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200 Words – Essay on Teacher for Students & Kids in Very Easy Words

A teacher is a sea of ​​knowledge. It is a person who takes the country on the path of progress. It is the fortune maker of children and the nation. A teacher is the creator of every profession, which sends children to different fields by imparting higher education. This is the person who creates personality for children. It teaches us everything we learn in our entire life span. It teaches children socially and makes them live in society.

The teacher not only gives us the book, he also encourages us to participate in the cultural program. He also teaches us about the world and tells us about his experiences. The teacher, that is, the practice of Guru has been going on in our country since ancient times. Man cannot have speed without a teacher. Teachers also increase children’s self confidence. He also advises him by becoming his good friend. Teachers guide everyone. An ideal teacher is the one who can make a good generation for the progress of the nation.

300 Words – Essay on Teacher for Students & Kids in Very Easy Words

It has been rightly said that a teacher creates the destiny of a nation. A teacher should have the qualities of friend, philosopher, and guide. There are about thirty teachers in my school, out of these four, we take classes on various subjects. I like our math teacher the most. He is a middle-aged man. He is of medium height and is very fat. But his fitness has never made the butt of jokes in school. This is because he has an excellent sense of humor and is always cracking jokes. He is sensitive to the needs of the students.

There have been many occasions when he has gone out of his way to help a needy student, pay his fees or buy books. Apart from being an excellent human being, he is also a teacher by comparison. His method of teaching mathematics is simple and very clear. They are taught when many complex problems become very easy. If a student has any difficulty in understanding the principles of mathematics, he makes an extra effort to explain the theory and related problems. During the exam, he takes additional classes and helps us revise the mathematics curriculum, so that we can solve the question paper confidently.

Unlike others, he is very regular and on time and no reason for his soothing nature is ever absent from any student in his class. He is a dedicated and disciplined teacher so it is not surprising that many students try to emulate him. During his spare time, he is often seen in the library through the latest journals in mathematics. He also joins us during the game period and participates in our games. These qualities have made him a favorite with teachers and students.

400 Words – Essay on Teacher for Students & Kids in Very Easy Words

A teacher is the creator of a nation. The country whose teachers will be worshipers of a higher ideal, that country can never lag behind. There is no desire to collect money in front of an ideal teacher. Because that country does this sacred work with the sacred purpose of love. With his knowledge and light, he destroys the ignorance of the hearts of the future hopes (children) of the country and leads on the path of progress.

The ideal teacher is a school of learning from where many hair-ridden birds make their life successful by quenching their thirst with water. Just as the tree is recognized by its fruit, similarly the student is also identified by his qualities. The student is the symbol of Guru. The best quality of an ideal teacher is to use the utmost patience to master his disciples in learning.

If the ideal teacher sees any child moving on the side. So Usal tries his best to get on the road. He knows how valuable time is, so he always makes good use of time and thinks about the good of the children every moment and he does not get blown by seeing the progress of the disciple. The ideal teacher never puts his coin on the disciples on the strength of the stick. He rules them with love. Always wants to see children cheerful and great.

It is a pious wish of the ideal teacher that the future hopes of the country become great and bring his family, caste, religion and country on the path of progress and illuminate his name in the world. In the country where such ideals and great teachers will be, the country’s newness can never waver. She will also rip off the stormy waves and reach the destination of success. A child’s future lies in the teacher’s hands. A teacher is a person who shapes the future of his students. We all should love and respect our teachers who are working hard to teach us. I am proud of my teacher.

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