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100 Words – Essay on Science Fair in Our School in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

On the 15th of this month, a science fair was organized in our school auditorium. It was inaugurated by the District Education Officer. There were over 150 items on display, most of them working models. Each model showed innovation and innovation in the practical application of some scientific law. Everyone was fascinated to see this exhibition. The students expressed confidence that the mechanism of each model. Both, students and teachers worked hard to make this fair a success. Their efforts were appreciated by all the attendees.

400 Words – Essay on Science Fair in Our School in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

Science these days is both a curse and a boon. On one hand, it has given us weapons of mass destruction like atomic bombs. On the other hand, it has given hope to countless people who are sick and dying. During the dark ages, there was such a situation that people died of diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, heat cough, measles etc. There was no treatment for any of them, nor were there competent medical facilities.

Hospitals were a dark and dull place. Not everyone knew that diseases also arise in the dirt. Many people who could have survived otherwise died because transportation was too slow. As a result, the late arriving doctors then widely believed that a person’s illness is not caused by any germ or infection, but because some ghost or evil casts a shadow over them. Until the progress of science people realized the importance of cleanliness. The reason for this is that today we find a hospital looking bright and cheerful. This has falsified theories that a person has become ill due to evil or ghosts.

The invention of rapid modes of transport, in which the doctor may be called, the discovery of X-rays, vaccines, and modem operative methods, improved the likelihood of a human being’s existence. Penicillin, blood transfusion, high intensity injections and fluids added another dimension to health care. However, the most notable discoveries are in the field of surgery. Now a surgeon can fix broken bones, replace torn body parts like fingers, toes, hands and feet. A blind person can see with the help of a new eye. And a patient with kidney failure can still expect to live with a kidney transplant. Funkier’s studies have also explored the importance of hygiene to humans and thoroughly explored towns and colonies. Sufficient in practical ventilation and sunlight can work wonders with our health. Large and scientifically cut garbage disposal and sewerage systems have to reduce the problem of spreading diseases on a large scale.

Similarly, traditional methods of cooking and living conditions have been improved. The discovery of bio-gas led us to smoke-filled chulas in the village. Solar power has made it possible to bring expensive areas to light, without laying expensive transmission lines, lightening homes in remote areas have improved their earnings and with its health. When all these benefits are seen, one comes to the conclusion that science has made the world better and its people healthier.

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