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200 Words – Essay on Self-confidence for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Just as breath is needed to live life, in the same way self-confidence is needed to succeed in life, hence the word self-confidence has originated from the word breath.

Those who are full of confidence, do every task with confidence, they can reach Brahmand like Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Villiamas and both of them can do Everest Fatah like Arunima Sinha even after being cut off from the train.

We should never be afraid of adverse situations in our life, we should continue to struggle; Circumstances are like weather, they will run away if not today, after all, Chandan gives fragrance only when it is worn.

It is not a bad thing to give up, but it is definitely a bad thing to become frustrated and frustrated if you cannot find a solution to the problem in one way, then you should try the other way and not settle with the other one, you should adopt a third one because there is no such lock in friends world Who does not seem to have any key

Those who are weak in confidence become victims of despair, laziness and fear. People who are full of strong confidence never give up, they tighten their back with even more enthusiasm.

250 Words – Essay on Self-confidence for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Self-confidence means belief in oneself. For doing any task, it is very important for a person to have confidence in himself because only with the help of this belief he can get success in that work. Self-confidence is the biggest capital of success.

Origin of self-confidence – In some people self-confidence arises from childhood whereas in some people self-confidence arises over time. Parents should always encourage children and increase their self-confidence. The teachers in the school also encourage the children to participate in various activities and tell them about their Hunar and increase their faith in that area. One should also believe in himself to do any work and have strong will power.

Success- Success is the step of the person who has self confidence. In every field, people like the person who is full of confidence and able to do the given work and can easily explain their point to the people. The person who has self-confidence alone is equal to a hundred. There have been many such people in history who have achieved success on the strength of their hard work and self-confidence.

Conclusion- Self confidence is very important for every person. Confidence arises from determination. Any person should believe that if he is determined to do any work, he should believe in himself that he will also complete it properly. Under no circumstances should a person lose his self-confidence. Self-confidence is the key to success that every person should have.

500 Words – Essay on Self-confidence for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Self-confidence is the biggest secret of life’s success. Confidence means trust in one’s own strengths and abilities and trust in oneself. Only by recognizing our strengths, we can gain confidence. If you do not believe in yourself, then the dog also looks like a wolf and the rope also snakes. A confident person is optimistic and trusts his ability to reach his goal.

Famous American writer Orison Sweat Marden states that “success does not seem on a tree, when it is broken, but it is the most enjoyable thing in life, which can only be achieved with confidence.” Eminent thinker Emsarn has also described self-confidence as the first secret of success.

The most important thing to do great work is confidence. There are three types of people in the world. First people are those in which there is a fear in the mind about some work and they do not allow the concentration of the mind to be built. Such people are hesitant before starting any work. They often think about how much damage will happen if the work done by them does not work. Thinking like this, he does not start any work.

In the second category, those people who start a work as such, but are scared to see a little loss, they stop taking their steps, so that such people do not have to do more harm than this. They leave incomplete only, which are counted in the medium category. These people also lack confidence.

But in the third category, people who are confident in such a task, such people start their work by completing that task at all costs, no matter how big a loss in that task. They do not leave the work in the middle, but they put their whole life in completing that task, such people face every problem in life without any fear. Of fear and hesitation.

People salute the rising sun, in the same way, a person who achieves success in every task through self-confidence, praises him. Conversely, people who lack confidence but rather those who fall down do not respect those who do not believe in themselves but how will the world trust them. There have been many humans in the world who have achieved success on their own confidence, the great scientist Thomas Alva Edison, who invented thousands of bulbs and failed 1000 times while experimenting on the bulb, yet he did not give up and he continued He invented the end bulb and illuminated the whole world, it was his confidence that made him such a big success.

To increase self-confidence, first of all positive thoughts are accepted in your mind. Even in the worst of circumstances, think positively that I can definitely do this work, I will definitely get success, I have to do this work in all circumstances. On the contrary, negative thinking thoughts keep us away from the goal, it destroys our self-confidence, so throw such thoughts out of your mind. Finally find your confidence from within because this is what will help you reach your destination.

