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200 Words – Essay on Television in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

The new invention of modern era television is attracting everyone. Children are very impressed by it. Children get education and entertainment from it. It is used as an aid material for education. It is very important in schools. It is a strange thing to sit at home and watch distant scenes. It looks like we are dreaming. It is amazing to see news with pictures of the country and abroad. Dramas, movies, etc. are all shown in this television. In a short time we get more and more entertaining by sitting in the house. Business people make more money by advertising.

Nowadays boys and girls are focusing more attention on television . Sometimes at three o’clock in the night, he enjoys the sports world. They leave studies and watch entertaining programs like dramas, movies, pictures, etc. on television . Due to being tired, they are unable to do homework from school. As a result, teachers, parents and in their own eyes feel inferior. Such children should finish their studies early and first and watch television . television should be utilized properly. It should not be misused.

300 Words – Essay on Television in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

Television is one of the greatest inventions of our time. Ever since we have mastered the art of transforming electronic signals into two-dimensional images, life has never been the same again. Just sitting at home we can see what is happening in and around the country. We have access to news, visuals, entertainment, education and information at the press of a button Indian television has come a long way both in terms of content and broadcasting. When TV first came to India; It was meant to be used as a tool for development. Hence its initial programs were agriculture and education based.

TV has become a big business over time. Not only has the broadcast time increased, the number of channels available to viewers has also been multiplied. Television production programs have become a distinct industry. Industrial houses, filmmakers and artists have established large studios and production facilities. Today we have more software companies than at any time in the entire history of Indian television Producers, directors and television companies have used vast information markets. They are producing entertainment, information and educational programs related to almost every aspect of our society. Also, in programs like ‘Aap Ki Adalat’, ‘Close-up Antakshari’ etc. we have programs like Mind, Watch, Books and Thoughts which deal with topics as diverse as psychology, women’s issues. The opening of Indian skyscrapers and the release of INSAT series satellites has given Indian viewers the option to watch both Indian and foreign programs.

400 Words – Essay on Television in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

Television in English to television or Doordarshan. it is said. It is a device on which people who speak and perform tasks or pictures of objects and places appear to act like real objects. Along with this, we can also listen to the programs coming by television . Only words are heard by radio, but television also recites the words and also shows the images. Nowadays, television can be seen in all affluent families. At first they were Black and White.

Now these colors have also come and we see them in every house in the cities. There are also television , whose color and sound can be controlled by a remote controller. For this, the buttons on television do not have to rotate. television has a strange invention since 1950. It is progressively improving. It also has several factories in India. We can watch all types of programs through television . Whether it is an Independence Day program or a Republic Day drama or a poets’ conference, a text-discussion or a presidential speech, battle scenes or the movements of peaceful cities – everything can be seen and heard on television .

We can see and hear new pictures, advertisements, school lessons, sports competitions etc. through it every day. television enhances our knowledge, educates the public, shows entertainment scenes and also tells us news stories. The sight of high mountains, deep rivers, unfathomable seas and dense forests, which we would never normally see, is also a very useful machine by showing us that television satisfies the curiosity and enhances knowledge. It is also a means of utilizing time.

It is necessary to keep some special things in mind about television . First, not all scenes are for everyone. Therefore, we should see the same view, so that essential works like studies and writing are not neglected. And the third thing is that it should be seen from some distance, so that the eyes do not get spoiled. It is beneficial only when viewed properly, otherwise loss can also occur.

500 Words – Essay on Television in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

Television was launched in India on 15 September 1959 on an experimental basis. It was changed to regular service in 1965. Initially TV sets were quite expensive and only the upper class could afford it. From October 1972, several TV centers were set up in quick succession in Mumbai, Srinagar, Jalandhar, Kolkata, Chennai and Lucknow. The TV network received a major boost during the Ninth Asian Games in November 1982, when 20 transmitters were installed in various state capitals and some important cities. Another landmark was on 15 August 1982 when color TV was introduced in India. Color TV sets were expensive. Small portable sets – Black and White and Color Aao Doordarshan launched their national programs.

As of 22 February 1994, the number of functional transmitters was 563, comprising 83.6 percent of India’s population. Television is a marvel of scientific and technological research. J. L. Baird was the inventor of radio audio, while TV is audiovisual. Invention is indeed a revolution. It has promoted promotion in the field of promotion, entertainment and education. We are kept informed about the latest national and international news. In the comfort of our drawing room, we perform movies, plays and magicians. There are short interesting serials. We listen to talks by famous politicians, scientists, editors, scholars, musicians, film stars and other professionals. Their interactions combine our knowledge and we remain equal to development.

Public opinion is molded. It is a very powerful medium and its reach is extremely important. It focuses our attention on evils like untouchability, dowry, sati tradition, child labor, child marriage, drinking, gambling, drug addiction. People become aware to bring out the evils. TV is useful in popularizing small family ideals, tree planting, adult education, non-formal education, employment support, caring for senior citizens and civic spirit yields among people with disabilities, and governments and policies and projects. Corruption is spreading. It can be investigated through this mass medium. Also, black marketing, hoarding, smuggling can be stopped. On the negative side, students waste a lot of time.

His favorite programs are watching grown-ups can become conscious watch TV, which has great entertainment value for the sports person watching national and international fixtures. There are agricultural programs and their types of entertainment and talks for rural people. Educational programs of various levels are also broadcast. Highlights can be covered when Parliament is in session. TV gives us ‘G’ programs which can be recorded on VCR for later viewing. Neighbors and their children may decline to watch some new or good movies, if it does not disturb the privacy of the family. It has become so much a part of our life that it seems that without it we will miss something important in life. . In fact, we cannot miss out on information, communication and entertainment which keeps us mentally alert and in good humor.

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