is a need to worry that our country youth are involved with this crew (terrorism). Terrorism is the biggest threat to our country, not only it deteriorates the country’s economy, but many innocent people are losing their lives. Terrorism is a threat to mankind and our country. This is the worst way to threaten people and government. Now a days this problem is spreading all over the world.

According to me, people who become terrorists are uneducated and poor. Terrorism affects the country internally and it affects the base of the country. Terrorism affects the economy system of the country, architecture of the country, it affects the harmony within the people. According to the US State Department, India is the third largest terrorist target. There have been more than 927 terrorist attacks worldwide.

The main reason for more terrorism is religion. Politicians also play a role in terrorism. Politicians used religion as a weapon for votes and incited people and terrorism occurs. Lack of education and corruption is another reason for terrorism. The biggest example of terrorism is the 26/11 Mumbai attack as the most dangerous terrorist attack. Many terrorists covered the Taj Hotel and attacked it.

Terrorism can be controlled if proper education is imparted to people

300 Words – Essay on Terrorism in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

In a democratic country like India, there is no place for terrorism. Terrorism can be defined as an act, causing panic and fear among people choosing to fulfill its perceived object. It is of two types – Political and criminal terrorism Criminal terrorism is resorted to by criminals and it is sustained only on limited people or a particular section of society. However, the most dangerous is political terrorism.

Its effect is on all sections of society. A terrorist is a highly motivated man, often supported by political leaders, business men and influential people in society. They place terrorism in the belief that every problem in society can be eliminated with armed action. So a terrorist does not hesitate while committing murder, arson, robbery, and kidnapping. There have been instances when they have even resorted to a suicide bombing to achieve their lewd acts.

India is a democracy Many people have different opinions about how things should be organized in the country. But society is divided due to the non-tolerance of some people, such as religious and political leaders. These leaders mislead innocent youths into believing that only violence can solve the problem. Through these misguided youth, these unscrupulous leaders tried to create disturbances in the society.

However, the gates of dialogue are always open. And as proven from time to time by various witnesses such as the ‘Rajiv-Longowal Accord, Mizoram Accord and Assam Accord’, no method other than negotiation and discussion is the best way to resolve differences. So we can really say that in a democracy like India, there is no place for terrorism.

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