900 Words – Essay on Self-confidence for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Self-confidence is such an important quality inside a human being that can make a person a special person. Today we see that there are many people in the world who have achieved success after many failures. Friends, if they have done this then only and only on the strength of their confidence, therefore all of us should also become confident and do something big in the world. Let us know that we read more information about confidence.

There are many people in the world who have proved that aatmvishwas can do the biggest feat. I have told you about many such people and I will tell you about many people who have done amazing things in the future.

Like Dasharatha Manjhi, who has also destroyed a huge mountain, besides Thomas Edison, who has tried 1000 times and invented a bulb and made the impossible possible, in addition to all that invented the mobile, he really He has done wonders that everyone finds it impossible.

Apart from all this, a girl who could not even walk properly, who has won the title of the fastest break in the world on the strength of her confidence, and has inspired all of us that we can do everything if we want to, the world There is no such thing that human beings cannot do, we can rule in the world on the basis of our belief.

But still some people hear that we cannot do this, it is not our only job, friends, the truth is that if you have confidence in yourself, then you can make the impossible work of this world possible. There is absolutely no doubt in it because the greatest power of the world is aatmvishwas.

Friends, confident people have some great qualities, we are going to tell them those qualities-

Properties of confident people

Believe in yourself

A self-confident person has deep faith in himself. He works with full faith in whatever works in life and removes doubt in any work and continues to work in life until he has success. Come on, he thinks that I can do it. He never gives up on his own.

Do not be discouraged under any circumstances-

Friends who are self-confident people are not disappointed or desperate under any circumstances, if they do something and they get success, they are happy but if they fail in doing something, then they are disappointed, not desperate. Instead, I wonder why I have failed, he tries his best to find those reasons and tries to do that work from the beginning without getting frustrated. They try to do that work more well and finally get success.

Unwavering faith

The self-confident person always works with unwavering faith, that is, he works with all his heart, he puts all his focus in working and works till success is achieved.

A confident person does not depend on others –

Friends, a self-confident person is never dependent on anyone else, whatever work he does on his own, he just believes in God and himself very much and works as well though it is also right because there may be someone else If the person leaves the work and leaves that work incomplete and we have to face trouble, then the self-confident does it on his own confidence and gets success.


Friends, the self-confident always adopts humility, he talks to others with humility and speaks with full confidence, this quality is very good in a confident person, it is definitely seen in a confident person.

Even in great difficulties, do not get off the road-

The confident person does not go out of his way even in big difficulties because he believes in himself, he challenges even the biggest difficulties and makes the impossible possible.

Always try-

Friends, confident people always try, there is no more value of victory or defeat for them, they only try on the basis of their confidence, even if the self-confident person loses, he does not give up even after trying again. He does not give up even if he ever loses and tries once again to improve his work, he always keeps trying

Friends, in addition to all this, I would like to tell you that like every person, a confident person also has troubles and challenges but he does not give up at all, although troubles make most people weak, but challenges to the confident person, troubles He strengthens from the inside, he becomes so strong that he is able to do more.

No ego

Friends, a self-confident person does not have ego at all, he works with his faith but ego does not exist in him, even ego comes to a person due to his aesthetic wealth and or financial ability but confidence. The opposite of this is because there is nothing like this in confidence, confidence is the belief inside which is never ending. It and give birth to us within ego does.

Doing the hard work

Friends who are self-confident people are always ready to do difficult things. They believe that they can do everything. They are not afraid to do any work. They always think that I can do everything I was born to do everything. He is determined to make the impossible possible and does not panic, but instead works hard day and night to achieve his goal and never reach his goals. Don’t wander from y

Saying friends means that self-confidence is a quality of a human being who also possesses a lot of luck.

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